Friday, 16 January 2015

Artists I love: Red Rump

My next featured artist is very much still active, and regularly posts his work on his blog. The strict ladies and submissive men in RedRump's art seem to exist in a glorious realm where the 'golden age' of the 1950s never ended.

In reality it may not have been a particularly nice time to live, but the fashions and attitudes of the Fifties make them the ultimate inspiration for spanking fantasies.

In terms of fashion, RedRump captures the sexiness of the strict lady perfectly. I've said before how he is one of the best for satisfying my wristwatch fetish, but he also features loads of other classic adornments that I have always associated with the strict, motherly type: corsets, necklaces, spotty tops, strappy sandals, aprons, sharp business suits, stripy thigh-length socks, elegant ballgowns, opera gloves, and (hubba-hubba!) kneesocks with high heels all feature in his work:


And in terms of attitude, few capture the sternness of the no-nonsense wife or matriarch so well as RedRump. I can almost imagine them as my own wife or mother, which as I've said before has quite an effect...


RedRump only draws female spankers (as far as I know), though sometimes a naughty young lady does get taken across the matriarchal knee - and he does blushing female bottoms extremely well!


But the main focus is on men getting spanked. You get the feeling that in this world the first thing a male gets is a smack on the ass from the doctor who delivered him, and the second thing he gets is handed over to his mother for years of blistering hairbrush spankings. Until he's old enough to get married, at which point his wife will take over the blistering...

Though I'm sure mother will want to reassert her authority now and again. Perhaps she'll surprise him at bedtime...

And there's always that cute babysitter his wife hired from the local college, who turned out to have a very low tolerance for older men staring at her coltish calves...

Not to mention the couple next door who pop round every Friday for a bit of fun...

Or that gang of girls who introduced him to the sorority paddle (and college cane!)...

Or to all those exotic maids, barmaids, hotel receptionists etc. who always knew what to do with you after that first night and hearing the smack of the wife's hairbrush through the hotel room door!

Yes, Red Rump has certainly created a world where men only wear the pants so that women can pull them down!


  1. Hi there, Q.

    I'm also a huge fan of RedRump - the fifties styles, the no-nonsense wives, girlfriends and 'babysitters', the wonderful expressions on the faces of his characters, the movement and poses in his scenes - exaggerated just the right amount to add flair and excitement without overdoing it.

    Mostly I'm in awe of his talent as a draughtsman, and wish I had half of it myself: still, he inspires me toward better things. On top of all that, he seems a jolly nice fellow.

    Thanks for showcasing these wonderful pictures from his collection. Just one thing , though - the third from last is surely by someone else, isn't it? Very different drawing style, features a male disciplinarian, and more sadistic than his pictures tend to be. I can't imagine him producing something so explicit.

    Thanks again, and I hope RR himself stops by to say hello :).

    1. Good spot Underling! I can't believe I accidentally included a drawing by someone else. The webmistress who monitors Blogger will have my hide for this...

  2. Pic 5 "A Job Well Done" is one of my favorites, and you'll know why - her command, her posture. It says so much.
    I've seen it quite often on the web and is perhaps my favorite spanking picture.

    1. It's so hard to pick a favourite, though I have to say 'Your Turn' is rather special!