Friday, 28 June 2019

Jonathan art manips: Summer Job Season

At this time of year, the long university holidays have only just started. Hordes of twenty-something students are dispatched home, and while in the future they may end up being high earners and high achievers, now they have to sweat it out in demeaning jobs to allow them to earn a measly wage and learn the value of real work (or so their parents say). Which means there's plenty of nubile young men and women for lecherous, unscrupulous business owners to take advantage of...

Did you have a erotic and/or humiliation experience as a naive young employee (or did you fantasize about one)? Are you perhaps a sadistic boss who likes to dream about preying on his or her younger wage-slaves? Let us know in the comments!

I wanted to add a more 'romantic' twist to the cuckolding in these manips. While it is undoubtedly full-on hardcore bisexual BDSM action, the little twist at the end that the young couple lived 'happily ever after' (sort of) hopefully suggests the girl is a bit less cruel and the boy a bit more willing than in some of my other cuckolding couples.
I imagine the sadistic guys running the cafe would find them unbearably cute, with the girl continuing to lovingly tease the boy even when he is over their laps. There is certainly something about being naked apart from a hat, apron and shoes that makes a guy look submissive! I can just imagine her saying:
'Aww your cute little hat!'
'(Giggle) His little willy is so stiff, I think you should spank him harder!'

Perhaps after they graduated, the couple did end up in a full-on cuckolding relationship with lots of bisexuality and humiliation. But just for once I like to think that, as the last line says, they went on to be an (outwardly) 'normal' couple – albeit one with a lot of secrets in their past!

Of course their sex life would remain extremely kinky, and I imagine the wife would rather enjoy teasing her hubby during foreplay about how he used to 'get spanked by those two perverts we worked for' and how those big rough bikers 'choked him with their belts and stuck their big dicks in his cute little tush!' But outwardly they would be a nice suburban couple (except perhaps to a few of their friends who like to meet up for some good old-fashioned suburban swinging and wife-swapping...)

I am also rather taken with the idea of a biker gang who torment the youths of a local town. Rampaging around, snatching teenage couples from lovers lane and having their wicked way with them (both the boys and the girls...).
I suppose it could form the basis of a future manip series... or I could just post some pics relating to it right now!

Here are some rather spectacularly dominant bikers having their way with unfortunate local boys. It's a gorgeous composition - I definitely fantasize about being the guy who's tied up and taking two cocks at once!

I came across this artwork in my teenage years, and it made quite an impression. I imagine this is a biker gang rolling through quiet suburban towns, and the blindfolded boy is an unfortunate (or fortunate?) local teen who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place...?) I always imagined he can hear his mother calling him to stop playing with his friends and come in for dinner!

I imagine this blonde girl's boyfriend is tied to a tree and about to have to watch her sucking enthusiastically on that big pierced dick!

But it could be a lot worse, as this boyfriend (and his tongue...) is finding out!

Thanks to the biker gang, this lady's romantic walk in the woods is going to be even more 'romantic' than she ever could have imagined! But where is her fiance...

He's been taken as a gift for the cruelest of the bikers, and he's about to experience the deflowering of a bride rather sooner than he expected ;D


  1. Indeed Cindy rather enjoys teasing her hubby and above all in the presence of a female friend.
    She brings the conversation one more time to this period when they were working for these two perverts
    She asks her husband, innocently
    - You certainly remember what spit roasting is?
    - I think we can define it as a three-way sex act in which a person is penetrated orally and either anally or vaginally? He smiles, looking at the female friend and believing he has been witty
    - I do not think it's the right definition darling, (Cindy does not seem to appreciate). Try to be a little more specific, please.
    - A sex position where there is one person giving a blowjob and getting fucked? His smile faded
    - Indeed! It's getting closer, honey. But what about the sex of this person?
    He frowns and seems to be thinking hard
    - Male!
    - You are a true idiot. Spit roasting means sexual acts of various kinds between two men and one woman. Isn't it Valerie? She asks her female friend
    - Everybody knows that, says the girl
    - You hear, idiot! Everybody...
    - Yes, ma'am... He seems depressed
    - Do you understand?
    - Yes ma'am
    - Who is going to receive a good fucking?
    - I do, ma'am. He lowers his eyes
    - Look at me! What is your sex personality?
    - Female, ma'am
    - Louder, please! I don't think Valérie can hear you!
    - Female, ma'am
    - Well! It's about time!
    Now he is in the right submissive frame of mind
    - Open your mouth and keep it open.
    She inserts five fingers deep into his mouth.
    - Swallow bitch !

