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Cuckolding in British spanking mags: Video Lessons

In the spanking world, it seems that no-one can deal with a naughty young lady better than an older gent. Headmasters, dads, uncles, bosses…every grey hair seems to indicate an extra level of ability with the cane! And since I started reading Dmitry’s excellent blog, British Spanking Magazines, I’ve become much more open to the idea of cuckolding involving older men. Many of the stories from Janus and other classic spanking magazines feature older gents getting into a position of power over young wives, and taking the opportunity to give them a damn good spanking. And it doesn’t always stop there!

Several of the stories seem to be set in a kind of alternative modern world, where ‘respect your elders’ isn’t just still the accepted wisdom, it’s practically the law! And that means that if the elderly gent next door fancies having your wife over for a spot of caning followed by a bit of ‘practice’ of her wifely duties, well then you’d damn well better let her go!

Perhaps the best story of this kind is ‘Video Lessons’. In it, a young husband (on his honeymoon no less) rudely refuses an older man’s offer to take his new bride out for a drink, suspecting (quite rightly!) that he just wants to get inside her knickers.

It was two weeks ago, almost at the end of their honeymoon at the seaside resort of Southcliffe. Graham and Pam had been in a pub on the front in the early afternoon, having a drink at the bar. The stranger had introduced himself and wanted to buy them a drink. A middle-aged man with glasses and a clipped military moustache. Ronald Carling he had said.
Graham had said, 'No thanks', rather curtly perhaps. He had already noticed the stranger eyeing Pam. His sharp eyes on Pam's slim but ripe shape in her pretty short-skirted pink frock. Mr Carling had tried to insist and Graham had repeated his refusal and said they had to go. They had left the pub, Graham conscious of Carling's eyes on Pam's rear view.
The next afternoon they came across him again when they went for a stroll along the promenade. Perhaps Carling had been on the lookout for them but he suddenly appeared.
'Hello. Remember me? Ronald Carling. How about that drink now?'
Graham said, 'No. Really. And we'd rather you didn't keep bothering us.'
Mr Carling has coloured slightly and then made the threat. Saying it wasn't a good idea for young people to be discourteous, impolite. When someone was trying to be friendly. His eyes had been on Pam, eyeing her tits in the brief sun-top. Then he had looked straight at Graham.
'You could regret being unfriendly, young man.'
He had gone on to suggest that if Graham didn't want a drink he could take Pam by herself. He was sure the pretty lady would like a drink, and sure she didn't want to be unfriendly.
Graham had a sudden hot vision of Mr Carling taking Pam off somewhere. In his car perhaps. Taking her somewhere and fucking her. That was what this man wanted, Graham could see it in his eyes. Or he thought he could. A nice juicy young piece that he had suddenly taken a fancy to.
Red in the face at the thought, Graham blurted, 'Fuck off!'
Pam said maybe she should have gone and had a drink with him.
Graham said, 'He wanted to... you know. Fuck you. That's what he wanted.'
Pam had coloured. 'Well, I wouldn't have let him. And maybe he didn't want that.'
Graham said, 'Yes he did. He would have driven you out in the country and just done it. Taken your knickers off and just done it.'

To teach the young husband a lesson in manners, the older man picks up Pam after work, where her boss is already doing a few things that Graham wouldn’t be too happy about...

Pam had remained nervous at first.
She had thought about it a lot at the beginning. Wondering if Graham had been right and the stranger had wanted to screw her. She had seen his looks of course, as Graham had, and it was certainly possible, likely perhaps. And it was true too what Graham said. He could have  taken her knickers off and simply done it. Screwed her.
Pam knew that even if she had denied it to Graham. At 19, as she was, a girl knew it as a fact of life. Nowadays. 1995. Pam knew it in particular from Predent Insurance where she had worked for the last year. A girl found out there were certain things she couldn't argue with. Not if she wanted to keep her job. Graham of course didn't know about work. About that side of work. About her boss, Mr Forton. And he of course wasn't the only one at work.

No doubt that Mr Carling would have been the same. His eyes on her had said he wanted the same.
Things were not greatly different back at work. She was a married woman now, Mrs Gilfield and now Pam Mercer, but that didn't change things. Not for Mr Forton certainly.
'How was Southcliffe?' he greeted her. 'But I suppose you didn't see it. I suppose you were in bed all week. Doing it continuously day and night for the whole week, eh?'
And then Mr Forton wanted it. Right away. When she was scarcely in the office. Wanting it there, with the door locked.

'Maybe married life doesn't agree,' Mr Forton said. 'All that screwing you're getting every night is too much. Maybe we'd better put a ban on it. Mmm?'
Then of course he wanted it himself. In his office, with the door locked. Over the desk. Pam didn't object or argue. In 1995 you didn't argue with the way things were. Pam knew that. And Graham knew it too now. After his lessons.

