Friday, 27 March 2020

Left to Rot on Honeymoon (Jonathan art manips)

Kinky young couples really should be aware that when they travel abroad they could get into
A LOT of trouble if they are caught engaging in frowned-upon practices (even if such acts are actually rampant in that country!)

It must be quite a big comedown for the young bride, after being the centre of attention at her wedding, and then looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth while she watches all her guy-on-guy fantasies cum true in front of her... only to find herself on her knees, with the thick brown cocks of every corrupt cop in the jail melting in her mouth instead!

Though not as much of a comedown as it is for the groom! Finding himself cast into a dank, overcrowded prison cell, thick veiny cocks sliding in and out of his tight Western holes, listening to the howls of unfortunate street urchins and pickpockets as they are beaten and used by the bigger, more hardened criminals...
Though no doubt his government's embassy will have a word (or perhaps his wife will guiltily arrange a campaign when she gets home) and so his stay in a foreign jail will probably end after a few weeks or months (which of course will be plenty of time for all the biggest inmates to become well acquainted with his cute little mouth and ass!)
No doubt his naughty wife has been having lots of fun in his absence, and now that it's clear that he can cater for her secret fetishes for cuckolding and red-hot guy-on-guy action, perhaps after all this they will live happily ever after...
Which is more than can be said for the other poor boys in the jail, who will spend years suffering through agonizing spankings and mouth- and buttfuckings!

As you know, I'm no stranger to the allure of darker skinned males from supposedly less 'enlightened' parts of the world (and their jails). I left the setting of this series ambiguous so that you could imagine that it's set in any of the many countries populated by dominant, dark-skinned men who hold very traditional views on sex, women and punishment, and who see Western men as weak and feminine, and their whoreish wives as needing a taste of how real men treat their womenfolk!
And while I love to fantasize about being thrown into a dank Arab jail, or being made to suck on a thick Turk dick, in my head this series is based in India.
For a start, India seems to have its own strong tradition of spanking and corporal punishment. Just check out this scene from White Teeth, the seminal work by renowned author Zadie Smith, where a British-Indian boy is sent to stay with relatives in India and writes back to his British-based family, describing a typical domestic scene:

Yesterday, grandfather hit Tamim (he is the houseboy) with a belt until his bottom was redder than a tomato. He said Tamim had stolen some candles (it’s true. I saw him do it!), and this was what he got for it

Then there is the book White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. It is supposed to be a journey into the dark underbelly of Indian corruption, but it is actually a gay sex extravaganza! It was released in 2008, just as I was really coming to terms with my gay fantasies, so it certainly had a big effect on me, and it's rather a thrill that some of the book's most titillating scenes inspired these manips (especially the fourth pic!)
The book makes extensive use of the euphemism 'dip his beak in his backside' to refer to gay sex. For instance:

The Raven owned the worst land, which was the dry, rocky hillside around the fort, and took a cut from the goatherds who went up there to graze with their flocks. If they didn't have their money, he liked to dip his beak into their backsides, so they called him the Raven.

What it meant to live like a man was a mystery. I thought it meant being like Vijay, the bus conductor... We admired his bus-company-issue khaki uniform, his silver whistle and the red cord from which it hung down from his pocket...
Vijay's family were pigherds, which meant they were the lowest of the low, yet he had made it up in life. Somehow he had befriended a politician. People said he had let the politician dip his beak in his backside. Whatever he had to do, he had done...  I wanted to be like Vijay -- with a uniform, a paycheck, a shiny whistle with a piercing sound, and people looking at me with eyes that said, How important he looks.

It's an unusual phrase, but whenever I read it now it gives me a tingle in my tight little asshole, as I imagine a corrupt, sweating, overweight olive-skinned official dipping his beak in my helpless, tomato-red backside!
And when the main character finds out that his boss plans to frame him for a crime he didn't commit, we find out some rather darkly erotic facts about Indian prisons:

My life had been written away. I was to go to jail for a killing I had not done. I was in terror, and yet not once did the thought of running away cross my mind. Not once did the thought, I'll tell the judge the truth, cross my mind. I was trapped in the Rooster Coop. What would jail be like? That was all I could think about. What kinds of strategies would I follow to escape the big, hairy, dirty men I would find in there? I remembered a story from Murder Weekly in which a man sent to jail pretended to have AIDS so that no one would bugger him. Where was that copy of the magazine—if only I had it with me now, I could copy his exact words, his exact gestures! But if I said I had AIDS, would they assume I was a professional bugger—and bugger me even more?

Yet...even if they throw me in jail and have all the other prisoners dip their beaks into me—even if they make me walk the wooden stairs to the hangman's noose—I'll never say I made a mistake that night in Delhi.

