Friday, 4 November 2016

Eric Stanton manips: Family Finale 1

I've written before about how it was Eric Stanton's Family Business comic that convinced me that it was okay to give in to my Femdom fantasies. Family Business was followed by two direct sequels (Family Intrigue and Friends of the Family) that seemed to be building towards a spanktacular climax. However, having searched through every Stanton publication I can find, it seems that the great man never got around to drawing it. So here is the first part of my attempt at a Family Finale...


To be continued...

I always thought that Family Business would be considered a seminal work of Femdom, but a lot of people seem to be unaware of it. If you haven't heard of it, perhaps you've come across the considerably more famous prequel, Family Affair.
Created (I think) in the 70s, Family Affair 1 tells the story of the recently married Lorraine and Henry. With the help of her daughter Dolly, Lorraine takes over the household by brutally dominating Henry and his two children Lily and Teddy.
Although considered a classic, I've never really liked the original Family Affair. For a start it's now illegal in most places, as Dolly, Lily and Teddy are obviously under 18. It's also brutal. Although there are some great spanking and facesitting scenes, most of the time Lorraine and Dolly are punching and kicking instead of spanking. Lily's treatment is most shocking - she is much feistier than her brother and stands up to Dolly, only to get beaten down by her stepmother.
Family Affair 1 was followed by 10 shorter stories published as part of the Stantoons series. Although they still had many of the same problems, Family Affair 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were slightly less brutal as they chronicled how Lorraine took over the hapless Henry's life. Lily and Teddy disappeared entirely from the later issues, as in part 9 a now fully mature Dolly attempted to do to her step-uncle what her mother had done to her stepfather. Parts 10 and 11 were an intimate look at Henry being punished for ogling another woman. And boy did he get punished!

Family Business came next, and improved the formula immensely. Lorraine is probably the ultimate domestic dominatrix, and her daughter Dolly isn't far behind. Henry is a broken shell of a man, utterly obedient to Lorraine. Teddy is a cute 19-year-old who doesn't seem entirely distraught at his life of painful servitude. Lily is back, feisty as ever and absolutely gorgeous, but much to her chagrin she still gets her beautiful bottom spanked on a regular basis.
The Family Business of the title is Lorraine's new shop, which sells every kind of disciplinary tool, sex aid and bondage contraption you could imagine. The shop's selling point is that every piece of equipment is tested before purchase/shipping, either by the customers, or by Lorraine, Dolly or Lily on the customers:

Or by Lorraine, Dolly or customers on Henry, Teddy or Lily:


When Lily asks why she, her father and brother have to do all the 'receiving', Lorraine gives a response that should be on the wall of every sex dungeon around the world...

Family Intrigue and Friends of the Family followed, but despite the obvious sequel hook, there was no direct follow-up after that.
There were a few 'spin offs' however.
Most interesting was Family Maid. This seems like it fits in the timeline just before the Family Business series - the shop is mentioned and the story ends on a cliffhanger that suggests Henry, Lily and Teddy will rise up against Lorraine, Dolly and the maid.

No doubt the repercussions of this are what broke Henry once and for all and led to his obedient attitude in later stories. It's unclear if Bettina the maid is the same maid as appeared in Family Affair, but she's a great character so I've assumed so and brought her back for the finale. Maybe she returned to Europe while Lorraine built up the business?
Family Maid did have an epilogue that suggested a proper Family Business 2 was in the pipeless, but having been through every Stantoon from number 84 onwards I still can't find any evidence it was ever created.
Teddy's Nightmare is another spinoff where Teddy (what is it about that name and submissive males?) dreams that he, Dolly, Henry and Lorraine live in Stanton's Princk universe where all the women are well-endowed hermaphrodites. It's a great spinoff but obviously doesn't provide the much-wanted climax to the series.
The other spinoffs Let's Pin Teddy, Captain Dolly and Boybeaters are all okay but slightly disapointing (especially the latter)  as they focus on the three kids' increasingly tame exploits and lack the sheer unadulterated matriarchal dominance that just oozes out of the three Family Business stories.
There is also the mysterious Family Affair Year One (Stantoons 95) which I can't find anywhere and I think is just a retelling of the original story.
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed part 1 of my Family Finale. Part 2 is nearly finished. In the meantime, if you know of any other Stanton stories featuring the Family that I haven't mentioned here then please please please let me know.


  1. Thanks for this great gift of love to the memory of maestro Stanton. I love FA saga. I wonder what's in mind of the author before his death... I was a Stanton's customer in the 90s and I though that Bettina turns Teddy in a sissy ridiculized wimp, Dolly introduces Lily in the BDSM world of dommes and Lorraine uses Henry (Vanbilder you know) as a cucky slave...
    If you want Family Affair year one, give me a private mail...

    1. Thanks, glad you like it. I'd love to have FA Year 1 but I can't contact you if you post anonmously. Please send me an email through the details on my profile if you'd like to share