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British spanking mags: tormenting powerless cuckolds

It must be hard when your darling wife sleeps around without you knowing, or when every few months you have to give her a scorching caning for cheating again. But spare a thought for those hapless husbands who know exactly what is going on, but can't do anything about it!
This comes closest to the common cuckolding scenario. But while cuckolds often enjoy their wives being with another man, these husbands decidedly don't.
Usually these stories are set in an unfair society where an older man has far too much power - enough that he can do what he wants with the wives of lesser men.

'The Schoolmaster's Wife' has a particularly tasty setting: a husband takes a job at an exclusive boarding school and his wife learns that the headmaster expects to grope and spank her bottom whenever he feels like it!

Priscilla was now prepared to believe anything! "He-he doesn't really cane us, does he?" she asked weakly.

"Oh I'm afraid he does, dear. Whenever we give him the excuse and sometimes when there is no excuse at all. I'm afraid, like he says, we are a pleasant diversion from the boys."
"But – but does your husband know?" asked Priscilla, incredulously.
"Oh yes, of course he does. And he just has to accept it as one of the Head's little quirks. After all he values his position here... and it's not as if the Head was screwing me, is it?"

And if that wasn't enough, the senior boys are allowed to as well!

So ask yourself, Priscilla, can you control fifty hormonally charged boys who are all dreaming of getting you naked and giving you a good shagging?"
Priscilla, struggling to maintain composure, asked what Angela did to ease the pupil problem.
Angela flushed slightly. "Let's just say I'm very friendly with them, without letting them have... er... you-know-what. I sometimes let them watch me undress and sometimes – well, I do sometimes let them spank me."

But in the tastiest exchange, it's suggested that there is another way to keep all those horny young men placated:

Of course, you could be like Susan Rogers, whose husband runs Lamont House, and simply allow the boys to screw you. She never has any trouble with discipline."
Priscilla gasped in disbelief. This just couldn't be happening!
"No, it's true," said Angela. "Mind you, Susan is a little tart. She loves screwing them anyway."

Well, as her husband says:

"Pris, we've got to get the senior boys co-operation. Otherwise – well I could lose this job. And, I suppose they only want to have a bit of fun, really."

Of course, the time a man is really vulnerable to cuckolding is when he's only just an adult, courting or maybe engaged to the girl of his dreams with not even a shared surname to ward off potential suitors. Especially when those suitors are in positions of power and authority.
While the 'good old days' were a great time for real men who knew how to discipline their wives, they were also a great time for powerful men who always got what they wanted. Especially at home, with their many servants, as shown in 'Trials of a Parlormaid'. Even (or perhaps especially) if said parlormaid is already spoken for:

From the stable block at the rear of the house a young man glances up at a window on the first floor.
He can nonetheless see something in his mind. A young woman standing there. Waiting. She will still be waiting at this moment. He glances at his watch. Yes. The master is a man of strict routine... Sir George Hartgrove.
The young man (he is 22) with the keenly watching eyes is called Arthur Tradwell.
He lives in the village with his parents and does not need to be here at this hour of the evening except... for that young woman he knows, or believes, to be at present in that room opposite on the first floor. She is close to being his fiancee; certainly they are walking out as the expression is. Her name is Jane Linnet. She is 19 and a parlourmaid at the Manor
Perhaps no one else did know? But he knew that wasn't likely. They would know the other inside servants. Cook (Mrs Hagley). Mr Jermyn, the butler. Also the other maids? Did the other girls have to go and see Sir George in that room? 'S...Sarah does,' Jane had whispered. Sarah was the other parlourmaid, a pretty girl but not in Arthur's eyes half as pretty as Jane. Sarah had to go at lunch time Jane muttered.
'Does he do it? To Sarah?' Arthur had asked. Jane wouldn't answer — but he knew the answer was yes.

But Arthur wasn't concerned about Sarah. It was Jane. Every evening before dinner. Or almost every evening. Almost, so there was a chance it wasn't tonight. Arthur tried to tell himself that. Yesterday and tomorrow but maybe not right now. That would be something, that it wasn't happening, or about to happen now. Arthur's eyes are intent, straining... as if somehow they could pierce the drapes... and see that Jane wasn't there. He looks again at his watch. 7.45...

