Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: The Builders

Ah builders. You hire them to do the jobs around the house that you're not man enough to manage, and while your wife may moan about the cost, she and your open-minded, collegeboy son certainly don't mind having a bunch of coarse,manly men around the house while you're at work:

When I’m in a bi-curious mood, I often find myself wondering how things could have gone differently in my past to satisfy my curiosity about being spanked (and more) by another man. A lot of the time these are fantasies where I don’t have much choice in the matter (thrown in the cells with a burly thug. Sent to spend a weekend with a wicked uncle…) and even when I do get to choose if I experiment I’m always in the submissive role. I still have no real interest in spanking or fucking another man – I always want to be on the receiving end.
Working men like builders, plumbers, gardeners etc. are a powerful fantasy figure for me. I think as a scrawny middle class beta male they seem to be the ultimate in masculinity: big men who are good with their hands and might be muscular or pot bellied, but always have the confidence to work with their shirts off or give the lady of the house a cheeky pat on the bum when she brings them a drink.
We often had workmen in the house when I was growing up, particularly in the summer, and this led me on to this fantasy about what might have happened one long and lazy summer.
As I am no good at any practical labor I will no doubt have to get plenty of workmen in over the years to fix and build things. This may present a little too good of an opportunity for my partner to try a bit of cuckolding (and now I thing about it I can’t help wonder if my mother ever…) Or perhaps they will find this series when they’re having a snoop through my Internet history and it will be me who ends up getting buggered over the breakfast bar while my partner looks on!

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