No, things were still the same. And with that and their new flat to occupy Pam's mind the thought of the importunate stranger quite quickly faded. He could be forgotten. Until two weeks later. Thursday evening, just after five o'clock when she went to her car in the car park. There he was. Smiling. Waiting for her.
Breathless now she walked up to him.
'Good girl,' he said softly. 'Mrs Gilfield, correct? The new Mrs Gilfield. And she's going to come and have a drink with me.'
He had moved in close. His hands were unbuttoning her light coat. One hand sliding in lightly cupped Pam's pussy through her thin dress.
'Yes, young lady?'
'Y.. Yes.. Alright..' she stammered.
He was taking Pam off to teach Graham a lesson. A lesson in politeness and friendly behaviour.
Mr Carling told Pam this as they sat in his car. He had her coat completely unbuttoned now so that he could fondle her nice firm boobs. She didn't object to this of course.
Pam kissed him. She made it a nice sexy kiss, the kind of kiss Mr Forton at the office liked. Well, the kind Graham liked too of course. Pushing her tongue right into Mr Carling's mouth.
'That was lovely,' he said. 'Now what about a really nice kiss.'
He grinned... and unzipped his trousers. Then pulled out his erect cock. Red-faced, Pam glanced nervously around. Knowing what he wanted of course. He wanted her to suck it. But they were over in the corner of the car park and there was no one around. No one to see. So she did it. Lowering her head and taking it in her mouth.

The experienced old hand takes the young wife for a stay in his cottage. Poor Graham is sent regular videos of what they (and a few close friends) get up to, and it doesn’t just involve the cane (although there is plenty of that as well!)


The picture abruptly terminates, to be followed by the flickery grey light again. Is that all: that short piece of film? The video flickers on. Then... a voice from the blank screen. A man's disembodied voice: soft, caressing almost. The sentences spaced out.
'I wonder if that sweet pussy had a visitor last night?'
'Mmm? Do you wonder that? If it had a friendly visitor?'

She is standing with her hands at her sides in a white baby-doll nightie of silk or some similar material which clings to her ripely rounded figure. The nightie is virtually transparent and her firm, prominent boobs are especially in evidence, their pink nipples thrusting out, full, swollen it seems. As if perhaps someone has been playing with them. Sucking them maybe.

He waits. For the voice. For the voice to probe again. Like a surgeon's scalpel. He could turn the set off but of course he can't. Shortly it comes:
'Prime pussy.'
'And those really lovely tits too.'
'Yes, she's got something on now.'
'But maybe she's just put it on, eh? To be decent for the camera.'
'She really is lovely though.'
'But pretty girls can't be in bed all day, can they?'
'Even if they are having visitors.'
'Pretty girls do need... some discipline.'
'Now and then...'

There can be no doubt what is happening. Or has been happening. Because across the exposed flesh which swells tightly out on either side of the brief and half-transparent pants can be seen two cane marks. Two sets of bright red tram-lines.
The camera lingers on the view: the immobile girl; her obediently offered bottom. Then it cuts out. The blank flickering again.
Some seconds pass. Then the voice again:
'Oh yes. A little discipline.'
'If a girl has been at fault.'
'Disobedient to a visitor perhaps?'


More blank flickering. Is that it?
No. The picture is suddenly there again. The same view. The same bedroom scene. But different of course. The girl's bottom more directly facing the camera. The brief pants have now been drawn down. So that what is facing is her completely nude bottom. And it is not only her bottom that is on view. In this position with her knees forward there is everything on view. A full view of her pussy. The pink slit in the auburn curls.
The picture cuts out. The flickering light. Running on. No voice this time. Then the picture again. The same view only now there is also a part-view of a man. His arm plus part of his torso. In a yellow sweater. His head is out of sight. But his hand... is at the girl's bottom. The girl who is in the same position with her pants down.
The hand slides over the smooth-fleshed buttocks... and then onto her pussy.
And that is the end. There is no more picture, no more voice. The tape runs blankly on and on. Until it comes to its end.
* * *
The note with that first video said he would receive a letter, but it is not a letter it is another video. A package by special delivery again the next morning which clearly contains a video. He feverishly opens it.
'I only sent you excerpts of course. Of that first video. You might not have wanted to see all of it. All the action. She was very good, though. Very cooperative as I say. So we had no problems.'