But Jane isn't getting screwed, but spanked...

Jane hoists up her skirts. Naturally there is no thought of refusal, of argument. Jane is a parlourmaid. Sir George Hartgrove's parlourmaid. He is her master and as such can do virtually what he wants with her. And if he wants to spank her bare bottom every day before dinner...

And beforehand the man in power has something to say that certainly applies to Arthur:

Not hot for that Arthur? Eh?'
'N...No Sir.'
'I hope not, my girl. I don't want you giving it to him. Whatever the weather. And no one else either. Not Jermyn. Nor to anyone who comes to the house. Is that understood?'
Jane stutters a desperate 'Yes Sir.' 
'You and Arthur Tradwell, Jane. Nothing planned yet?' Frantic-eyed Jane shakes her head.
'Good. Well, see that you discuss it with me before you make any plans. I won't necessarily object. Perhaps you're getting to the age when you need to be wed. Eh? A big, ripe girl. Maybe you need a young man in bed at night giving it to you. Tupping you. We'll see, eh? But until then... I want you still a virgin, my girl. Is that understood?'

I suppose Arthur standing outside while his girl is punished, and her boss forbidding her from giving him any pre-wedding fun, is sort of cuckolding, but it's hardly the worst thing that could happen, as Arthur well knows...

Arthur doesn't have to imagine Sir George going in there at night and getting at Jane in bed. If a gentleman is randy and inclined that way then there is nothing a girl, a helpless parlourmaid, can do about it. But Sir George at least does not have the urge in that direction — otherwise he would have the two girls in separate rooms. In a way, perhaps, Arthur thinks he should be thankful he doesn't have that worse thing to worry, about: Sir George getting in Jane's bed, on top of her, when the fancy takes him.

The worst thing comes later...

Jane won't be sleeping in her own little bed tonight. No, Oliver Hartgrove, nephew of the master and with the master away, has other plans for this delicious young woman.

A rare crossover between the spanking universes of Britain and the USA occurs in 'American Dream Girl'. A pretty, A-grade American senior wins an essay contest and her 'prize' is an exchange with a British finishing school. Her fellow students are obviously readers of this blog as they are well versed in what goes on at British finishing schools, and they delight in informing her:

Lorene Greene said, 'Well I hope you enjoy it, MarySue. I'm sure you will. But you know what those teachers are like in England. Well everyone knows of course. They're always caning girls. They just love to put the cane to a girl's bare rear. You'll really enjoy that no doubt.

But the other thing is – they're really horny as well.' And then Lorene said something else in a hot half whisper.
'The girls go down on them. Suck them in other words. They really go for that.'

They also delight in informing her boyfriend, who will no doubt spend weeks and weeks imagining what could be happening to his future fiancee:

MarySue at l8 had not started doing it yet. Not yet started screwing. She had a steady boyfriend, Greg Banford, also in the 13th grade at Northside, but they didn't go further than reasonably heavy petting.
Just occasionally when MarySue was in the mood; when she was feeling a little bit horny perhaps – because even straight-A girls who were really keen on doing well at school and getting into a good college could sometimes at 18 feel a bit horny. Wondering what it would feel like to have a guy's stiff thing probing into her... and then going right up. Yes and when MarySue sometimes had those kind of thoughts lucky Greg might be permitted to slip her panties down and get his hand between those sweet thighs and get his hand at MarySue's on such occasions hot and quite wet pussy.
MarySue's sweet tits, her thighs, the thought especially of her pussy, could all easily distract him. But on this occasion though he certainly did have those considerations in his head, there was also something else. Yes Greg had also heard Lorene's thoughts on the subject of English school. On what his MarySue could expect.
It had made him see red alright.
It was really sickening. Sick. The thought of it. MarySue getting her bare ass whacked by some awful Brit teacher's horny hand.

