Saturday, 7 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.7 Pitch and catch

Of course we all jumped straight out of bed and raced next door still throwing on our robes.
We found our moms, also in robes, grinning as they watched our dads and husbands.

The husbands, of course, were naked, but to our surprise so were our dads! And even more of a surprise - our nine husbands were kneeling before our daddies and sucking away on their big dicks!
"Hello girls!" said Jackie's mom. " Barry woke up with a stonking erection in the middle of the night, and it gave me the idea for a little extra training for the boys. Got to keep them on their toes!"
"Or rather on their knees!" laughed my mom, looking at her watch.
Our husbands had obviously been threatened with some horrible punishment if they showed a lack of enthusiasm, as their faces were all scrunched up as they puffed away on those big manly cocks as hard as they could, even stroking the balls and shafts with their hands.
The moms had paired the males up to give maximum humiliation to the young husbands. Kathy's father was the weediest looking of the dads, but even he was a cast-iron stud compared to Charlie, who was at that moment sucking on his father-in-law's much larger cock. Balding Barry Brewer was certainly ripped and he was treating Douggie the roughest of any, pulling his son-in-law's hair while he pumped his cock in and out. 

Mr Shaffer and Mr Taylor's beer bellies didn't stop Ryan and Brandon looking like the scrawny little sissies they are as they each blew them.

Our little emo Kenny was seriously working through some of his own 'daddy issues' with his father-in-law, while my little brother Dickie was finding out that Ray descended from his father in the big dick department.


Speaking of Ray, Kathy's Uncle Jeff was the lucky guy plugging his handsome mouth, and Pablo was slipping his sizable Latino dick into Justin's mouth, which he'd probably been wanting to do since they first met at Justin and Nancy's wedding!

But of course the biggest, strongest and most muscularly of all was my Daddy, and to my delight my husband Teddy was between his legs, getting a definitive demonstration of who is the man in my family!

Mom checked her watch again.
"Well boys, you've had ten minutes, and none of you have been able to make your fathers-in-law cum. I must say, I'm very disappointed in you."
"It seems," said Kathy's mom, "that we're going to have to play that little game we discussed earlier."
We wives sure liked the sound of that! But our husbands sure didn't, judging by the way they whimpered as our dads pulled them to their feet by their hair and then took their hands to lead them into the living area, big manly dicks pointing the way!
Marcie's mom filled us in as we followed them.
"Your husbands are going to be playing a little game of pitch and catch with your daddies. And of course the dads will be the pitchers and the boys will be the catchers.”
It took a while for us wives to realize the implications of this, but when we did we started grinning from ear to ear. In the meantime our husbands were mumbling protests.
“You will be quiet this instant!” snapped my mom, “unless you want your daddies to give your bottoms a little warm up with their belts, with the buckle end! And then we can play this little catching game out in the yard!” That shut our husbands up, at least for a minute, though I was disappointed we wouldn’t get to see the effect of a belt buckle on a brat’s bare behind!
Soon our husbands were bent over tables and sofas and moaning like little sluts while our daddies' thick fingers lubed up their holes, before their big dicks were introduced to the brat's tight buttholes.

Their moans were replaced by snorts and 'ohs' as inch by inch the big dicks squeezed through their sphincters, and then by girlish squeaks as the larger men all started thrusting!
Even Ray was moaning like a whore as he felt the full force of Jeff's big hard cock. We wives settled down in the armchairs with our moms to enjoy the sight of our nine husbands getting their asses pumped. Plus we could enjoy the squelchy sounds, and the slaps of big manly balls on slim thighs, and big daddy hands spanking still-sore husband buttocks!
This was so exciting for us girls, getting to watch our slave brat husband getting their asses reamed by real cocks. If you think there'd be nothing for us ladies to do during all this guy-on-guy actions, you'd be wrong. There was plenty to do, especially comparing the daddies' dick sizes to those of the husbands they were reaming. The husbands soon all had hard ons from their ass fuckings so it was easy to do.
Kathy’s dad had the smallest dick. I guess small cocks must just run in that family! But it was still bigger than Douggie's and more than long enough to make Charlie moan like a slut.

Mr Taylor and Mr Shaffer weren't the biggest but they made up for it with some vigorous pumping and spanking of their skinny sons-in-law.

Mr Brewer's cock was certainly worth writing home about and he fucked Douggie's ass just as roughly as he had his mouth!

Despite making his son-in-law Kenny squeal like a stuck emo pig, Rachel's dad couldn't quite measure up to his brother-in-law, who was giving my little brother Dickie all kinds of trouble with his thick Melick dick.


Kathy's Uncle Jeff must have felt like all his Christmases had come at one, getting to ream Ray, and his veiny dick was revealed to be much bigger than his little brother's.


But even his lengthy schlong couldn't compete with Pablo's long tanned member that was doing all sorts of things to Justin's hot little hole.

Though the biggest dick of all undoubtedly belonged to my dad - you should have seen my darling husband's face as it went in! I’m sure all the other moms were jealous of mine!