    1. "Swallow bitch" sounds like the way an ex girlfriend of mine used to talk.

      I would say the whole thing has become a routine for her (Cindy), reminding of past activities while putting him down in front of her friend. Also I'll bet she hints about the thrusting lawyers she works alongside and how sexy some of they are to her... and how she often needs to work late. She knows how this type of talk demoralizes him. Also it brings to mind that scene in picture 2 ... with those sexy stockinged legs around some hunks thighs... and makes him think it doesn't only belong in the past. And as the firm has interns at this time of year, she isn't against taking advantage of them either... in the same way her fiance once was...
      She likes to torture him with such ideas.
      "Oh is hubby blushing again?... Have I brought up some shameful memories? Perhaps you'd like to describe your experiences to my good friend here. She'd love to hear more about it. Or do you have your mouth full, lol"

    2. I'm sure the image of Cindy's stockinged legs around the hunk has haunted him for many a year, with or without her teasing...
      Perhaps he has his mouth full of Valerie's pussy? Or her ass if she is a larger lady...

  2. Cindy definitely seems like a good name for the woman in this series. So do she and Valerie have male sex personalities? I hope Valerie remembered to bring her strapon!

    1.  You say « I definitely fantasize about being the guy who's tied up and taking two cocks at once! » but do you prefer two guys' cock or two female strap-ons in your only two holes, that is the question?

    2. Well I like the idea of both!
      But if you had to make me choose a preference... I have had a rubber cock in my mouth and ass (though not at the same time), whereas I have had a flesh-and-blood cock in my mouth but not in my ass... so I guess I would have to choose the two-guys option just to see what it was like!

    3. I like to think of both of them "wearing the trousers" in those sex personalities as you term it. Preferably leather trousers, tight ones which the wimp hubby has to worship.
      I'm sure the front of them has the perfect place for a strapon.

      (Speaking of offices and strapons, it reminds me of the pic Wall St Lawyer you posted. A gorgeous older lady having her way with her assisitant.
      Maybe he's starting his summer job right now.)

    4. Yes or maybe Cindy is the Wall St Lawyer and her assistant is one of the (un)fortunate interns you mention above.
      I'm sure the partners were rather shocked when the two ladies started coming to work in leather trousers, but they still got used to it after a few weeks (and a few after-hours visits...)

  3. To answer your question, Valérie didn't come with her strapon.
    She uses Cindy's toilet brush to thoroughly clean and pound (let's call him Ross) Ross's ass. The coconut fiber bristle have natural anti-bacterial properties and she likes the idea that her punishment fucking toy is environmentally friendly.

    1. There is something disturbingly erotic about the idea of a naked young man with a toilet brush sticking out of his pert posterior!

    2. Items like the toilet brush are excellent reminders for us. Innocuous to others, we know what they have been used for and will be used for in the future. An unexpected visitor can be invited into another room while i know better than to take it out without permission.

  4. Who wouldn't love to be that spit-roasted meat ;-)

    1. Yes and I'm sure a pair of those fishnet stockings would really put me in my place as well!

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  6. One (lez) of the female friends of my wife finds exciting when she calls me « missy ». I have to call them « Sir ». « And what men do with naughty girls ?» they ask. « Fuck them? » I ask. « Wrong answer. They put them to work to bring the money home ». « What kind of work? » «A whore's job, missy,  we found you two good fellas who love to fuck tight assholes. Boy or girl, they don't mind, but what they prefer above all else is doing them a lot of pain. They are waiting for you in our bedroom. »
    Let's choose the two-real cocks' option in your fishnet stockings

    1. Ooooh I love this!
      I remember when I was a teen I saw one of those dominatrix-for-hire ads in the back of a porn mag.
      One of the scenarios described was 'Dressed in lipstick, heels and fishnet stockings to be toyed with (and more) by two leather-clad gays!'
      This certainly stayed with me, and from the sounds of it you are resigning me to a very similar fate!