Later, the main character plans to rob his employer and flee. But his nephew has been sent to stay in his apartment at the time:

Should I go back to get Dharam? If I left him there now, the police would certainly arrest him as an accomplice. They would throw him into jail with a bunch of wild men—and you know what happens to little boys when they get put into dens like that, sir.

Perhaps he never went back for him, and Dharam is one of the other boys in the fourth pic, getting his cute little brown tush warmed as a prelude to a good hard fucking, or feeling the cold metal of the bedframe pressing into his neck as he is buggered manfully on his bunk...


  1. left to rot on honeymoon.... not the story i expected.

    i expected the bride off with a stud as poor cucky is left to rot

    1. I'm sure the bride managed to avail herself of some thick ethnic dick at some point...

  2. What a great post! The pics, the caps, the manips, the storyline, all magnificent!

    You know I love these situations that clearly involve the wife. A newlywed seeing her 'man" unmanned? Epic humiliation! The wife paying her husband back by servicing his attackers? Wicked! Stuck in a dark foreign prison where he is nothing more that "beak-bait" as wifey goes off back home, cruel!

    Seems like all the right elements for a wonderful beta fantasy to me!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Father! It was nice to be able to combine the popular cuckolding scenarios with my love of prison fantasies!

  3. Later that week!

    Oh, Daddy, you just have to get my marriage annulled! He pretended to be a real man. Daddy, you should have seen it, this man walked up and asked me to dance. Steven stood up and said I was his wife. I felt so proud, then they decide to settle things outside. I swear, Daddy, by the time I paid the bill and joined them, Steven was there, across this man's knee, his pants down at his ankles, getting spanked like a naughty child. It was so embarrassing. Then Daddy, after Steven gets spanked to tears, he kneels down, and I swear, without being asked, he orally services the man who just spanked him. (All of which was a fabricated, whole cloth lie, except the spanking and the oral, that is!!)

    It was horrid, Daddy! The police arrived and off they went. Did you know that kind of yucky stuff is illegal in Morocco? Well Daddy, it is, and Steven went and left me all alone on my honeymoon! On MY honeymoon!

    Don't worry, sweetie, I'll call my lawyers. You'll be single by morning! She smiled ear to ear, Oh thank you, Daddy! But, what about Steven, cupcake? Do you want my lawyers to help get him freed? Oh, Daddy, don't be silly. Steven asked for this to happen! Forget him, I have!

    One Year Later- Same Moroccan tavern!

    Oh David! Isn't this place so dreamy, like a movie with Bogey and Bacall?

    She looked towards the bar, and there sits the very same man that had chastised her Steven a year back. She excused herself to David, to go use the restroom, and made her way towards the man, Ernesto.

    Excuse me, Ernesto, sir?

    Oh it is you? What brings you back here to our wonderful city once again?

    Same as last time. Ernesto, could I prevail upon you to test this one like you did my last husband? Real men are so hard to find!

    As poor David wagged his soundly blistered bottom too and fro across Ernesto's lap, sobbing like a wounded child, his new wife was already on her phone. Daddy, call your lawyers. Yes, daddy, it happened again! It isn't fair! It isn't! Why does this keep happening to me?

    Almost on cue, David rolled off his tormentor's lap and went to work orally pleasuring the dark man that had so soundly blistered his poor bottom..

    As the sirens of the local police wafted towards the back alley, an American princess decided she would, once again, be single, once again!

    Well, we know his bitch wife left him, but how? Here's a little window into her POV! Would there be others?

  4. Or, an alternate ending:

    As the sirens, blah, blah, blah...once again!

    Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind. It was Amar!

    D-Didn't they arrest you too?

    Oh, no no, no, Amar does not make the same mistake twice. I do, however, have two local police awaiting your promised expert oral services before they cart your newest husband off to the jail and to you know what! After you are finished swallowing your pride, you and I have a reckoning to settle at my place. You saw how I handled both your husbands, you can expect the same. Then, if you are real nice to me, as you are about to be with those two smiling Gendarmes, we will see where things go from there. I have heard a talented American mouth can earn me quite a bit of money in the seedy back rooms of Morocco. We will see! We will see!

    Which happens, who knows, maybe something else entirely. Heck I'm bored at home. Maybe I'll come up with something entirely different! How are things across the pond? Well, I hope!

    1. I'm sure Daddy wouldn't allow his little princess to end up as just an exotic mouth in the back rooms of Morocco (or at least not for more than a few weeks). He won't be able to do much about Amar or the gendarmes though!

      I find it almost comedic, the way she gets through her new husbands :D
      Perhaps with her third husband, they can honeymoon in the Caribbean, just for a bit of variety.
      And maybe Latin America for her fourth...