Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dominant men wear watches to spank

A big chunky wristwatch is a vital accessory for the dominant male, no matter who he's turning over his knee. They look great in spanking art, with Endart and Jonathan probably being the best proponents. So whether you're a boss whose secretary has messed up the minutes, or just having a birthday:

The Employees See
Annette's Birthday

Or the classic overworked husband trying to keep his lady in line through tried-and-tested traditional methods:

Rhonda's Sore Ass


And just because you and your wife are a little bit older, doesn't mean she's not a naughty girl who needs her bottom smacked now and again:

Suntanning the Cougar

On Vacation

Or maybe she just dared to beat you at tennis:

Of course some ladies don't need a watch to tell when it's time for the biggest, strongest man in her life to put her across his knee and redden her bare bottom, be it her husband, boss or bull:


Many professions require the boss to keep everything running on time. A maitre'd needs to know when his new waitress has been late with her orders, and a professor with a student who just won't attend her lectures on time needs to know when it's time to bring out the cane:

Got Anymore Sir?

Watches are a great tool for keeping track of how late you're running because your wife is still squeezing into that far-too skimpy dress...

...or how far over curfew your over-18-but-not-too-old-for-spanking daughter is:

Under Amber's Pants

And of course grown-up sons need curfews too:

I don't know why big manly watches add that layer of dominance to a guy, but I guess for me it's because I associate them with dads, and what is more dominant than a big strong father figure rolling up his sleeve and revealing his muscular arm and chunky watch before delivering a scorching spanking?

It's Time

This series by Jonathan shows just what I wish a father figure had done to me after catching me wanking, and is not only a great example of being 'spanked until you spunk' (talk about being interrupted at just the wrong moment!) but also has the spanker sporting a sexy gold watch. And we get a real good look at it thanks to his innovative way of preventing any more 'accidents' while the cute teen is back over his knee for a second round of spanks - completely buck naked this time!



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