Thursday, 27 September 2018

Jonathan art manips: Crybabies Need Pacifiers

Nothing makes a boy cry harder than a good hard spanking (well, maybe one thing), and everybody (especially strict English Mummies and Nannies) knows that crybabies need pacifiers! So while 'adult baby' scenes really aren't my thing, the idea of a boy having something hard in his mouth to stop him crying is certainly appealing. Though for big boys, instead of a dinky little pacifier/dummy, it should really be something bigger...

The idea of shady counsellors/psychologists who encourage spanking, cuckolding and gay experimentation is a turn-on I've developed recently (and it's believable when you look at some of the dodgy claims the industry has made over the years). I love the idea of 'unresolved oral and anal fixations' from childhood being used to justify all sorts of painful and humiliating treatments and punishments. For a start it's just the kind of wimpy syndrome that white middle-class males would be diagnosed with, and the wording means there is definitely a possibility of a school of psychology deciding that the way to treat misbehaving boys is to cure their unresolved oral/anal fixations by making them suck cock and spanking their bottoms (or putting a cock up there, or both, whichever works best!) It also sounds like an idea that is common in cuckolding porn where 'all whiteboys are fags'...

Imagine how the boy feels, the humiliation of getting told it's all for his own good as his previously loving mother roasts his bare bottom with her hairbrush, his face pressed into the therapist's crotch so he can feel (and smell) the older man's stiffening cock in those tight tweed trousers. Once the hairbrushing has made the boy suitably subservient those tweed trousers will be unzipped and the therapist's erect cock will be slipped into the boy's sobbing mouth. With his hands pinned behind his back, the very act of holding an older man's cock in his mouth while being spanked will be a deeply submissive act that would awaken the boy's most-repressed homosexual desires. The preponderance of Unresolved Oral/Anal Fixations would no doubt lead to development of the Cuckold School of Counselling, and to boys' old nannies been called up to assist in resolving their conditions.
British nannies have got a reputation of being sweet and kind, but in real life they're nothing like Mary Poppins. More like Mary Cockins ( ' SPANK when your father tells you to SPANK put your money in the bank SPANK you bloody well do it!' :D ) They are known as traditional British nannies because all middle-class British males have one. And British nannies don't need any Oral/Anal Fixation Psychology nonsense as an excuse, they just know that bad boys need their bums smacked hard by nanny! We all got our bottoms roasted with Nanny's hard wooden hairbrush, and our temperatures taken with her thick rectal thermometer, and our balls and asscracks scrubbed with her thick-bristled bathbrush, and made to bow and curtsy and wear our sisters' clothes for humility, and made to suck cock at the earliest opportunity (Nanny considered it good practice for our time at boarding school, and for our future as cuckolds and white-collar wage slaves).
And of course the boys' stepdads would gleefully accept the diagnosis and start treating their stepsons with their big manly cocks! The final manip in this series is inspired by this scene from one of my favourite comics: 'Black Master, White Slaves' by Desod, which tells the story of what whiteboys have to do for their black cellmates in prison...

Ever since I saw this panel I've fantasized about having to spend a night in this position, bound beneath the covers with my lips around the cock of a bigger, more dominant man. Just imagine it... how hot and sweaty and uncomfortable it would be, the overpowering stench of his hairy crotch with my nose pressed right into it, me whimpering in the dark and entirely focused on his chunky cock alternating between erectness and (still sizable) flaccidness throughout the night, his satisfied sighs as he releases his rancid piss down my throat, or his sleepy grunts of pleasure as he cums in my mouth yet again...


  1. Why a girl forced to give a blowjob doesn't find THE solution that is to bite the unwelcomed cock once it is into her mouth. She says she is afraid for her life.
    A young boy submitted to this kind of « pacifier » medicine could implement the same solution. Why not? The only problem is that he has to bite strong enough to cut it

    If he fails he must submit to a rather severe nanny's bathbrush beating. A hundred on his bare package will have him howling on a level that he will remember for a few years. That is one reason.
    Or maybe he is seduced by the sucking and feels himself at his place on nanny's knees, with a fire engine red ass and a so alive pacifier in his obliging mouth.
    Another idea?

    1. I think it's the last one. All wimpy middle-class whiteboys secretly long to suck cock, so their nannies and mommies are just giving them what they want

  2. Wow those stepfathers rule and rightly so, an inspirational set of pics for all us wimpy sons and our strict Mums and Dads.

    1. Yes, those strict stepdads are just laying the groundwork for bulls/studs/bosses to have more fun with us wimpy types in future!

  3. I like the second pic, 48B where you've introduced the idea of the cuckolding wife
    -- and that it is the counselor's professional advise that his wife sleep with other men!!
    "...diagnosed with an unresolved oral and anal fixation which explains why he is unable to satisfy his wife in bed."
    Hmm... sounds kind of familiar lol.
    What amazing text with the pic.
    I'm not surprised his ass is so red, his face too, dressed in that footwear and his bottom bared! What must his wife think.

    1. Thanks, that was actually the picture that inspired the whole series... I must confess I wanked myself silly when I mocked it up!
      I hadn't thought about the reaction of the wife. Obviously the mother (and probably the stepfather) would have seen it all before, but it would have been truly shocking for her. She'll definitely be cuckolding him now :D

  4. Awesome article and illustrations.

    I would love to be the boy in illustration 1 and even illustration 2.

    Absolute submission and humiliation.

    The narrative in the article was fantastic.

    Thank you

    1. Glad you like it! I suppose as fun as dominant stepdads are, there's nothing like being put across the lap of a stout matronly lady for a sound spanking and enforced cocksucking...