Monday, 2 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.2: The new couples

When I opened the door, I was greeted by the sight of two naked men, younger than any of our husbands, hard dicks being held by two young women. Behind them stood two clothed men and two smiling ladies. I recognized the husband, wife and mother from our rest stop on the trip up, but had no idea who the others were.

"Hi, come on in" I almost stammered in my surprise.
"Hello everyone," said the mother from the rest area. "I'm Theresa Jordan, Terry to my friends, and this is my husband ," she introduced herself and one of the older men. "That's my son-in-law Brandon, who's 22." she continued, pointing to the husband from the rest stop. " That's my daughter, Taylor, holding Brandon's's little willy. She was right, Brandon's circumcised dick was tiny, the smallest of any in the room "She's 19, like her friend Lisa."
"And that's Lisa holding my son-in-law Ryan's little willy," said the other woman. "By the way, I'm Joan Shaffer. Lisa is my daughter and this is my husband. We're Terry's next door neighbors," she finally introduced herself. "Brandon and Ryan are best friends."
The Jordans certainly hadn't done anything to change my view of them as rednecks from the rest area, and if anything the two Shaffer women were even bigger and more sluttishly dressed! Ryan was just as scrawny as Brandon and both looked tiny next to their hulking, tatooed fathers-in-law.
I noticed that both young wives were big eyed. They couldn't stop staring at all the naked husbands, dicks stiff as a board.
"How old is Ryan?" asked Nancy.
"He's 21," responded Mrs. Shaffer. Unlike Brandon, Ryan was uncut. His dick and balls were bigger than best buddy Brandon's, but not quite as big as our Little Dickie's. Given the size of Lisa and Taylor, I'd be surprised if they could feel anything at all bouncing up and down on those two press-studs!
"I think," said Mrs. Melick, "that it's time for the new girls to redden the behinds of the new boys."
"And," said Kathy's mom, "the rest of you girls can demonstrate on your boys."
So that's what we did, giving a repeat lesson on our boys' already red bottoms. I used a hefty tawse on Ray's toned butt and the stinging split tails sure got a response out of our most well-trained slave brat.

Susie used a vicious strap on my brother and Kathy reminded my husband why he hates the hairbrush so very very much.

Rachel also used a brush on Justin and Marcie preferred a strap for Charlie, while Jenny picked a paddle for Kenny.

Lisa and Taylor caught on quick, starting off with hand smacks before moving on to paddles, and before long they had their husbands screaming and crying just as loudly as our six, with bare bottoms just as red.


Once again, our husbands were howling and giving their entertaining fire-in-the-behind dance. Only this time, we had eight sets of dicks and balls flopping about, instead of six. Needless to say, the noise was music to the ears of all us wives. But, after awhile, it did get bothersome.

"Perhaps," said my mom, "you can quiet them down some by stuffing their mouths. Betty knows a perfect way, don't you honey?"
"I sure do," I enthusiastically replied, remembering the scene in our living noon the other night when I made my brat husband and brother sixty-nine each other. "They can suck on each other's dicks!"

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