Friday, 18 July 2014

Jonathan art manips: Heading for a Wedding

My next wedding manips series is just a gratuitous fantasy on my part, showing a bunch of well-dressed guys getting spanked and fucked by a gang of well-hung thugs. You may have already noticed that I have a thing for dominant men using their belts as leashes, as well as in the more obvious way…

Here we have more guys who claim to be straight, but like all middle-class whiteboys they're really bi, and had lots of fun with big strong men in college. I'm sure they swore they'd put that all behind them after graduation, but faced with a long line of thick black dicks they just couldn't resist, even if it is the morning of the wedding!
I don't know if it's down to all the prison scenarios or cuckolding porn or what but muscular black men really do it for me. A veiny black dick plunging in and out of my well-spanked ass while my mouth is used to pleasure another black cock or worship a toned black ass is the absolute height of my gay/bi fantasies. Especially when the muscular black studs are as exquisite as Jonathan has drawn here! Needless to say this is one of the manip series I am most happy with.
I suppose there's a question of what the groom will do after he's had his fill of big black dicks and finally gone through with the wedding? No doubt he'll try yet again to swear off cock for the sake of his wife, but his whiteboy nature will be too much to resist, and in any case like most ladies his bride would probably be quite turned on by the thought of her husband with a dick in his ass. Will he even be able to wait until after the wedding/honeymoon? Will the new bride walk in on her new husband being whipped and toyed with?
Or maybe he'll successfully keep his bi tendencies a secret, but she'll get bored of him and take a lover, and he'll end up on fluffing and cleanup duty anyway!

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