Friday, 10 July 2020

Cuckold Wedding Breakfast (Jonathan art manips)

It's the time of year when wedding bells are ringing across the land... except not so much this year! But that doesn't mean we can't still appreciate the sight of a spoilt bride being thoroughly fucked. Or a smartly dressed young groom being cuckolded and abused...

The appeal of a not-so-virginal bride being fucked in her wedding dress by someone other than her new husband is well-documented – particularly if that 'someone' happens to be a succession of well-hung black men! I think we can all agree that the traditional saying should be changed to 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something BLACK!' (perhaps the Something Old could be her stepfather-in-law, Something New could be the chauffeur, and Something Borrowed could be her friend's husband...)

But as regular readers of this blog will know all too well, I also have a pretty serious fetish for grooms (as in grooms who marry brides, not grooms who work in stables, although that's another story...)
I particularly like the groom's attire that seemed particularly prevalent in the 1990s and 2000s: pale grey suit; shirt, tie and waistcoat; gleaming shoes, dress socks (preferably with garters), a flower in the buttonhole (no pun intended) and a matching top hat. The guys' butts probably looked amazing in those tight grey trousers. I imagine that, as the groomsmen line up at the front at the start of the ceremony, the ladies present (not to mention the more dominant men) would be eyeing up that selection of choice male butts and planning on having some fun with them...

There is of course the wicked taboo of seeing a young man in such finery being stripped and whipped and shown what married life is really all about!

And no doubt, if a gang of black men should happen upon a newlywed couple (or if the bride wasn't exactly diligent in breaking it off with her black boyfriends) then it goes without saying that the appeal of the groom's attire (as well as the bride's) won't be lost on them – especially those hardened by years in prison fucking helpless whiteboys!

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