Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Naughty ladies spanked in wristwatches

As well as being an important part of a dominant woman's attire, wristwatches look great on pretty ladies as they are receiving a spanking or fucking, or otherwise being naughty.

Palm of Sunshine

We all know how much wives love to be spoilt with expensive jewellry, and Endart has plenty of pictures of classy ladies in revealing frocks and expensive watches getting their bottoms smacked, either as punishment or just as part of fun times with their hubbies:

The Struggle of Kali
Celebrating the Palm

But don't think you'll be the only one spanking your wife while she wears her pretty new watch:

Watches are sophisticated piece of jewellry and look great on more mature ladies, who you perhaps wouldn't expect to need a good spanking or whipping on their voluptuous bottoms. But of course every lady has her moments and so long skirts must come up and knickers must come down to reveal large mature asses ready to be reddened!


And don't you just love it when a naughty lady is naked apart from her wristwatch:

A wristwatch is a vital part of an office girl's attire:

Nice Warm Up

Maids too need a watch if they're going to keep to their mistresses's impossibly tight timetable:

I don't approve of digital watches AT ALL, but sometimes they fit the situation, and the artwork is just so hot anyway:

Beach Fanny Tanning

Once they turn 18 lots of young ladies think they should be able to do as they please. But Daddy often disagrees and sets strict curfews, with stinging spankings as punishment if they are broken. And that fashionable watch his little girl wears doesn't seem to be any good at getting her back on time...

Flip to Authority
Screams of Joy

...only reminding her of the trouble she's in when it's too late:


Sometimes an artist gets a outfit absolutely perfect, in which case a watch is a cherry on top, like here. I doubt this is the first or last time this student cutie got her pert bottom smacked!

Sitter Warming

Watches rarely take centre stage in artwork, but there are two comics where they are central to the story. In Part 4 of Rebecca's delicious Housewives at Play series, a cheerleader is whipped by her mistress for forgetting to take her watch off when ordered to strip (has to go down as one of my fave belt whippings ever btw):

And in Eric Stanton's Office Affair, the lecherous husband and dominant wife both wear watches at some points, but the slutty secretary's comes into play when the wife orders her to enter the office in 'Fifteen Minutes', allowing her to set up a suitably humiliating scenario for her husband:





The sketches of the secretary glancing at her watch while Henry is stripped certainly tick a lot of boxes for me! Sadly, by the time the wife gets round to spanking the secretary, both ladies seem to have found the time to remove their wrist adornments:

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