Sunday, 25 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Pool Boys

Before I found out Jonathan had retired from drawing I always hoped I might be able to commission him to do some work, and even came up with lots of scenarios in case the possibility ever arose. I've used a lot of them in my manips now, but some of them are too different from what's gone before for me to bash something together without it being a total mess. I thought this particular fantasy would be one of those but in the end I managed to do something with it, albeit I had to use some backgrounds from Sardax:

I guess this is another example of a fantasy of how I might have been made less 'curious' in my younger years. I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out but it seems to have gone down rather well. Straight guys getting MM spankings and sex is always hot, and I suppose many people like the idea of two toned collegeboys spending the summer as their sex slaves! I love the idea of two spanked guys 69ing too so I had a go at it here, will probably try and do it better in another series.
I'm sure the two pool boys' dads are sitting at home completely oblivious to their sons' plight, thinking they've sent them off to learn the value of hard work when really they've signed them up for a summer of belt whippings and butt fuckings. Or perhaps they had an inkling of what might happen and are feeling smug that their spoilt sons are finally tasting some proper discipline.
It may look like a hard job, but given the intensity of the pool boys' training, I wouldn't be surprised if they ask to be allowed to return next year...

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