Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Jonathan art manips: Too Cute Not To Spank

My next series is an homage to my favorite of Jonathan's many, many gorgeous spankees:


Jonathan has drawn my two dream men who I'd most like to be dominated by - it's the hunky brown-haired prison guard in the Birching Prisoner series, and the muscular, bald black man who's delivering the spanking in the opening pic to the Rookie in the Trash series - but the spot of my favorite spankee definitely falls to the cute blonde from the series that was inspired by the Australian soap 'Neighbors' (I've never seen the actor the guy is based on btw - it would be an interesting comparison!).

I quite like the idea of following up this series with a sequel about Bobby getting spanked by the women in his life too, hence the little teaser at the end...
I've used this blonde beauty's face in plenty of my past manips. You might recognise him from when he was dressed in school uniform for ferocious thrashings and pillow-biting buggery. Or as the cute collegeboy who got spanked until he sucked. Or who got a taste of black men's belts and cocks before and after the wedding. Or the naive backpacker who got spankedby a Brazilian stud in front of his cousin. Or the cuckold who sucked cock while being spanked by his wife's lover. Or the poolboy who participated in a gay 69. Or the tennis prodigy in a gay 1691 ;).
Yes I've used him a lot. Which means he must be one of those types who are so prevalent in spanking culture - the boys and girls who don't get spanked because they're naughty, but because they're just too cute for the people in power to resist! So this series is really just a collection of sketches looking at all the ways that guys as cute as this could be used by the men in their lives.
And of course, men being men, where even a little power goes straight to their (dick)heads, these cuties don't just get spanked! Their hot little holes will be receiving all sorts of attention from lusty bosses, horny firemen and, of course, Turkish prison guards.
Obviously this guy is severely cute, but also there's really something about his expression that captures the essence of experiencing a scorching spanking or a big black dick in your hot little hole. After all, flagellation, humiliation and penetration are both painful AND pleasurable for the recipient!
And I don't know what it is about Turks, Arabs and other Middle Eastern types, but for me they are on a par with black men as natural dominants. Maybe it's because 'Turkish prison' is shorthand for gay prison sex thanks to Midnight Express, or maybe it's because they see us Western males as weak and emasculated, making us natural bottoms to be beaten, cuckolded, and skewered by a thick Turk dick!


  1. I was looking for information about Jonathan and stumbled across your blog: very nice! Like you, I have a deep appreciation for Jonathan's work. I've been trying to find out where he went for a long time now, but Google searches were fruitless. I'm glad to hear that he's still alive, but sad that he's retired. Did he make an announcement somewhere to that effect?

    1. Glad you enjoy the blog and it helps a little with your Jonathan craving. The webmaster at Mans Hand Films told me Jonathan had retired a while back, and there were a few spankos at the (now sadly defunct) M_spank_M group who were still in contact with him and confirmed he'd stopped drawing. One of them once let me email him to ask for permission to create my manips, but I've long since lost the address :(