Friday, 17 October 2014

Endart spanking and cuckold manips: Emily's Family Discipline

Another set of Endart manips, another family setting. This series is inspired by one of my favorite spanking sites, Real-Life-Spankings. Its rather unique premise is that naughty young ladies seek out the webmaster because they know they need regular maintenance and disciplinary spankings. They are spanked, strapped, caned, belted, birched and then stood in the corner or sat on the punishment stool for trivial and not-so-trivial offences, and of course their punishments are uploaded for discerning spankos to see! All the girls have their own characters and I'm sure everyone has their favorites. I've always had a soft spot (or should that be a hard hand) for redhead Carla, but when it came to doing a homage I went for the lovely Emily. Her backstory - that she came from a strict family who subjected her to corporal punishment every Friday night - was just too good to pass up as a manip series!

Emily's bio suggests she's Indian. I'm not sure if corporal punishment is ubiquitous in Indian family culture the way it is over here. Though I do remember once reading a book about a boy who was sent to stay with his Indian uncle, and he wrote with delight how he witnessed a servant boy 'being spanked with a belt until his bottom was redder than a tomato', so maybe the birch and belt are a popular method of guidance for Indian youth!
I couldn't resist expanding Emily's family a bit to give them something that every family should have - a wicked uncle. You know, the sort of guy who bullies his brothers, spanks their kids and fucks their wives!

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