Friday, 23 January 2015

Artists I love: Penny Birch (actually Jose Maqueros)

My favorite spanking artists tend to be quite well known, but here is one who is so elusive that a lot of her (or rather his, as it turns out Penny Birch is the author of the erotic stories while Jose Maqueros actually drew the pictures) work only seems to be available as advertisements scanned from the back pages of old porn mags (don't try calling any of these numbers by the way!):

The above pic is one of my favorite pieces of spanking art ever and would have got Penny into my list of top 12 school uniform artists on its own if I hadn't needed it for this post! When an artist is this good, I have no idea how she can have disappeared off the face of the planet. Penny's work is the very epitome of good-old fashioned filth, and she is rather a master of drawing cute little outfits/uniforms on her subjects. School uniforms, French maids, sexy hookers... she's drawn some of the best examples of them I've seen:

Her femdom drawings are also classic, with gorgeously strict school and riding mistresses:

And though it's a big shame so much of her work isn't available without the phone numbers and black star censors, some of the captions are rather delicious. Busty American au-pairs, posh ladies getting rogered by filthy working men...yummy!



I get the feeling that if I'd got my hands on any of these magazines in my youth, I'd have looked at the adverts a lot more than the models! I'm not sure if Penny drew for the classic British Spanking magazines, but her work certainly has the aura of the steamy spanking and filthy sex scenes of some of their dirtiest stories...


Usually when I do a post like this I only upload a selection of the artist's work, but this is literally every Penny Birch drawing I have. Her eponymous website is long since defunct and her work is rarely mentioned or featured alongside other classic spanking art. Her style is vaguely similar to Paula Meadows, so maybe people think they're the same artist, but whatever the reason it's such a shame as Penny is a great artist who did much to shape my psyche as a curious young spankee.



If you know anywhere that hosts more of her work, or even just more about her, please let me know.


  1. Thanks for sharing these with us. I have never seen most of them.

  2. I can certainly cast some light on this. Penny Birch is not an artist, but an author -

    - while the pictures here are illustrations for her books and were drawn by Jose Maqueros.

    1. Brilliant, thanks for the update. I found an even better example of Jose Maqueros' superb work: