Friday, 6 March 2015

Betty's Diary 4.6 Enter the chairs

After the brats had stopped their post-spank wardances and got their dicks back up , the parents had a new delight for us wives and a new torment for our husbands.
"I believe," said Kathy's mom, "that it's time to introduce the boys to the special feature of their chairs."
"What's that?" asked Marcie.
"These," said her father, opening a box on the table in front of him. "They screw into the chairs." In the box were penis shaped pegs, about eight inches long. "Pick out the one you want for your husband." Little Susie picked first, followed by the rest of us.
The men screwed in the pegs for us while we had our husbands bend over in front of us. Mom showed us which tube of lubricant to use on their assholes. This was after she had us put on rubber gloves, of course.

Boy, Dear Diary, you should have heard the screaming and crying just from having one finger stuck up their behinds. If our skinny fingers were hurting them so much, I couldn't wait to see what the pegs would do.
By the time we finished up I had Teddy so slick, I was surprised at how easily and fast I could slide in and out of him. From what I could see, the others were just as well greased up. "Stand up and turn around," I ordered my charge. I was surprised, and gladdened, to see that he had a hard on, obeying that rule. Once all the husbands were standing, it was obvious that all nine had boners from their finger fuckings.
As they stood in front of us, they couldn't stay still. Mrs. Melick explained why. "Oh, by the way, that lotion you used is specially designed to itch and burn, as is the stuff that the dads put on the pegs."
"I think it's time you sent the boys to their chairs," said my mom. "And when you get there, you boys have two minutes to be fully seated on your peg, or else."
"Or else what," asked Lisa.
"Or else," mom replied, " we spank that boy, squeeze his nuts till they're ready to explode, and double the size of his peg."
A wicked idea came to me. "I think we should cuff them first."
"Good idea," agreed Marcie.
So we did, cuffing each boy's hands behind their backs. Then we gave the order to "sit, now!"

It was hilarious, Dear Diary, watching the helpless and handless husbands impaling themselves. Once they started down, they couldn't stop themselves for long, their straining legs not up to the prolonged effort, they could only temporarily delay and slow the inevitable. Mom counted out the remaining time on her dainty wristwatch, "sixty seconds, fifty seconds," all the way down to "three, two, one, time!"
Somehow, they all made it in time, give or take a second or two. I was surprised, they were all sobbing out loud, even Ray. Boy, oh boy, those pegs must really hurt. I was also surprised that despite not being able to touch themselves, they all had raging hard ons.
But, the parents had yet another surprise. "Here, put these around the boys' waists," said Marcie's Aunt Jenny, holding out some belts. As we attached the belts to our husbands, we discovered that near the buckle was a clip, obviously designed for something to be attached.
"Now, for the masturbation rings," said Mrs. Melick. The men had these strange looking devices lined up on the table. Each was a small box with a short arm sticking straight out the side. On the arm was a small rubber ring gleaming with some kind of lubricant. Some of the rings were larger than the others. We could see that the arm slid back and forth along the box.
"They attach like this," said my mom as she put on Brandon's. The box hooked onto the clip, which was movable so that the ring was at the boy's dick. Mom put Brandon's little willy into the ring, which stretched to fit around his dick head. Next, she took a slimmer version of the ring from Kathy's mom, which she slid onto Brandon's little soldier, positioning it near the tip of his dick.
"The rings will expand or shrink with the size of his dick," said my mom, "so they'll stay in place if he gets harder or goes soft. The one on the end will keep the ring on the arm from slipping off."
Marcie's Aunt Jenny slid the arm all the way back to the base of Brandon's prick, and let go. The arm started sliding back and forth, jerking the little pipsqueak off.
Soon, we all had these clever devices stroking the other boys.
"How do they do that?" asked Kathy.
"It's called oscillation," explained my dad. "There's a spring in the box that causes the arm to move. If the boys would stay perfectly still, eventually, the arm would stop, unless you girls help it along. It doesn't take much to keep it moving, just give it a push like this."
"Sort of like the old self winding watches we had before battery watches," added Mr. Melick.
We set everything in motion and soon all nine were squirming nicely on their lengthy pegs as the rings jerked their not-so-lengthy cocks. Brandon was the first to cum, but far from the last. We reminded our husbands that as they didn't have our permission, each and every time they came would be a spanking.
We kept them on their pegs and in the rings for three hours. When it was over, I don't know what hurt worse, their assholes or their very red dicks.
Douggie led the way with seven cums in the three hours, though the last two were bone dry after he managed a very small dribble for his fifth. All the other husbands managed six cums. Ray was shooting till his last one, but Charlie had dried up after his second, and the other six were shooting blanks after their third. But they were all cums, so they counted!
We removed the devices from our relieved, sweat-drenched husbands. We had them get off the chairs, amd there was an audible pop as each asshole came free of the now brown stained pegs. They were sent to the showers to clean up, with orders to be back in 30 minutes.

