Friday, 26 July 2019

Stepfather of the Bride (Jonathan art manips)

As we reach the peak of the long hot summer months, the wedding season is in full swing. As you sip overpriced prosecco and struggle through boring conversations with relatives you'd hoped to never see again, perhaps you can improve your mood by imagining the following happening to the smiling young bride and groom...

Do you have a naughty wedding story to share? Or perhaps a spoiled stepdaughter (or stepson) who badly needs a taste of the belt? Let us know in the comments.

I left the background story to this a bit vague, so you can fill in the details yourself and make them as kinky as you like...
Are the bride and groom in such a traditional relationship that they have not lived together before the wedding, hence why they have still been subject to stepfatherly discipline? Or did their childhood belt-whippings give them such a taste for the belt that they willingly went back to their stepdaddies for surreptitious spankings long after they turned 18, went to college, got engaged...

I think we all love to see a bolshie bride get punished, and this one's attitude must have earned her a sound whipping many times...even on her wedding day! The bride (and background) are by the artist Kent, whose other stuff doesn't feature any women at all. She appeared in one of my older manip series as well, but I'm glad I was able to create a face for her out of Jonathan's ladies for this series:

As for the groom, he certainly seems to have the correct respectful, submissive attitude towards his stepfather. No doubt he knows what's good for him after a lifetime of sizzling belt spankings, especially given that the stinging leather would be bound to inflame the deep homosexual desires inherent in all nice middle-class whiteboys!
And did those deep homosexual desires get well and truly explored by his stepfather's big veiny cock long before his wedding day? I know that if I'd had a big strong spanking stepdaddy growing up then I would have satisfied my bi-curiosity a lot earlier! And did the bride, despite her shame, find herself unable to resist allowing her dominant stepdaddy to fuck her as well as spank her during those guilty-but-delicious trips back to the family home when her mother was out...

Or perhaps this is the first time the happy couple have had a taste of the older men's cocks as well as their belts? Maybe the bride's stepfather was so taken with the eroticism of belting his spoilt stepdaughter in front of her new husband that he couldn't help but fuck her after he'd finished... And the groom's stepfather decides he might as well get in on the act!
Or perhaps it's a combination of the two, and the revelation that the bride has been cuckolding the groom throughout their engagement convinces her stepfather-in-law to fuck her new husband in the ass for the first time. Or the revelation that her husband has been submitting to his stepfather convinces her to finally give in to her attraction to her own hunky, dominant stepdad...

And after this, the (un)happy couple will find out that droit de seigneur works both ways, as the stepfathers swap places...
Needless to say, regardless of how happy the groom is about the situation, he will be getting cuckolded and buttfucked by both his stepfather and stepfather-in-law for many years to come!


  1. Very nice manip! This young couple will certainly be well cared for! Afterall, what's a stepfather for? It's equally nice that the couple is sharing their humiliation on their first night as man and wife! This is a night they will never forget! Well done!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Father! I bet you'd have liked to have been officiating at this wedding ;D
      Brides/grooms are among my favourite scenarios so it's surprising I don't do more of them really!

  2. We must find the right configuration. If the roles are well attributed, the story's twists will naturally follow.
    The bride and her father are the dominant couple. The father is very well hung, the girl uses a strapon and loves to fuck young men.
    The groom and his father are the dominated couple, they both have very small penises that they will be forbidden to use anyway.

    The bride and her father belong to the upper middle class, they have a lot of money, they are socially influential.
    The bridegroom and his father were chosen because they were financially embarrassed and not supported in society.

    The humble and timid behavior of the groom amuses his young wife who abuses her dominant position, but even more, she finds the almost feminine behavior of her young husband's father delicious.
    She and her father openly mock what they call the cowardice of this effeminate father, until they ask him how far he would be willing to go to satisfy them

    Finally, the father of the bride forces the ridiculous father-in-law of his daughter to kneel and suck his huge cock while the bride forces her young husband to witness this humiliation, pants down, while she puts on her strapon. This scene prefigures the rest of their life together.

    1. Lots to enjoy here but I really love the idea of a bride 'cosummating' her marriage with a strapon!
      Interesting how you've swapped the roles arounds as well. In intergenerational scenes like this I would always tend to have the older characters as dominant with the younger ones submissive. But your setup allows for a lot more strapon and bi cocksucking action. I guess it depends on personal preference...

    2. I like this idea that the father daughter couple is rich, powerful and they have sadistic impulses. All is injustice. They choose the father of the groom as a whipping boy and enjoy the fact that he drops his trousers on demand. They treat him like a whore.

      During the wedding meal, for example, when one wonders where the groom and his father are, it turns out that they are both kneeling under the table, the groom licking his very recent wife who got rid of her panties, her thighs wide open; while his father half suffocated by the huge dick of the bride's father, tries to make him cum as fast as possible, so sore are his jaws, by tickling his dickhole with the tip of his tongue. But the titillations are so voluptuous that the stepfather can not help grasping "little dickie"'s" nipples through his white shirt and pinch them as hard as he can and the latter can not hold back a howl.

    3. Wow, the idea of wimpy guys sucking cocks under the table is definitely hot!
      Like Feinstein below, I enjoy the idea of the groom being dominated by his father in law as well, so I hope the groom and his father are made to switch places before the father of the bride ejaculates!

    4. You are right. Who would not prefer to spurt in the mouth of a young boy? Daddy must leave his place to his son. They do not exchange their places however, the sucked father does not allow Cockie to touch his daughter (the only physical contact they may have is when she slaps or whips him). So daddy has to suck his own son (who has previously undressed under the table) and lick his asshole while the father in law sends his cum in the throat of his little bastard of son-in-law. The father-in-law says to his daughter, laughing, they are like two dogs under the table sniffing each other asshole.

    5. Indeed, there are few places an older gentleman prefers to ejaculate than in the mouth of a younger man - it really shows them who the Daddy is!
      So Cockie does not even get to taste his daughter-in-law pussy, instead putting his tongue to work between his stepson's glowing ass cheeks...
      And it must be quite a mixture of feelings for the young groom - pleasant humilation at one end and pure humiliation at the other!

  3. This manip story touches on one of my favourite dominant figures for young men, their father-in-law. Step-dads and uncles are all great, but is there anything more terrifying for a young man than his father-in-law? Always very protective of his daughter and thus extremely critical of her choice of partner. No authoritative father-in-law would have any qualms tossing that bugger pining after his little girl across his lap and give him a scorching spanking if he displeased him. And there's that famous joke the girl's dads always makes when their daughter brings home a new guy... "Anything you do to her I will do to you." I mean...
    So I think it's a surprise I don't often see stories involving young men and their fathers-in-law. Which I think is a pity. So glad to see it hinted at here that the step-father-in-law might be next to give this groom some pain in the ass. ;)

    1. I agree that dominant father-in-law/submissive son-in-law is a hot dynamic. I suppose I've neglected it a little in terms of stepfathers etc.
      I'm not sure how many of my old posts you've seen but a few of them do feature dominant father-in-laws:
      In my retelling of Betty's Diary, several of the young husbands are spanked and humiliated by their fathers-in-law (among others).
      One of the spankers in Glowing Groomsmen could definitely be father of the bride.
      In When Ebony Wed Ivory the groom is whipped by his (black) father-in-law.

      But looking back there are lots of opportunities where I could have included dominant fathers-in-law but didn't, so I will have to remember to be more open to the idea in future.

  4. What a great story and illustrations! Thank you for sharing!