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Cuckolding in British spanking mags: Evacuee

'Evacuee' is probably my favorite cuckolding/spanking story, because Mrs Sheila Newman is probably the ultimate middle-class suburban wife (I have even used her descendants as characters in a few of my manips).

Her daughter has been evacuated during World War 2, and finds the discipline (particularly for pretty blonde London girls) rather stricter than she can cope with. However, with her husband off fighting and her children packed off to the country, Mrs Newman isn't exactly receptive to her daughter's pleas to come home:

Stanley's letter, posted that same evening as Janet's caning, arrived at Acacia Road in South East London the next morning. There might be a war on but the British postal service continued to work efficiently.
It was 9 o'clock and Mrs Sheila Newman, a still attractive and shapely blonde of 36, was making her breakfast. She was feeling pleasantly relaxed and physically... well satisfied. Physically satisfied in a way that perhaps a married woman whose husband had not been home for the last two weeks should not be feeling physically satisfied. For Sheila Newman had had sexual intercourse one hour earlier.
It was the war...

Jim Newman, Janet and Stanley's father, had been called up with other Territorial Army men a fortnight ago. So Sheila would have had an empty house when the children were evacuated; except that at the same time there had been a request for people to take in workers from the factory south of London which was going over to munitions production. Sheila had taken in two young men.
They had arrived later the same Saturday that Janet and Stanley went off: two attractive young men with young men's normal feelings and desires. And as already stated their new landlady, though older, was a pretty and shapely woman – with no husband around. They had almost immediately made it clear that they found Sheila's shapely body highly desirable. And they made it quite clear that they would like to get properly to grips with it.

It was the sort of situation the war would create everywhere. Sheila and Jim Newman had been in the habit of having intercourse at least three times a week and now, suddenly, Sheila's ripe body was starved of it. She had always been a faithful wife but now she found herself in an almost impossible situation.
Sheila fought against it, but her body simply responded to the men's presence: as they teased and complimented and playfully grabbed at her, and quite simply stated what they wanted. It was terrible, but she knew she wanted it too. Her body quivering for it, like a cat on heat.
It did not take long for matters to reach their inevitable conclusion. On the Tuesday evening, when Janet had her second spanking from Mr Jones, Sheila had intercourse with one lodger, Bob, on her sitting room sofa, while the other one, Ron, was out. Later, when Ron returned and learnt what had happened, he too managed to avail himself of that same ultimate satisfaction.

Afterwards, naturally, awful feelings of guilt, etc. But that night both men in turn came into Sheila's room, and her bed, and Sheila's ripe body had another double dose of what it had been missing for two weeks.

And so on Thursday morning, when Stanley's letter reached his mother, she was feeling physically relaxed and satisfied, albeit with those inevitable twinges of conscience. For she had had sexual congress with both her lodgers before they went off to work that morning.

Sheila Newman opened Stanley's letter and made a face. He wanted to come home, as also Janet, in two letters already, said she wanted to return. Really they were being so silly. They had only been there a few days and had simply not given themselves a chance to settle in. And really they were much safer there, much more so than in London. And also...
And also there were Bob and Ron. The children would very soon suspect something if they were back in the house. Of course Sheila could give up what she had just started two evenings ago; but once you had started something like that it was almost impossible to stop. Doing it with those two, the two younger men, was a fantastic turn-on: out of this world. And although there was the guilt there was also the fact of the war. It wasn't her fault, it was the war.

No, in spite of feeling bad about it, Sheila was not going to stop. So Janet and Stanley could stay where they were. It was by far the best thing for them; and anyway it was probably quite a nice place, that Llangafan, if they only gave it a chance. Sheila Newman went to get her writing paper and pen.

I love how matter-of-fact and 'English' the story is, with the casual implication that every suburban war wife is at it with her young lodgers while her husband is off fighting and her children are being disciplined severely by strangers. Anything like this, the implication that cuckolding is universal and there are hordes of well endowed young men waiting to pleasure your willing housewife as soon as you leave for work - or war - is a massive turn on.

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