Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Gallipoli 6

While school uniforms is my favorite fantasy scenario, for guy-on-guy fantasies it definitely ties with prison scenarios. After all, the thought of my skinny white ass getting thrown into a jail cell and being spanked and fucked by a big hunky cellmate was what set off all my gay fantasizing in the first place!
This manip is really a single piece that I created to slot into an existing series Jonathan drew, which showed British/Australian soldiers being spanked and toyed with by Turk captors after the Battle of Gallipoli. The 'Turkish prison' is certainly an evocative setting for gay fantasies (see Midnight Express, and I believe Lawrence of Arabia also developed a penchant for beatings and buggery during his imprisonment by Turkish troops). 'Thick Turk dick' is certainly a wonderful phrase that conjures up images of dusky, musclebound studs having their fun with lily-white asses!
This pic is also the first of my 'proper' manips. A few years back I got into captioning and/or manipulating art and photos to make it fit my fantasies. It always was a bit rough and seemed disrespectful to the original artists, so I stopped. Jonathan’s spanking artwork was always very satisfying to manipulate into new scenarios, so when I found out he’d retired I decided to sate my desire for new Jonathan artwork by creating more manips from his work, only this time putting more effort in and making them at least look passable as standalone pieces. I got his permission and approval of the first couple and then set to work.
I got talking to the guy who commissioned the original Gallipoli series, and he was kind enough to provide me with the original briefs for the drawings, which provide nice captions that I will post here. He also described two other drawings that tragically had been lost in the mail on their way from Jonathan to him. One of them was so good that I decided to create it as my first manip.
The description of the first 'lost' pic suggests it would have made an excellent intro, to the series, but I don’t think I could do it justice with a manip of existing art:

Image # 1 Stripping of the Prisoners - scene shows two of the captives being stripped, one in the background and a young, blond Limie lieutenant standing buck naked in front of the Turk Captain who captured his patrol. The Turk is examining the young stud's sex organs - pulling the pink scrotum out and skinning back the cock head.

Here’s the full series, with original descriptions:

Image #2 Interrogating the Prisoners - the Brit lieutenant is tied to a table and having the soles of his feet and firm ass cheeks caned hard - a Turk soldier is offering his erect cock to the prisoner.

Image #3  Bare Ass Beating - two captives on a table with their butts hanging over the edge - a happy Turk is pounding the four cheeks with a heavy wooden paddle - other Turks are letting the crying soldiers know they WILL suck cock.

Image #4 Strung Up and Paddled - two Brits or Aussies hung by their wrists from a turning wheel and having five Turks sending them around and around with solid paddle ass blows.

Image #5 Anal Probing - a young Limie tied down to a table. One Turk works his feet with a feather but another is experimenting with all sorts of dildos on the tight virgin anus. The Limies and Aussies are not only getting bare ass discipline but are put to good use each night by horny Turkish troopers.

Image #6 Breaking in the Lieutenant - the young, blond Limie is being fucked by the Turk Captain who captured him and his men - the large Turk dick has just popped his cherry -  it is being done in front of leering, horny Turk privates who are getting off looking at photos of the young captive's girlfriend and also because they know that when their Captain finishes then it will be a gang bang.

And here’s the manip I did (description incorporated). Obviously it won’t be able to replace the lost pic, but it was such a hot scenario that I had to give it a go:

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