Friday, 4 June 2021

Nate manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds in Front of the Family

There aren't many artists who do humiliation as well as Nate, with his scenes of grown men having their pants pulled down and their bare bottoms smacked like little boys by and in front of big, buxom matriarchs – and it's only going to be even more deliciously humiliating when it's the wife's lover doing the spanking!

Surely Nate's statuesque goddesses would agree that a wife needs a 'real man' around to help her keep her husband in line and satisfy her womanly needs – after all, those 'little boys' aren't going to be up to the job are they!

In the second manip I also wanted to tap into the potential eroticism of the past year, with so many unique and different situations, such as so many people working from home. While there have been plenty of headlines about how difficult it has been to have affairs, one wonders how many unreported instances there have been of frustrated wives making their extramarital relationships 'official', and telling their husbands that they will be cuckolded whether they will like it or not. Perhaps bulls have even be moved into the family home to 'bubble' with their lover's families and keep the wife satisfied (and the husband in line?). And with everyone trapped together in such close proximity, no doubt the kinkiness of the cuckolding antics would ramp up accordingly...

The scenario depicted would be hot even without lockdown: a dominant boss who keeps his younger male subordinates in line with hard, humiliating spankings, and who gladly fucks their willing wives while they slave away for his business. Bring this inside the supposed sanctity of the marital home, now violated thanks to the working-from-home directive, and you have an incredibly cruel (and therefore incredibly hot) cuckolding fantasy!

I also love the idea of cuckolding spilling over into families, and anyone who has read Father Jim's comments on this blog will know just how disgracefully delightful such fantasies can be!

For the first and third manips I wanted to make the most of the humiliation that Nate draws so well. No doubt the smirking spectators would enjoy watching the spectacle just as much as when their mothers, friends or sisters are doing the spanking – if not even more so...

I know that in America birthday spankings are seen as a fun little joke, but Nate's British mothers probably only adopted them (unlike other dreadful American concepts such as Halloween, which is enough to turn any middle-class English matriarch's stomach) because they saw them as a way to bring the birthday boy down a peg or two. In the third manip I imagine the party attended mostly by mature relatives was not the birthday boy's favoured method of celebrating his 'special day'. He probably had to dress up smartly in shirt and tie at his mother's insistence (and he'd better not argue... he's not too old for a smacked bottom after all!)

And to make matters worse, his mother's lover decides to turn up! He'd heard them screwing while his father was out of course, and then later (and even worse) when his father was present, but now he and the family are getting a thorough demonstration of who the real man of the house is!

I love the expression of despair on the boys' face... maybe he's realised that now he is 18 he can be expected to participate in fluffing and cleanup duties when his father is unavailable! And no doubt one day he too will bring a young lady home, and she too will witness him getting spanked by his mother's lover just like his father before him, and maybe her mother-in-law will let her fuck him too (a young wife needs an older man to show her the ropes after all)... that's if she doesn't already have a stud lined up to cater for her carnal needs!

The fourth manip is just a slight remake of a previous Nate manip I did, so that it caters for my recent penchant for dominant father-in-laws getting involved in cuckolding. Though the original showed a son being spanked (and more) by his mother's lover while his father was away, so I suppose that would fit in with this series' family theme as well ;)

Although I love Nate's art, his lack of male spankers makes it difficult for me create manips with a cuckolding theme, so this will probably be my last series featuring his work. In fact this series itself was only possible because in the years since I first manipped his work I discovered this (by me at least) previously unseen beauty:

As far as can tell, it's the only M/F artwork Nate ever created. And it's a classic – mothers-in-law are always plenty of fun, no matter which end of the slipper they're on :D

I also only tend to create manips with works by artists who have retired, but Nate is something of a mystery in that regard. His original website closed over ten years ago. But then five years or so later I started seeing new work by him scattered across various blogs and Tumblr sites, almost all of them now defunct. There was no sign of him opening a new website, blog or otherwise, and I don't know where his new work was hosted.

And then he disappeared again, this time seemingly for good...

If anyone knows anything about what happened to Nate, or where to find a comprehensive archive of his work, then please do let us know in the comments. Looking at the amount of hits my posts on his work receive, he is clearly one of the best-loved femdom artists, if not best-loved erotic artists in general, and I'm sure we'd all love to know if he is still producing work, or even just what happened to him.

Here is another recently discovered piece you might not have seen, which I think is Nate's only outright F/F scene (though there are hints of it in some other works):

As a final note, I have noticed that some artists have started posting versions of their works with and without the captions, which can sometimes be preferable if the speech bubbles obscure the action! So here are uncaptioned versions of three of these manips, in case you would prefer to imagine your own story...

I may have forgotten to do it with the first one though...


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    1. Hi,
      His juvenile allure seems to destine the husband (first pic) to be pantsed and spanked permanently.
      Strangely, the image is exciting because it refers to the previous moment when he still had his underwear and his pants on, knowing, filled with his usual anxiety, that he never stays covered for very long.

