Monday, 12 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Master Chatterley’s Lover

So I've done manips on spanked schoolboys, kinky collegeboys and thrash-happy family members, what other classic guy-on-guy fantasies are there? Why, men at work of course! Starting with an adaption of that classic tale of class-based cuckolding, Lady Chatterley's Lover. There can't be many images more dominant than a beefy working man having his way with a well-bred bottom, whether it belongs the lady of the house or a curious ex-public schoolboy. I wanted to base a manip on the story using Jonathan's art, which meant giving the title character a sex-lift...

I really loved this idea when I first thought of it but I can't decide if it turned out right. DH Lawrence might very well be rolling in his grave, though he was quite the cuckold himself so he no doubt has better things to do. Probably watching his wife enjoy a spitroast with a Roman gladiator and the Marquis de Sade...
Lady Chatterley's gardener is just one of a long line of rough, tough, working-class, blue collar types whose physical jobs and no-nonsense lifestyles give them the muscles and attitude to dominate and cuckold sissy, sensitive, college-educated, white-collar office bitches. Whether it's the surly shop owner who spanks your bare ass when you work for him in the summer, or the ill-mannered mechanics who give your wife a good 'servicing' every time she takes her car in for all-too-frequent repairs, or the construction crew who gave you your first taste of gay sex on a building site on your way home from the office, working men can work in almost any of my spanking, cuckolding or gay fantasies!


  1. This turns me on wildly!

    1. Glad you like it... looking back I do like that last pic of the naked guy getting his well-strapped ass buggered hard in the woodshed!

  2. Me too! Its a scenario of my dreams!!!! the perfect discipline for naughty boys