Monday, 9 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.9 Public punishment

We had our final lunch at the retreat, packed up and prepared to depart. Everyone who came on the bus left on the bus, as did most of the newbies, with Mr. Melick again driving. Mr Jordan and Mr. Brewer followed in their cars. As on the trip up, we made our husbands keep their boners, causing each one to cum one more time.

All too soon for our husbands we arrived at the rest stop, the same one as on the trip up. Being a beautiful Sunday afternoon, there were many more people about than on Friday. But that didn't matter, we made our husbands get off, boners and all, for all to see.
We pretty much did what we had on Friday, splitting the spankings up among us, ensuring that each husband received his allocated number and that the wives and parents got a chance to spank any husband they hadn't yet managed to lay their hands on over the weekend.
Oh, the tears were many, the howling loud, the anguish terrific, as each brat bottom was administered its multitude of spankings. Every bare bottom was a dark red, some bordering on purple, when we were finished. Many of the onlookers applauded when we finished, including several families and two state troopers.
(Although the state troopers did need a little 'sweetener' to encourage them to look the other way,,,)

"Now, boys," mom announced to our bare bottom brigade, "from now on we parents have agreed that whenever possible, you're going to be kept naked, especially at home. You must obey any order from your wives, mothers, or any other female, no arguing."
"If," said Kathy's mom, "your wife tells you to go stand naked in the front yard and jerk off for an hour, you do it."

"If," said Marcie's mom, "your wife wants to spank you, she can, for as long and as hard as she wants."


"If," said Mrs Shaffer, "your wife wants you to wear women's clothes, you wear them."

"If," said Marcie's aunt, "your wife wants to show your boner off to her friends, then so be it."

"If," said Mrs Jordan, "your wife wants to see other men, or bring them home so you can practise those cocksucking skills, that's her prerogative."

"And," added my mom, " we plan to talk to your bosses and people at the malls and gyms and lots of other places, so you might get to practise those cocksucking skills even more than you think!" 

All, this, of course had our husbands crying even harder.
We said our good byes to the Jordans, Shaffers and Brewers, with promises made all around to visit soon. Turns out none of them live more than a forty minute drive from our house, so there should be plenty of opportunities for us to meet up again...

The good byes said, us original bus people boarded for the journey home and the dawn of a new age for all of us.
And, that, Dear Diary, is the most wonderful story of my most wonderful retreat!