And even much worse of course that other. Having to suck this guy. Suck... his big stiff cock... Poor Greg felt sick and ill at the utterly horrendous thought of it.

and he is clearly well aware how powerless he is:

Now sitting with his lovely girl on the settee in her parlour he just had to mention it. He couldn't help it – though at the same time it was really difficult to get the words out. But he had to.
'It's just a lot of really sick talk,' he declared.
But of course Greg didn't know it was just sick talk. It could be that it would really happen. MarySue getting her lovely ass spanked by this awful English guy. Or even caned. You did hear they did that as well in English schools. And also the other. MarySue having to suck this guy's cock. Yeeks! That was the worst alright.
And if it happened – MarySue probably wouldn't want to tell. When she came back. 'No,' she would say brightly. 'It was OK, I had a really great time.' When in fact she had been getting her bare bottom spanked. Maybe not just the Head but various other male teachers too. All keen to have a go at Mary Sue's sweet ass.


 And the other too. Sucking their cocks. A couple of times a day maybe?

'Just make sure you tell me,' Greg hissed desperately. Unthinkingly. 'If it does happen. Because I would really want to know, that's all.'

So maybe Greg is at least hoping that he'll get a blow by blow account during a phonecall and he can have a wank and a cry at the same time. Truly a cuckold in training!
But Greg is even closer to being cuckolded that he realises. We never even get to see if the rumors about MarySue's exchange are true, but it doesn't matter because her principal has also heard the stories and is eager to help her prepare for the ordeal. All of the ordeal!

Jerry Wexford had long wondered if such tales were true. Did those limey teachers really do it?
Some awful Brit teacher with one of those awful limey accents – with lovely MarySue held bottom-up over his lap. Her skirt up and her no doubt really cute and brief panties dragged down. To bare that delectable, mouth-watering ass. Which this awful guy was belabouring with heavy whacks of his open palm. With no doubt as the same time a really big erection on which under the distressed girl he was rubbing in against her sweet pussy.
Jerry Wexford had the sudden exhilarating thought of writing to this English character – the Head of the school where MarySue would be going. Telling him to feel free to put the cane to her. 'Miss Phillips is in need of a little corporal punishment, something which here in the States we unfortunately do not practise. She is a really excellent student and of course a lovely girl. But she could do with having her lovely ass warmed up. Like most pretty 18-year-olds, don't you think? Yes, please give her it nice and hard on her bare bottom.'
Could he write that? Mr Wexford had suddenly developed a considerable hard-on

Through a sort of red haze she heard Mr Wexford say it was six. Six was probably what a girl could expect in England. 'Well for starters at least. Six of the best, that's their expression.'
She was still gasping for breath. Gasping with the impossible shock. But... it was over. At least.
Wasn't it? At least Mr Wexford had finished. Well... The thing was he had also heard about that other thing Lorene had said. What a girl could also expect on a visit to an English school. Jerry Wexford had got it from Steve Slofield
He had had a quiet word with young Slofield – who had relishingly relayed what Lorene had said in its entirely.
Adding with an innocent expression, 'What do you think, Mr Wexford? Can those British teachers really do that sort of stuff?'
Jerry Wexford had grinned. 'What do you think, Steve?'
But what Mr Wexford thought was... Well could he? The thought of it was even more dizzyingly exciting than the rest: the spanking and caning. They had been fantastic, and he thought that maybe he was going to have to do it again before she went off. Well maybe more than once. Just to ensure the lovely girl was fully prepared for what those Brits could do to her.
But to have her fully prepared... there was this other. Yes, and who could say that those awful characters wouldn't try that. Because you couldn't put anything past them. Could you?
The darling girl was still in the altogether, apart from her knee socks and shoes.

Yes a truly glorious vision. And what Jerry Wexford, principal of Northside High, greatly desired now was for the vision to do a certain something. Which no doubt those British members of the teaching profession were in the habit of requiring in quite a routine manner from their choicer female students. And were there going to be any choicer that lovely MarySue Phillips? No. No possible way.
His desire for her to do it was really quite overwhelming.
* * *

Mr Wexford has his arm round MarySue. He is leading her over to the settee. But once there it is the Head who sits down, and tells MarySue to kneel. Kneel on the rug. Close up. Between his parted thighs. And then...
Oh! Can it really be! What appears to be Mr Wexford's request! In the manner of the English teaching profession according to Lorene Greene. Yes. It is. And the delectable MarySue is complying...  she is pulling down the zip to Mr Wexford's pants. And then... pulling out this very large stiff thing. And then...

So while Greg is at home, obsessing over the thought of his lovely lady sucking on an English master's slender cock, she is at that very moment on her knees, making his nightmares come true with his very own all-American principal!

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