Friday, 25 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Miscarriage of Justice

Here's a series of manips that really bring my whole bi-curious story full circle. As I've mentioned before it was Jonathan's Birching Prisoner and Fresh Meat drawings that really turned me on to MM spanking, and I spent years looking for a fourth picture before realising they weren't part of the same series. So this is my attempt to show what happens after the unfortunate guy in Fresh Meat gets his sore ass booted into a cell with four ravenous criminals...

Originally I wasn't going to do much to the three drawings but I couldn't resist giving them more of a British vibe to show it's not just American prisoners who get to have fun (though I've heard that the Birching Prisoner pics were inspired by judicial birchings on the Isle of Man).
Also can I just say that the guy holding the birch in the original Birching Prisoner is an absolute hunk - no wonder that series set off my gay feelings! I'm sure he's spent his whole life dominating sissy beta males like me. It probably started in finishing school where he was a muscular jock who got all the hot girls and still found time to beat and bugger swotty types in the changing rooms. Then at college he probably put his dick into every kind of hole he could at frat orgies, before becoming a cop where he could help plenty of cute confused white-collar workers explore their 'gay feelings' when he pulled them over for minor traffic violations. And I bet while they're in the cells getting 'explored' he looks up their wives and gives them a good fucking while their husband's in jail!

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