Friday, 29 August 2014

Submissive males spanked wearing wristwatches

And now contrary to what I said in my last post: wristwatches look so good on submissive males. This can be because when a successful 'alpha male' is stripped naked for a spanking by his wife, leaving his flash watch on only reminds him that in this world, she's the boss:

But many males (myself included) can't really pull off the manly metal watches sported by alpha males, and have to get slimmer, more effeminate watches. These really suit submissives, and Tommyspt is probably the king when it comes to including them in his art. Somehow they really accentuate the submission of his weedy males before his strong, masterful women:



There's just something about slender, leather-strapped watches on quiet, diminutive, chubby-bottomed husbands that makes them seem ripe for spanking (and maybe even cuckolding ;) at the hands of strict wives and matriarchs:


And let's not forget those foolish boys who think wearing a watch makes them all grown up and no longer subject to a dose of Dad discipline!



As much as the gentleman boss needs a watch, the male wage slaves better make damn sure they wear them lest they fall foul of their superiors' meticulous timekeeping:


And if you fail to let the wife know you have to work late, then it'll be another smacked bottom when you get home and not even enough time to change out of your office attire before she whips out her strapon:

There aren't many things better than a cute guy in school uniform getting spanked, especially when he's wearing a watch. No excuse for being late for their date Mister!


If you are the bottom bitch on a naval vessel your watch had better keep you where you need to be, that's if you don't want to get spanked (and more) by all those big burly sailors:

Jonathan's Bruce comics got even better when I noticed Bruce sported a watch during his spankings (and check out that shop clerk outfit he's wearing. I don't know how the boss can run a business with all the spanking he must do of tight teen bottoms. And those short shorts Bruce is wearing when the menfolk give him a licking are rather delicious too):


There are also plenty of 'watch shots' in Rick Gets the Point, a comic that summarizes what us guys expect to happen every time we visit the doctors!


So big chunky metal watches look best on dominant studs, and thin leather-strapped ones look best on submissives, as I will explore in my next two posts. This pic by Jonathan illustrates the pairing perfectly:


  1. There was a different cartoon by Jonathan that was the start of the Bruce Fletcher series. It featured Bruce on some type of gameshow where he was describing his spankings to win a prize. Would you be able to post that one. It would be awesome if you could

    1. I've never seen that one sorry. I thought I'd seen all of Jonathan's work but it seems not :(