When our clean husbands returned, we of course demanded that they get their dicks pointing back up. It was great watching their distress, as they tried touching themselves as lightly as possible. After the dicks were all hard, we began the spankings for all those unauthorized cums caused by the rings. I got to take Douggie across my knee, who was second only to Ray in the nice butt department. To my satisfaction I saw that experienced spanker Susie was assigned to my husband Teddy, while Rachel got to visit untold agonies on my brother (and her future cousin-in-law) Dickie's helpless bottom. Marcie got to give her brother Ray his almightiest spanking yet, while Kathy got to beat that brat Kenny and Nancy drew Brandon for a good thrashing. Lisa and Jackie were sure to make brothers-in-law Justin and Charlie howl with pain, and Taylor got to try her hand at her husband's best friend's cute little behind.
As each husband had well over 100 spanks coming to him (Douggie had almost 200!) we all tried to use each implement at least once. By dinner time, we had some mighty red bottoms glowing at us!

After dinner, we just couldn't resist reddening up those bottoms some more. I was in the mood to use a good old-hairbrush to put some glow back in Ryan's chubby cheeks, and Marcie came over all schoolmarmish as she took the cane to Brandon. Little Lisa gave not-so-big Douggie a good tawsing and definitely-Little Dickie also felt the stinging twin-tailed leather from Nancy. Rachel gave my husband a good paddling while Susie gave Charlie an absolutely brutal whipping with the cat 'o nines that had the shrimp-dicked sissy squealing for mercy even louder than the other husbands. Kathy got Ray across her lap for an intimate cropping, while Jackie got to wield her strap on Justin's tender bottom and Taylor rounded out the set by caning Kenny.
During this latest butt blistering, I noticed that the dads and uncles were deep in discussion with the moms. And while our husbands were showing off their latest post-spank agony dance, Marcie's mom announced yet another torment.
" Your fathers have expressed a desire to participate in your punishment, so they will be allowed to give you one more spanking before bed!"
The brats' cries of protests were drowned out as our seven dads, plus Kathy's Uncle Jeff and Pablo, moved in on them. All the men were much, much bigger and stronger than our husbands and they had no problem manhandling the nude brats across their laps. To my delight I saw that Pablo had grabbed my husband Teddy and Jeff was spanking Charlie, and the two gay men's wandering hands caused much discomfort to the pair as they groped their cocks, balls and buttholes in between spanks. Apart from these two, all the other husbands would have the privilege of being spanked by their own dads!


And there was no need for the dads to choose implements, as each already wore a thick leather belt around his waist. After warming up their brats with a little hand spanking first, all the older men decided to crack straight on with the belting. And boy did they 'crack' on!


It was like being in a gunfight as the crack of doubled-over leather belts on swollen brat butts filled the air, punctuated by the hollering of agonized husbands as they beat their fists on the floor and begged to be let free. But our big strong daddies held them tight! Except when they wanted to switch to a different implement for a little variety...

By the time the dads had finished whupping, our slave brats were crying as loud as they ever had.

They all danced a very entertaining dance on their way to our dorm. We wives were a lot less shy and a lot more horny than the night before, and the big vibrating dildos came straight our and our husbands had to watch us pleasure ourselves as they submissively licked and got a rare taste of parts of us that they won't be feeling with their little dickies ever again (well, maybe Ray...) As you can image, there were some mighty fine female orgasms going on!
After that, we made all the boys jerk off for us. After they came, many of them dry this time, we freshened their bottoms up and sent them off to bed to dream of their final day here at my most wonderful retreat.

But the day wasn't quite over for our slave brat husbands quite yet Dear Diary...
After a few hours we wives were awoken by strange murmurings from the husbands' dorm. Susie went to investigate and came rushing back in as excited as I've ever seen anyone.
"Come quick, come quick! Our husbands are sucking the daddies' dicks!"

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