Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Jonathan art manips: Too Cute Not To Cuckold

Here is the long overdue sequel to my series Too Cute Not To Spank featuring the cutest male spankee Jonathan (or anyone else) has ever drawn:

Women certainly seem to get a good deal in my fantasy world. Not only are cuckolding and guy-on-guy action a lot less frowned upon (even on your wedding night!), they get actively trained in how to utterly blister pert male behinds. No doubt Bobby's cousin will get commended at the start of term during her report on 'What I did on my holidays', while her tutor will invite any young gentlemen who disagree to visit her office afterwards to 'debate' the issue.
As a nominally straight guy whose gay experiences are somewhat limited, I think one of the reasons I love Jonathan's art so much is that many of his spankees are clearly straight, and their spankers get a real sexual and dominant thrill from punishing and humiliating them.
Obviously many of his guys are gay as well, but there's no doubt that students caught wanking over straight porn aren't going to be exactly thrilled about being put across another guy's knee...

And like in the original artwork for the beach pics above, surely any man being punished for spying in the ladies' showers is at least somewhat interested in the female form...

And what about all those poor innocent boys who find themselves spending a night in the cells for a crime they didn't commit...

In my world, everyone is a bit gay - the only question is whether you're an alpha male who gets to spank and fuck, or a beta male who gets spanked and fucked! I would definitely place myself in the beta category, and I can't help but wish real life was more like my fantasies. Getting bullied at school would have been a lot more fun if it involved me getting stripped naked and held aloft by a hunky bigger boy while an even hunkier stud reddened my ass in front of a jeering crowd!


  1. Jonathan's public beach spanking drawings are some of my favorites. I love looking at all the onlookers and how helpless the victim looks.

    1. They certainly had a powerful effect on me as a teenager, especially the one where the guy is being held in the air by the two studs!