Friday, 9 October 2020

Cuckold Cop (Jonathan art manips)

Allow me to present another remake of Jonathan's classic 'Rookie' series. But instead of being a rookie (presumably) tricked into taking a trip through a no-go neighbourhood, this guy is a relatively experienced cop whose partner (both in marriage and career) has a few tricks up her sleeve of her own...

I've shown a lot of pictures of sneering cops and prison guards looking on with glee (and erections) as unfortunate prisoners are beaten and buggered by their much-bigger cellmates (and judging by the wife's words, this pair are certainly guilty of that little vice...)
But here is a reminder that perhaps men like this shouldn't take their power for granted, as it doesn't take much for a proud white cop to be reduced to a black gang's plaything!

I know I previously waxed lyrical about British policewomen's uniforms, but American lady cops have their attractiveness too, and Jonathan's wicked blonde policewoman looks deliciously dominant in her all-blue outfit. Seeing her makes me think of Officer Sanchez in the TV show Brooklyn 99 – imagine her acting out this scene with Jake Peralta! (perhaps with the help of Terry Crews and the big black captain...)

Police outfits are great in the bedroom as they allow a woman to be both slutty and dominant (sometimes both at the same time!) I remember many years ago reading a magazine interview with a group of women (mainly about their sex lives). One of the ladies confessed that she often dressed up as a policewoman for her man, and he liked her to stick a dildo up his ass and pretend it was a truncheon! The story certainly stayed with me and lent some inspiration to the second pic.

Another magazine article that inspired this series (or at least the wife cop's dialogue) was a fetish mag feature on strapon sex/pegging. A woman recounted how her partner convinced her to try anal sex by claiming 'You'll enjoy it when it's in', and then he took some glee in repeating the phrase when he was balls deep inside her ass, and she was presumably in some discomfort...
Needless to say, she took great glee in telling him 'You'll Enjoy It When It's In' when she was buttfucking him with a big rubber dick later in their relationship!
And of course, it's even crueller (and hotter) when a wife is referring to a real flesh-and-blood cock rather than a rubber one!


  1. Cool
    Maybe a Fun one is to have a wife cheat on her husband but he is the bull! He caught them and dominates them both! And in the end make sure that the wife likes iT that way and the poor guy was like the 15th time they Did this to

    1. That's a good idea and a bit different to the usual cuckold/bull dynamic, with a great twist at the end! I tend to prefer my cuckolds submissive but I still think I would watch (and wank to) a video or read a comic with this storyline.

  2. Female cops don't get the respect they deserve. Fortunately they are capable of correcting the situation. The friends she had made on the street were more than willing to help take her male partner down a peg or two. Holding him down for her to introduce him to a new use for her billy club only got them excited enough that they just couldn't wait to take their turns. Yes he was sore for a while, but from her perspective it was a good way for him to learn who was boss. The pictures she took also guaranteed he wouldn't return to his old ways even though she did arrange a reminder from time to time.

  3. This is probably the female cop at home:

    His cries were nothing compared to her male partner, leaving him hoarse for days. Both are music to her ears.

    1. The woman in that video does look how I would imagine the blonde female cop does in real life!
      I love the idea of her using a black gay gangbang to take him down a peg or two, and him being treated to regular 'reminders'. Perhaps all women should try this with their husbands, not just cops (and taking pictures to ensure compliance is a great tip...)