Saturday, 30 August 2014

Studs fuck and cuck while wearing wristwatches

Girls look great in wristwatches, but for me a guy in nothing but a watch is the equivalent to a woman in nothing but high heels - hubba hubba!



Imagine with me if you will a big muscular guy standing before you, an obscenely chunky silver timepiece on his wrist as he wraps his manly paws around his even chunkier erection and orders you to suck...



I know I would!



Even if my wife was in the next room!

Julius is undoubtedly the absolute master of big hunky studs in wristwatches. His massive, muscular guys could turn a bi-curious beta male like me into a cocksucking, dick-riding sissy in seconds. Especially when his incredibly manly men are doing incredibly manly work requiring them to wear hot and studly uniforms, like cops or soldiers or firemen or lumberjacks. Or where they're found in situations where you expect big dominant guys to be fucking the asses off smaller guys, like in jail:



I've built a whole fantasy world around my gay watch fantasies. There are two kinds of wristwatch for males. The first are big, chunky metal ones. Nearly always silver, although if you're really flash (or a wicked uncle) you might be able to get away with wearing a gold one...

Nothing asserts a guy's dominance when he's naked like a big metal watch on his wrist (except perhaps a big erection ;), whether he's slipping his dick another guy's ass (incidentally I just love this second pic. I've often wondered how I might end up exploring my bi side and this seems like a nice possibility, perhaps a drunken game of spin the bottle got out of hand and I end up having to go 'all the way' with my hung neighbor, while our giggling wives look on)...


...or banging another guy's wife!

Hopefully in this pic the glorious double standards of our society will result in this lady receiving a good spanking from the angry guy on the left before the dude in the watch and all the other men treat her open pussy to a good hard fucking:

And if you're a sailor on shore leave, you'll need a watch to tell you if you've got time to double team a curious collegeboy with your buddy before you have to return to your ship:

I also have a big thing for sock garters, or men fucking in nothing but smart shoes and socks, and watches can play a great part in that look:

I call these big chunky metal wristwatches 'Daddy watches'. And don't Daddy watches look SO good on black guys when they're having fun with suburban housewives:


Of course, at the end of the day, men's wristwatches are a sign of power and status. And we all know women LOVE power and status. So if a muscular black guy has a better watch than you, it won't be long til your wife goes from admiring his wrist, to playing with his dick...

to sampling his and his buddies' dicks first hand...

and soon they won't even care if you're even if the room! Time for you to sit in the corner and work out those slender wrists, cucky!

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