Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.3: Slave husband suckfest

Once again, our husbands were howling and giving their entertaining fire-in-the-behind dance. Only this time, we had eight sets of dicks and balls flopping about, instead of six. Needless to say, the noise was music to the ears of all us wives. But, after awhile, it did get bothersome.
"Perhaps," said my mom, "you can quiet them down some by stuffing their mouths. Betty knows a perfect way, don't you honey?"
"I sure do," I enthusiastically replied, remembering the scene in our living noon the other night when I made my brat husband and brother sixty-nine each other. "They can suck on each other's dicks!"
"I won't do it!" shouted Kenny.
"No way!" chimed in Charlie, "that's disgusting."
"You will do it," I emphatically told them and the other husbands. "And no cumming! If you do, you get spanked, and your partner gets spanked for making you cum."
"That's not fair," protested Justin.
"Yes it is," I told him, squeezing his balls just to show who was in charge. He moaned and quickly dropped to the ground, clutching at his sore nutsack.
In very short order, we had our husbands sucking away...

As I was eager for my husband to experience a real cock first hand, we had Ray and Teddy teamed up. Marcie had been right about the size of their weiners: Teddy's pathetic little prick slipped easily into Ray's mouth, while my red-faced husband had a job just getting his lips around Ray's much bigger member. The head was obviously sticking right in the back of his throat and there were tears in his eyes as he puffed away.

Kathy wanted Charlie humiliated in a similar way so we put him with Kenny.

And it was an obvious fit for best buddies Ryan and Brandon to slip their tiny winkies into each others' mouths...

...so that meant Dickie drew Justin for a little-brother lickfest!

It was a most grand sight, Dear Diary, eight slave husband mouths working away on eight slave husband dicks, a sucking and slurping symphony so superb, with plenty of monitoring and encouragement from us wives!

Before long, Brandon was the first to cum, his shaking and trembling giving him away. Almost immediately after, Ryan also came.
"Keep sucking," I meanly instructed, "you'll get your spankings after supper."
"Which should be here in about an hour," Terry, our newly arrived mother, informed the room.
Well, as you can imagine, in that hour there was a lot of cumming going on. As Brandon and Ryan's little willys hadn't been worked as hard as the other husbands' that day, it wasn't surprising that they set the record with four cums each, though they sucked and swallowed so naturally that it was hard to believe they hadn't done it before. Justin, Charlie and Kenny obviously enjoyed their first taste of cocksucking as they managed three cums in the hour, though Charlie and Justin's thirds were both dry. Kenny produced so much more cum than Charlie that it almost wasn't fair to make Kathy's husband swallow it all, but we did. Dickie managed two, and Ray also unloaded into Teddy''s mouth two times, Teddy reciprocating twice.

A little after an hour, the doorbell rang once more. Once more I opened the door, once more I discovered a surprise. This time, standing outside was an older man and woman, a younger woman just older than me, and a younger man. The younger man was in tee shirt and gym shorts. Each held four pizza boxes.
"Hello," said the man, entering with his entourage, "I'm Barry Brewer, Terry's brother. This is my son-in-law, Douglas and daughter Jacquelyn, and their mom Bella."
"Call me Jackie," said the girl, "I turned 27 last week."
My Mom, Kathy's mom, and Marcie's Aunt Jenny took the pizzas from the new arrivals, putting them in the dining room.
"Doug's 28 and in desperate need of some of the training I see is already going on here."
"Forget it," said Douglas. "I'm not getting naked, and I'm not doing that," pointing to the sucking husbands on the floor.
"Young man, you will do whatever you're told," said his Aunt Terry, "starting with stripping bare assed naked this instant."
"I won't and you can't make me," said the defiant young husband. Not a very smart move, as very fast all our dads were all over him. They literally tore the clothes off him; despite his struggles, he rapidly was as naked as all the other husbands. As I've said before, Dear Diary, my dad's not someone for a young man to argue with, you will definitely lose. And neither Mr. Melick nor Mr. Brewer nor any of the other dads were anywhere near being ninety pound weaklings themselves.
Douglas himself was slightly taller than Teddy. Douggie, as we started calling him after his sister told us he hated that as being a little boy's name, had a cock and balls somewhat bigger than Kenny's.
The dads stood Douggie up. His auntie-in-law came over and squeezed his balls hard as she explained the new facts of life to him. Try as he could, the squirming brat couldn't escape from the hold of the fathers or the punishing female hand pulverizing his most sensitive part. "You will be naked all weekend, you will not cover up in any way, you will have a hard on all the time, you only cum when told, your ass will be kept red, and you do everything you're told by any female or father in this room, when you're told. No arguing, no backtalk, no hesitation. Is that clear enough for you?"
"Yes, Aunt Terry," he sputtered out, tears steaming down his face, as he collapsed to the ground as the men released their iron grip on him.
"Jackie needs to redden up Douggie's behind before dinner," said Mrs. Melick,"and you girls need to freshen up your boys butts, too."
So, we gave the order for our cocksuckers to stop, giving their very sore dicks and mouths a much needed respite. All eight had bright red peckers, a color we quickly had their bottoms matching.
Ray and Dickie both got good hard paddlings from me and Susie.

Kathy used a fiery tawse on my husband's bottom while brothers-in-law Charlie and Justin both got a lick of the cat from cousins Marcie and Rachel! Nancy gave Kenny a good old fashioned hairbrushing while Lisa and Taylor picked a strap and a tawse for their husbands respectively.

Jackie took to spanking like a pro, going to town with a paddle on Douggie's white behind, which very soon matched the red hue of the other eight boys.

We lead our still crying husbands by their sensitive sore dicks into the dining room for dinner...


  1. I can't think of a better way for these women to exercise their complete control over their husbands and other males. And for a lot of us, this is something that we can understand. After a spanking, we do tend to get erections, we wouldn't want to suck and be sucked my another gut, but it wouldn't be difficult to get us to do it. And with pictures and videos being taken, we know they would always be held over our heads. And what a lesson, the humiliation, how sore our butts would be, the taste in our mouths...

    1. The soreness of our butts and the taste in our mouths would all be part of the delicious cocktail of humiliation! And it's an interesting point about mistresses using gay 69s to deal with pesky erections. I wonder what supposedly straight guys would prefer: a ruined orgasm by their mistresses' hand or to cum in the mouth of another slave hubby (while he returns the favour...)