    2. Of course, you will be paid. It's a pretty nice way to earn a few bucks (« You'd be surprised what boys will do for a few extra bucks »)
      Before entering the bedroom, you will put yourself in your little whore outfit (fishnet tights, panties, bodice).
      One fella will begin to caress and grope your butt (not too hairy I hope, otherwise he will have you shaven, (he does not like hairy buttcheeks)). Nothing to worry about, you have a nice little ass, still firm. The other fella will make you do a practice run, around the room on tiptoe holding you by the collar of your bodice and the waist of your panties, he will apply big sound slaps on your bisected (your turn!) bare ass while making you move reluctantly trotting along and you will finish in the corner to finish this first submissiveness part.
      You will feel a few bucks are slipped in your panties (some balm on your burning butt !).

    3. Yes I am always thoroughly shaved on my legs, balls, crotch, ass, chest, back and face when I entertain older gentlemen so I'm sure the 'client' would be happy. Of course I always respect the authority of older men and (literally) bow down to their superiority, so any little presents they give me will be a bonus!
      I'm sure my sissy butt-stinging march will put me in the right submissive frame of mind for what's to follow...

    4. I like the banknotes being put in your panties... like the whore you feel? your little cock would be weeping at all that aggressive and manly attention. Mine probably too. How degrading to be so objectified...and because of the wife's lesbian friend!

    5. I'm sure putting the notes in my panties like a cheap stripper will make the men think they can do whatever they want...
      And while the wife loves dominating her husband I'm sure she will find that she very much enjoys submitting to her lesbian friend and licking her pussy...

    6. I think the guys will shove the banknotes up your buttholes rather than slip them in your panties, when seeing your little sluts' asses frantically wriggling at the imminence of their enlargement. 

      Once you will be both in a sufficiently submissive frame of mind, that will be the "cock-sucking competition". « The thought of having to suffer a real cock in your mouths will be deeply emasculating for you both. » You will "69" one another while the guys will encourage you by slapping your bare round buttcheeks with their hands like paddles, the girls clapping their hands in excitement.

    7. Mmmm that reminds me of one of my favourite spanking/femdom/bi drawings by Lil Jo (only with male spankers instead of female)...
      I've always fantasized about 69ing with another guy, and getting spanked while doing it would just be the tops!

    8. For your readers, here is Lil Jo's drawing, (of course the text is from Julie (My fantasy))
      Just a variation on the same theme

    9. Never saw that artist before. Yes male spankers in your fantasy but maybe those ladies and ones like Jonathan's in the audience. I like the woman on the left and that look in her eyes. I doubt she'd want to hand the spanking to the gay men, she's enjoying her position too much.
      Maybe instead they alternate -- the males spank them, then the women again -- an interactive experience for the onlookers.
      Before the buggering...

    10. The artist is the amazing Lill Jo, who used to illustrate a lot of Strict Julie's posts. There is an archive of Lill Jo's work on her blog
      This pic originally illustrated one of Julie's fantasies about how she would treat two blog readers who made lewd comments! The woman on the left is Julie and the one on the right is her legendary sister Sue.

    11. I really like that 69 drawing and i'm not the only one. All of the guys like me that i have sent it to, also really like it. The times i have acted it out, the guy/sissy that cums first gets punished so we try really hard to make the other cum first.

    12. A guy-on-guy 69 is one of my biggest fantasies. I've tried to picture it in my manips in the past but have never been particularly happy with the results. Perhaps it's time to have another go...

  7. S2
    Two determined sadistic dicks. A hot spit-roasting, well done, lots of pain. At one time, Cindy and Valérie enter the bedroom because they want to see if the fucking makes you leak cum or not (just curious)
    Safeword: « well done »

    Your clients take you to the basement.
    No safeword.:))
    Even with the thick walls, your screams are noticeable from the living room.
    Valerie says with a grin: "I would hate to be in his shoes"
    Cindy's pussy is soaking wet as she masturbates frantically.

    1. Oh wow, my mind is racing 'filling in the blanks' of what you've described.
      A wife and her friend listening as two bi bulls have their way with her sissy husband sounds like it would make a great manip series! Perhaps one day...

  8. That would sure be a good lesson for the sissy husband.

  9. Hey have you ever saw an artwork with a crossdressing sissy cuckold tied in front the wife's lover motorcycle and parades through the biker gang cheering for them.

    1. Not sure, sounds great though! It kinda sounds like something by HunnyB/ForcedCrossdresserFantasies. I can't picture the exact pic though so feel free to email it to me :)