Friday, 14 August 2015

Endart manips: A Walloping At Their Wedding

It's another hot and sticky summer weekend and that means at weddings all over the world smartly dressed people are sweating in expensive suits and new dresses as champagne flows and blushing brides are ogled by dirty older men!
Weddings provide all sorts of opportunities for the more mature sexual connoisseurs. For the experienced cocksmen there are jealous bridesmaids, bored wives of rarely seen friends and relatives, and of course an emotional mother of the bride. For the horny older lady there are hordes of smartly dressed young men receptive to an invitation for a brief stay in her hotel suite.
And for the truly ambitious there is the happy couple themselves. Particularly if, say, an older and somewhat dominant couple had some kind of hold over them from the past...

This series was inspired by a request that the couples in my 'A Walk in the Woods' series experience a bit of guy on guy and girl on girl action. And what better place to do it than on their wedding day!
Tradition dictates that a bride should receive something old (well the couple are her parents age...) something new (she's never been spanked by a woman before) something borrowed (the other husband was very kind in loaning his wife for the experience) and something 'blue' (certainly in the rude sense of the word) and why should the groom miss out? And if the thing that ticks all these boxes is another man's cock then so be it: after all it does belong to an experienced 'old' cocksman, it is certainly a 'new' experience for the young groom, he's had to 'borrow' it from the man's wife for his first gay experience, and it's definitely blue, as he wouldn't want his mother to see it (though maybe she already has knowing these suburban ladies!)
One wonders what Tim and Sasha's married life will be like given that they've been so sexually dominated during their courtship and now their wedding. Will their master and mistress join them on their honeymoon? Will Sasha strike out on her own and take charge as a dominant cuckoldress? Or will both of them always want to play the submissive and invite others to punish and fuck them side by side?


  1. I have not been commenting due to computer problems. But I think a;; of your posts are fantastic. And I especially like this one.

    I think that Tim and Sasha are destined to always be in the submissive role. They are going to go through life always being spanked and sexually used.

    There good night pillow talk will always be telling each other what their day's misadventures followed by wild sex as each are turned on by what happened to them.

    1. Thanks Zad, glad you enjoyed it!
      Love your prediction of Tim and Sasha's future. No doubt unscrupulous dominant couples, bosses and neighbors will have lots of fun with them