Of course all the dads were bigger, hairier and more muscular than our sissy husbands, and the room was soon filled with a powerful stench of man-sweat and sex as they pounded their tight little poop chutes!

Surprise surprise it was Charlie who first started making sounds like he might be enjoying himself... 

This spurred his father-in-law on to pump him harder, and before we knew it Charlie was bellowing like a cheap whore and shooting a quite sizable load over the tiled floor. This seemed to encourage the other daddies to get into their stride, and soon they were pumping away and treating the brats like real bitches, smacking their still sore asses and pulling their hair. With all this vigorous pumping going on the boys were really feeling it. Mr Brewer was the most vigorous of all, and it wasn’t long before Douggie was howling in what was undoubtedly a rather large orgasm.

The other husbands soon followed suit, raining cum down between their legs.


“Why do they keep doing that mom?” asked Kathy.
“It’s called a prostate orgasm,” explained her mother. “Inside every man’s bottom is the prostate, where all his spunk is made.”
“I thought that was made in his balls?” said Marcie.
“Sperm is made in his balls, but then it’s mixed with spunk from his prostate before he shoots,” said Mrs Melick.
“And you can make a man shoot just by poking his prostate with your finger,” said my mom, doing the action, “so goodness knows what your daddies’ big meaty cocks are doing in your husband’s bottoms.”
“Especially yours Denise,” laughed Marcie’s mom, “that’s a real kidney tickler Teddy’s taking there!” We all laughed at that.
“I suppose we should start keeping track of all these unauthorised cums,” said Kathy’s mom as Charlie deposited another sizable load on the kitchen floor, “I think that makes it two for Charlie and one each for all the other boys.”
“Oh and boys,” said Marcie’s mom, “ as none of you announced you were cumming all your spankings up to now are doubled!” I thought for a moment.
“Is this prostate thing why gay guys like it up the ass?”
“Yes dear,” said my mom.
“So as Charlie cums so much more with a dick up his ass, does that mean he’s gay?”
“I think he very well might be,” smiled my mom, and we all laughed at Charlie as his face scrunched up even tighter in embarrassment.

The daddies kept up their humping and pumping for a good hour. That’s a whole hour of nine grunting, sweating, spunking brats getting their asses ploughed by nine big greasy man cocks. Every so often the grunting and squelching would be accompanied by a weak shout of ‘I’m cumming!” but more often than not the big dicks in their asses meant our husbands forgot.

After an hour Marcie’s mom checked her watched, then clicked her fingers before she announced: “Okay I think the boys have been playing catch long enough. Gentlemen, you may now cum.” Almost immediately the dads all started grunting and grinding even harder into our husbands, who 'ooh' and 'ah'd' as seemingly gallons of spunk flooded into their bowels.

The jets of hot cum must have hit them in the right places though, because all of them managed one last orgasm before the big cocks slid out of their gaping assholes.
The daddies put on their dressing gowns and the nine brats were sent to stand against the wall while we tallied their cums. Ryan, Brandon, Kenny, Ray and Douggie had each cum four times, Dickie and Justin had managed five, while to my amusement my husband Teddy had squirted six times while uber-sissy Charlie had broken all records with seven! Of course the husbands were getting many extra spankings for not announcing they were cumming! Teddy had obviously enjoyed my daddy's cock immensely because he hadn’t announced any, earning him even more spankings than Charlie!
It was decided that the daddies would administer the spankings, and Kathy was sent upstairs to retrieve their belts. Soon the husbands were bent over the table getting their bare bottoms whipped by their respective fathers-and-uncles-in law.

The crack of the leather and the howls of the husbands were music to our ears, and it got even better when my daddy decided to use the buckle end on Teddy for his last few.

The other dads all followed suit, and the tears and howling it produced were almost unprecedented! Teddy’s bottom was full on crimson by the time my dad had finished, and the other boys’ weren’t far behind.
After the beltings we made the brats clean all the cum out of each others' asses — with their tongues of course! After this we made them jack off one more time and spanked them just because we could, then we all went back to bed.


  1. Geez, i mean they should have done a better job of sucking, but getting butt fucked seems like a heck of a punishment. On the other hand, they need to learn to obey their wives and most likely will do a better job sucking the next time. I imagine their, now not so little, uh back entrances will be quite sore for quite a while, so they will have a good reminder to try harder.

    I wonder what the Daddy's thought, it is possible that some really enjoyed it, maybe even wanting to do it again after strapping their bottoms. I expect if they liked it, they may come around more often, or just happen to run into the husbands. The wives probably took pictures that the husbands wouldn't want to get around. I would think simply sending a picture, with time and place to discuss it, might appear as txt messages to the husbands. I wonder how they will explain to their wived where they have been, and why they are walking so oddly.

  2. Oh I think the Daddies DEFINITELY enjoyed what they were doing. And their daughters will be all to happy for them to regularly visit to give their unfortunately husbands a taste of their belts and cocks!