    2. Oh definitely, his statuesque wife could easily spank him herself but she much prefers having her lovers do it!
      I'm sure the underwear didn't stay on for long as the mature ladies present were eager for a glimpse of those trim male buttocks ;)

    3. Call him Willie.
      The juvenile-looking husband is the whipping boy of the house. He is stripped down and spanked at the slightest pretext. "Your fly is open, Willie !, go get me the big spoon in the kitchen!" He has to stick his cock out and receives 15 hard strokes. "Put it back and stop crying or it's 30 more."
      His wife asks him if he put on clean underwear this morning. He whispers yes. "show us". There are traces. It's yesterday's panties. "That's a spanking!"
      "Willie, you forgot to close the fridge again!" " No, it is not true, I was careful » « calling me a liar! Come here. You earn a spanking". !
      He serves the aperitif and spills a little water or makes a stain on his pants: spanking bare naked "that way you won't get dirty, Willie!"
      He does nothing. “Nothing to do, Willie ?" He has to take off his pants and he receives a volley of slaps on the thighs. "Next time you stay in your briefs until dinner."
      "Willie, I asked you to mow the lawn!" The house is full of guests. He begs. Her aunts and sisters-in-law are there. « Willie ? »

    4. I like this idea, with it all happening in front of all the wife's friends and the female family members when they come to visit, especially if they get involved as well. They will claim it is because 'men are just naughty boys who need discipline' but mostly it's because these voluptuous matriarchs just love to punish mild-mannered middle-class male flesh!

  2. The pics are perfect! Some of your best work!

    When I was in my early 20's I lived in an apartment. Down the hall lived a lesbian couple that always wore matching fatigues, green ones, pink ones, camo of all colors. Anyway, the butch of the two was about five-nine abd 185 pounds, her lover, a beautiful five-three brunette! She weighed probably 100 pounds soaking wet. She was also a weekend news announcer on a local TV station. Cute as a button. Anyways, almost every weekend, Friday evening at dinner time I heared the smaller one getting a sound spanking, and it was no love taps. The spanking had her crying like a baby and the spanking always went on for over a half-hour! I loved "accidentally" overhearing her spankings! What I would have given for a visual, but to be honest, I feared I would be next across that Amazon's knee!

    The biggest fear and humiliation of any cuck is revelation to any or all that he is, indeed, a cuck. A public shaming in front of family and friends is only what every cuck deserves. If you can't please your wife, you have failed and deserve a sound spanking at the hands of the man that is pleasing her! Thanks for the visual!

    Great work, as always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Father, if I ever find some more M/F artwork by Nate then I'll be sure to create some more.
      To be honest, getting spanked across that Amazonian knee as well as getting to witness her lover getting her cute little bum smacked sounds like the best of both worlds!

    2. Yes, today,I would have probably baited her to do it by knocking and pretending to save the fair damsel in distress only to end up, END UP while the DID sobbed away in the nearby corner, awaiting a much more severe second half of her interrupted spanking. I would then have sulked back to my apartment, pants at my ankles, crying like a baby. My girlfriend, a five-six brunette, and cute as a button herself, would have stormed down the hallway. I would stand in my apartment, door wide open, and listen as the screams of my beloved getting the spanking of her life soon wafted down the hallway like a sad ballad of my failure for all to hear, and I would have jumped as their door then abruptly slammed shut with my girlfriend still inside. Creeping to their door I could faintly hear my girlfriend weeping inside and her crying was soon drowned out by the second half of my DID getting what was coming to her.I, again, crept back to my apartment and eventually cried myself to sleep.

      The next morning, my poor girlfriend would sulk back to our apartment, sans pants and panties. Her scarlet rear end testament to the Amazon's punishing spanking. Her eyes would be red and swollen from hours of crying, and the bags under those eyes told a tale of very little sleep!

      I would ask her what happened and where she was all night but she would only reply that she didn't want to talk about it, EVER. and she would then slink off to much needed sleep.

      Later that day I would learn from the Amazon herself, that my poor girlfriend was now to report to their apartment every Friday at 6PM under threat of a much more public bare-ass spanking for us both. She would then spend the weekends with them, never revelaling more than her weekly spankings.

      I would be humiliated by my inability to protect my woman and infuriated that I was deprived of my love one every weekend!

      Of course, being a man, and wanting to still feel like one, two months later, I would eventually almost grow a pair and push things one day and tell the Amazon to finally leave my girlfriend alone. That small act of bravery and defiance earned me the previously threatened, bare-ass public spanking across her knees right on the front porch of the building, in clear view of twenty such buildings and a constant parade of cars travelling east and west down the street.

