Friday, 9 January 2015

Artists I love: Jay Em

I thought I'd start the New Year with a selection of some more of my favorite spanking artists...
There's much to love about Jay Em's work. For a start, he drew one of the most perfect belts I have ever come across in spanking artwork. Can’t you just feel it snapping across your ass?

If you want an artist who specializes in agonizing spankings by Amazonian-but-still-realistic women, Jay Em is the one. I think it’s the looks on his ladies' faces that really do it for me...



They know they’re in charge and can be as merciless as they like...




And they aren’t going to stop at spanking to let their man know who’s boss:




Jay Em's work ties in well with my ideals of matriarchal discipline. After all, many of us long to be naked and howling across the matriarchal knee, and this is clearly a world where men (or at least, middle-class white-collar men) are spanked HARD and regularly, not just by their wives but also by mothers, in-laws, friends, doctors...




Imagine with me if you will, as a grown adult, being spanked by your actual mother. Not by a women role-playing your mother, or even by your mother-in-law or an auntie. Your mother, the women who brought you up and no doubt exerted considerable influence over your life, turns up on your doorstep and announces that she is going to spank your bare bottom, no matter that you're
married/cohabiting/living with housemates. I don't know about you, but the thought makes me weak at the knees in a way that few other spanking scenarios do. If this happened in real life, I doubt that I or anyone else could really resist the order to drop my pants for some motherly discipline, no matter how inappropriate it may seem! It is these feelings of shame, submission and servitude that are present in almost all of us that Jay Em captures so perfectly.

Take these two pictures. Though they are clearly modifications of the same original, they capture the many ages of femdom spanking perfectly. I see the first as a young bride or fiancee teaching her partner who's boss early on in the relationship (note the single bed - she is clearly a very traditional lady). The second picture could be the same couple 20 years later. The wife's bare breasts and stockings may have been replaced by a more motherly hairstyle and comfy dressing gown, but she is still clearly head of the household!


It's in the femdom arena that Jay Em really shines, but he also does a very nice line in glowing female bottoms:


Like many other great spanking artists, Jay Em is no longer producing as far as I can tell. The e-mail address that appears on some of his works no longer appears to be active, though I occasionally come across random pictures of his that I haven't seen before.


  1. I LOVE JayEm's work! One of the things I find especially satisfying is the expressions on his spankers, especially the women, and the rather amazonian builds on them. I corresponded with him for a while but not for some time now. Sorry to hear that old email addy is defunct now. Of course my favorites are the maternal/matriarchal spankers, like you mentioned.

    1. Interesting that you corresponded with him. To be honest I only tried e-mailing once a few years ago, so I guess it's not necessarily defunct. Might be worth another try...

    2. Yes, strong and shapely females spanking the males...........

  2. My wife is a Jay Em bride, for sure. Powerful and demanding. I go over her knee at least once a week for a session with the hairbrush and the strap-on is a regular part of our sex life.

    We've also started experimenting with a chastity cage. About a month ago, I went over her knee for a Friday night thrashing that left me teary and then was ruthlessly taken while locked in chastity. I never felt so helpless and controlled in my life.

    1. It's certainly an excellent way for a big, buxom, powerful wife to remind her husband who's boss when he gets home from work... trousers down and over her lap so she can well and truly blister his pampered ass with her hairbrush... before she whips out her strapon so she can really show him who the 'man' of the house is! And being strapon-fucked in chastity must be just about the peak of submissiveness for a male!

    2. My wife enjoys trying to match my spankings to a particular Jay Em drawing. She likes to see if my expressions match those of naughty boys/men in the drawings. She has learned many new positions and implements from viewing these drawings

    3. That's a great idea! Would love to try it.
      My partner and I once re-created an Eric Stanton spanking drawing, which was also fun :)