Monday, 5 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Meet The Family

This was my first attempt at depicting a good old domestic spanking scene, except the dad and uncle in my manips aren’t of the stoic ‘this will hurt me more than it hurts you’ type. They thoroughly enjoy thrashing their boys, and with a supply of firm 20-something bottoms like that who can blame them!

Older Daddy-types are a big part of my gay fantasies. As a youngish skinny runt I love to imagine being dominated by a butch older man who insists on me calling him uncle, who still has his big muscley arms and legs from a life of sports and/or manual labor, but who also proudly flaunts a beer gut (all bought and paid for!) above his thick veiny cock. Plus a big chunky wristwatch too of course. I imagine living next door to an older guy who surprises me one day with the news that he knows all about my darkest fantasies and will reveal them all to my friends and family if I don't report to him for regular bare bottom spankings. And once he's started spanking my bottom it won't be long before he's doing other things to it too...

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