Friday, 9 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Uncle Vic

Although spanking dads are always nice to see, when it comes to paternal figures it’s spanking uncles that really do it for me. Let’s face it, most ‘uncles’ are really just acquaintances of your parents, so it’s perfectly okay for them to do illicit things to you while still having that air of parental dominance:

I can’t help but wish I’d had a dirty old uncle, perhaps one I went to stay with in the college holidays, who took great pleasure in spanking my bare butt whether I was naughty or not. Perhaps he’d live in a one-bedroomed apartment so I’d have no choice but to share a bed with him. And top and tail would mean something quite different in this context! I wouldn’t be quite so curious as I am now!
I guess uncles are good because they have all the paternal authority of dads, but can have even more fun after they're finished spanking your bare ass! I love the idea of going on a camping trip with an older guy who teaches me whole new meanings of pleasure and pain!
As well as introducing another cuckolding wife who shares her husband's predeliction for getting fucked by hung studs, this series also gave me a chance to manip one of my favorite outfits for naughty boys: pyjamas. Specifically the button-up kind with vertical blue and white stripes. It's a very submissive look and great for any kind of domestic setting - the perfect thing for a guy to wear when he's spanked and sent to bed, no matter what his age. Of course I'm sure the main attraction is the ease at which a boy's bottom can be bared for stinging punishment that will have him sleeping on his front all night long.
I also have a big fetish for wristwatches - especially on strict daddy types - and have tried to fit as many into this series as possible. I have a big set of fantasy rules about who can wear which watch, which I'll go into further in a later post. Basically it's big chunky metal ones for dominant men, and feminine leather-strapped types for sissies and cuckolds. Needless to say they're all on display here!

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