Monday, 21 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Fresh Meat Switcheroo

As I've said before, prisons are just about my favorite MM scenario. I suppose they are similar to other MM heavy scenarios like finishing schools or fraternities that have a clear hierarchy and plenty of scope for bigger guys to assert their dominance, but the sexual side of prison scenarios is so much more obvious.
The thought of being stripped naked and thrown in with one or more sadistic muscular cellmates for them to do whatever they want with me is something I regularly fantasize about, so I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve done a manip series about it:

That the guards are fully aware and complicit in what's going on makes it seem even more delicious for me. I find it so much hotter when the guys who are being spanked and fucked in prison are actually innocent, so it occured to me that the justice system in my manips must be incredibly corrupt to produce enough miscarriages of justice to keep the real criminals satisfied.
I know it's wrong but I love the idea that these police officers and prison guards are nothing but sadistic bullying jocks who would rather pick up the first middle-class guy they see, spank a confession out of him and throw him in jail than do any real policework. They know full well that the students and office workers they are fitting up are innocent, but as long as they get to go home early and collect a fat bribe from the real criminals they don't care. In fact they prefer innocent guys as it is much easier for them to have some fun with them in the cells when they feel like busting a nut, and it makes it much hotter when they visit the prison to watch innocent middle-class dweebs getting whipped and fucked by their burly cellmates.
In the third pic I tried to show Dre receiving a blumpkin from Sandy. I'm not in to toilet stuff normally but I've always been fascinated by this particular act. It fits my prison fantasies so well and seems a perfect way for a big guy to assert dominance over his weedy cellmate - after all what could put you in your place more than sucking on your prison Daddy's sweaty man cock while he drops an eye stingingly smelly shit!

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