      I couldn't even keep count of those cars who honked, ackowledging what they saw, a grown man, well supposedly, getting the bare-ass spanking of his life across a burly dude's knee.Well, that's what I hoped they asssumed!

      Later, as I stood in their corner, naked save my red bare ass, I would have to listen to my beloved get yet another sound spanking for my act of defiance. I would sneek a peek from time to time and spied my girlfriends panties, signed, dated, and hung on the wall along with a picture of her scarlet spanked behind. In fact, the wall was literally covered with similar displays.

      Then, her pants down, still hanging limp across the Amazon's knee like a vanquished child, her scarlet ass screaming imminent fire, they would then send me off home as they did gawd knows what to my beloved girlfriend for my sin!

      Several days later, I would come home to an empty apartment. The couple down the hall was gone as well. It seems they found a larger place that would house all three of them. They even took MY cat, thus, pussy free, leaving me with my emasculation and humiliation complete.

      That's what would have happened, if it was today! Perchance to dream!

    3. As always, Q. I thank you for continuing to be pretty-much the only one on the Web who understands what an erotic theme this is. Keep up the good work. My hat -- and my husband's pants -- are off to you. Kisses, Lisa

    4. Well Father, I think your story shows that being cuckolded by a lesbian can be almost as hot as being cuckolded by a man!
      It certainly would have been a wonderful tale for Nate to illustrate in his unique style. I love the image of the slight younger women between the thunderous thighs of the Amazonian matriarch, submissively lapping away with their bottoms ablaze!
      'Pussy free' would definitely be the title :D

    5. Glad you liked them Lisa. I'm sure you and your husband would have enjoyed having a dominant boss to stay with you during lockdown ;)

  3. Yes to all of this with the inclusion of me being publicly fucked as discipline either infront of everyone or it being obvious and within earshot so that when i can rejoin the groups everyone knows i have a full bottom

    1. I'm sure even the most sadistic middle-class matriarch would raise an eyebrow at such a scene... not that they'd want to put a stop to it of course :D

    2. I'm a male spankee, started with being spanked by gals, usually ones i would pay. Being spanked by a guy turned out to be more like punishment, free money wise, but a bare well paddled or strapped bottom can be quite a temptation for some guys. I thought with others around that wouldn't happen, geez was i ever wrong, and you are right it is so embarrassing. I still blush when i run across any of the friends that have watched. Every time, i tell myself i will never get myself in that situation again. But then i do something that i shouldn't have, that i feel i should be spanked for, and i meekly reach out to my friend and ask if i can visit.

    3. Being spanked in front of others if a big fantasy of mine, and being fucked by a guy in public would be another level!
      The men who've spanked me never overstepped the mark and attempted to fuck me after, though if they punished me hard enough I'm sure they could have done!

  4. Interesting side note, the beautiful woman I was dating at the time played softball for a women's league. After a particularly bad day in the field, one of the players said that if she didn't get her head together, next game, "she was going to take down her pants and spank her scarlet till she got her head on straight!" I was there and heard the threat!

    Now, my girl was really rattled that evening when she came home and she said her biggest fear was to be spanked by another woman, especially one that outweighed her by a hundred pounds. I thought the girl was just trying to get her pepped up, but she took it seriously and that the girl was pissed at her!

    Next game, I had to work, but I heard from a teammate that she "had a bad day"! I guess she actually dropped the ball, losing the game and, not to worry, that she would be home a bit late. The girls often went out for drinks after a game.

    Now, I did not get home, myself, till past midnight, and she was already fast asleep. The next day, I tried to tell her I was sorry that they had lost and all she would say was, "I don't want to talk about it!"

    A week later, next game, she would not go, and finally admitted she had quit that last game, but would not tell me why. She said it just wasn't fun anymore and I had to take her at her word.

    About a week later I met one of her team at the market, the one that told me that my girl "had a bad day" and I asked what happened, but she would only say, hey, it happens to all of us at some time, we drop balls, we strike out, she just didn't like getting punished for it! Punished?, I queried, but she made an excuse for her fast exit and I never did find out what had happened! But, my imagination was running amuck and still does when I think about her.

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

    1. Mmm that's a nice image, your pretty girlfriend getting her bottom well and truly tanned as her team-mates look on. I thought you were going to say she left the team rather than take the spanking, but from the sounds of it she decided to quit after she'd been spanked...

    2. Yeah, that's what I figured. Damn, I miss that woman!

    3. The worst (the better) is when the ignominious threat has been spoken out loud in public and you can't pull yourself together.

  5. You are right. It was embarassing, even for me, and my girl's silence smacked of tacit approval of the girl's ability and right to make good the threat! She remained vivibly shaken most of that night. I also remember, no one laughed at the threat, her team-mates just hung their heads and kept walking. So, she was publicly put on notice and none came to her defense! It was wierd and very embarassing.

    1. They were probably hoping to get to watch it... and I can't say I blame them :D