Monday, 18 August 2014

Endart spanking manip: Big Brother in Law

Here is my first attempt at a manip using Endart's work:

I've kept things pretty basic here, just adding a caption and a younger head for the spanker - plus a nice bare bottom for Hannah too of course! Incidentally if anyone knows of a font that looks like Endart's writing please let me know, as it takes me ages to cobble the caption together otherwise!

Franny's Denim Fanny
Proving her wrong
We all know the pleasures of a man spanking his wife, but what about other men spanking your wife, especially family members? I must say I get rather a large thrill from Hannah's predicament. No doubt her doting husband doesn't spank her, and I think the fantasy works best if she's a daddy's girl whose first real taste of discipline is at the hands of her sadistic brother-in-law. Will he awaken hitherto unknown feelings inside her?
In-law spankings raise lots of rather naughty questions: If women get spanked in your family, does that mean your dad and brothers can spank your wife while you're away? Are they allowed to rub her bottom better afterwards? And if she moans appreciatively and his hand slips down between her legs, what then? In-law spankings can easily slide into family cuckolding fantasies, which are extremely hot. I'll have to blog more about that in future...

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