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Cuckolding in British spanking mags: behind hubby's back

While it's great watching a submissive cuckold sitting watching (or more) while his hotwife cheats on him, I can never decide whether I prefer that scenario, or the more 'realistic' one where a loving, hapless husband is oblivious to his wife getting well and truly seen to behind his back. After all, when another man has your wife's bottom bare for a spanking, it isn't much of a leap before she's cheating on you.

Sometimes there is a fine line between swinging and cuckolding. If you take your wife to a nudist/spanking retreat run by 'The Colonel', who amongst other things has a penchant for bullwhipping young ladies across a picnic table, you should probably expect him to want to take things a little beyond spanking...

'We have barbecues down here sometimes on summer evenings. But you can come down and stand by the tree anytime m'dear if you want your bottom warmed, there'll always be someone along to oblige. And there's plenty of hollows and bushes around where you can have a jolly good rogering after you've had your backside tanned.' He winked at her outrageously.

In the Janus story 'An Evening At Mr Holroyd's' a wife earns a bit of extra cash by dressing up in a school uniform and visiting a strict old disciplinarian who her friend Jane put her in contact with.


Her shiftless husband isn't happy about it, but he can't say no to the money. However, it isn't Mr Holroyd who he, or Jane's husband, should be worried about:

Jane came [to Mr Holroyd's] on Fridays and got the same treatment. Jane also went to another man, Mr Warren, who wanted to have a go at Angela as well. But Mr Warren wasn't content with just caning, he wanted something else afterwards. Angela couldn't bring herself to agree to that, although Jane didn't seem too bothered. She didn't tell her husband of course. Not the truth...



And sure enough, at the end...

That wasn't all. Just before she'd left Mr Holroyd tonight he had again said that Mr Warren was very keen to see her. She had hesitated and then finally, this time, said OK, she would see him.
She had agreed to go round to his house tomorrow afternoon. Mr Warren was younger than Mr Holroyd, in his forties, Jane said. And he was very dominant. Lying there next to Bryan and looking up at the ceiling, Angela shivered.

In 'An English Girl in the Middle East', lovely blonde wife Marilyn travels to Saudi Arabia to meet her husband:

The nylons and the pink lacy suspender belt fastening them were indeed appreciated. Bob made her keep them on, plus her white patent leather high-heel shoes – but nothing else – when they made love virtually as soon as they reached the apartment. It was wildly exciting, this strange exotic place and, of course the abstinence occasioned by those long weeks apart. 

Unfortunately for them they end up falling foul of the ultraconservative country's laws around drinking alcohol, and if they don't want to end up flogged and imprisoned then the Marilyn must offer up her lovely bottom for canings by their lascivious host.


She and her husband end up rather enjoying the experience and it all turns into a jolly old spanking romp. But at the start of the story we're given a hint that back in England she's been enjoying an experience that she certainly won't want to share with husband:

In truth not a 100% abstinence by both partners because Marilyn had been screwed once while Bob was away but that was a guilty secret she didn't want to think about now...

And then later on we get more juicy details:

She thought she really did know what he wanted. he wanted to screw her, just as Bob's boss back home had done. Two weeks after Bob had come out here, Mr. Moorcroft had taken her out to dinner and then back to his place for coffee and that's where it had happened. "Just what a lonely young wife needs when her husband's away," he'd whispered while pulling down her knickers as they lay on the sofa. But it had just been one time...

Ah yes, 'just one time'. The consolation that every cheating wife gives herself. Of course, it's a huge lie.
I find that what sets these cuckolding scenes apart from much other porn is that the women aren't dominant hotwives seeking to satisfy themselves and humilate their small-dicked husbands. They are just normal suburban wives - they could be your sister, your mother, your auntie, your in-laws; your neighbor; or yes even your own darling wife.



I must say that I find particularly delicious the idea that no matter how much a husband wines and dines and treats his respectable middle-class wife, she is bound to occassionally drop her knickers for a bit of rough while he's at work.

Some are bored housewives, some work as secretaries or in more senior jobs. They are probably perfectly satisfied with their husbands and even look forward to a bit of marital rumpy pumpy on Saturday mornings or when the kids are in bed. But the implication is that they'll always be ready to be seduced into a bit of extra fun by experienced and/or charming men, be they salesmen, neighbors, bosses or builders.



And this of course is why these flighty minxes need to be thoroughly spanked!
Though, as the story 'Didn't Half Hurt' shows, there are some forms of cheating behind a husband's back that most married men really wouldn't mind...

It was sheer naughtiness that made Liz and me start husband-swapping. You see, the men can't tell us apart because we're identical twins.
The whole thing worked like a dream – and something of a dream it was too, each being unfaithful without the men having a clue what was happening. I knew all about Ted's hobbies, about what food he liked best, about what he'd say when he walked in and about his work problems. I recall saying, 'Is Stanford (his boss) still giving you trouble, darling?' and the thrill of getting a response that showed he had no idea what trick we were pulling.
He was different from Tom In his love-making, much rougher at limes, though caring and considerate as well. Afterwards, he said, 'You were very lively tonight!' I was flattered, but I wondered if Tom was saying the same thing to Liz

Ted was very cheerful afterwards, as well he might be. I had a funny feeling I knew what was going to happen next, because I was pretty randy myself and I'd had ample opportunity while OTK to work out that he was well ready for me
Finally, we put the dishes on the floor and turned to each other for a memorable, long-drawn-out love-making. It's funny that, when he'd been walloping me, I'd have given anything to get him to stop, but afterwards, I was so glad he hadn't. I don't know what the pop concert was like, but I can't imagine it was better than that.

Now Liz and I regularly change partners. When I start to miss Tom, I return to him; and after awhile, when I deserve another bottom-warming or two, I visit Ted, sometimes for as long as a month. It all seems to work well enough.

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