'But anyway, what you have now is my second effort. It's more complete, there's more continuous action. It's not fully complete of course. There is more action that I haven't sent. Action that perhaps you would not wish to see.' One of those smug chuckles again. 'You see I am a very sensitive person. I am concerned about people's feelings. Perhaps in contrast to yourself, Graham. With your rather rude dismissal of my friendly overtures. But I am sure you are learning. This film incidentally was taken by a good friend of mine who is staying with us here. He is very impressed with your Pam. Very taken with her.'
Mr Carling said she had to have the cane. He was going to send it to Graham. Video shots of Pam being caned. 'That's part of his lesson,' Mr Carling said. 'A nice painful lesson for him.'
Of course they could send shots of other action, Mr Carling said. Other action of Pam with himself and with Mr Mamforth, Mr Carling's friend who was staying with them at the cottage. Pam knew what action he meant and she couldn't possibly bear having that sent to Graham, not if she had any choice in the matter. So in that case... she had to take the cane.


Poor Graham! There was nothing he could do except accept his lesson. And suffer. He would know he had no choice but to accept what had happened.
'He won't be silly,' Mr Carling said. 'He's a silly young man but he's sensible enough to accept it and not make a fuss. If he tried anything silly he might never see his pretty Pam again. I could sell her off, to Arabs for instance. They would absolutely love her. Or perhaps the German trade. How about that?'
Pam gave a little yelp of fright. She was sure Graham would be sensible. And he knew she was alright. Safe and sound. He was getting the videos sent to him.
* * *
Mr Carling thought Graham would now have learnt his lesson. 'Oh I'm sure he has!' Pam exclaimed. 'Please!'
Mr Carling gave her a quizzical look. 'You're keen to get back then?'
'Yes! Yes! Well I... I love him. He's my husband... and we'd only been married for three weeks.'
Mr Carling said sardonically, 'So you don't want to be sold to the Arabs? Or some German contacts I have?' Pam shook her head. This time the tears did start. But he was only joking. 

Or is he? What would have happened if Pam had responded a little more favorably? Given that Mr Carling has no doubt done this in the past, have other young husbands founds themselves with extended, international Video Lessons?



So Mr Carling drove Pam back home, on the Saturday afternoon. She had been with him at the cottage for just over a week. At the flat she asked him if he wanted to come in, for a cup of tea. Mr Carling said yes, certainly. He would certainly accept their hospitality.
It was a little embarrassing of course. After Pam had given Graham a big, relieved hug. But it passed off alright. Mr Carling said he hoped there were no ill feelings. He intended to keep in touch. And he hoped to have Pam come and stay with him again from time to time. If that was alright. Graham said a somewhat unhappy 'Yes'.
They had the tea. It was time for Mr Carling to go. But maybe he thought Graham should have one more lesson. Not a video this time but real life action.
'Ah... you wouldn't mind if I took the lovely lady into the bedroom? For a few minutes. As we're all friends now.'
It was an effort but Graham managed a stammered, 'Noo... oo. That's OK.'
In the bedroom Mr Carling screwed Pam on the bed.

A lesson in politeness and friendly behavior indeed!
The cuckolding of Graham is even stronger than much of what you’d find on dedicated hotwife sites. Despite being determined to keep his wife to himself, he is powerless to stop her being enjoyed by the dominant older man. Humiliation and powerlessness are big factors in why I like spanking and cuckolding, and older, powerful men have much potential to explore these areas.
There’s also the hypocrisy of it: the elders have to be respected because they supposedly have better morals than the younger generation, and yet these lecherous old men are interested in nothing more than abusing their power in order to get their hands on the bottoms and bodies of young married women. It plays into the whole ‘unfairness’ aspect that is also a big turn-on for me. The young men are powerless before their ‘betters’, despite the fact that their betters have worse morals than they do!


  1. This reminds me of some of the things that went on in the middle ages (and even later in some places like Russia). When a couple got married, the ruling lord would have the right of having the bride on the first night of their marriage.

    And many lords took the attitude that all the women belonged to them anyhow. I have read that the duke of Alsace invited all the wives of the bourgeois to a party at his castle. Only the wives were invited. Some women knew what this meant and stayed home. The other women were all raped by duke and his guards. Then the following day they we stripped naked and chased by mounted guards back to the city.

    The women who had stayed home were rounded up by guards, taken to the center of the city, striped naked and branded with the duke's coat of arms on their buttocks by the guards

    1. I say, that's all a bit strong isn't it? I'm sure those bourgeois wives would have consented willingly in return for some nice big aristocratic diamonds and champagne. And couldn't he have just had all the wives who stayed home spanked in the town square with a big leather strap?
      That said, this and the 'right of the first night' are certainly delightful customs. Though I suppose these days we don't have feudal lords so perhaps it would be a new bride's boss who would get to exercise 'prima noctis'. Or maybe her father in law...