Friday, 24 April 2020

I Think They Like It: what happened next Part 2 (Jonathan art manips)

For the second part of I Think They Like It, I have combined the characters of two of Jonathan’s prison classics to create a conclusion to two series.
Now, I know that Jonathan's 'Birching Prisoner' series is one of his few works to actually feature gay sex (and it’s probably my favourite piece of gay porn) but we never get to see what happened to the unfortunate prisoner after the guards have had their fun…
I attempted to expand it before but looking back I think I could have done a lot better. So these manips can be considered direct sequels to the original Birching Prisoner series, as well as following on from the first part of I Think They Like It.

Five years after we last visited their cell, the two old lags are giving a firm farewell to their blonde cellmate. And outside, the guards are giving his replacement a (literal) taste of prison discipline...

Clearly the guards are now much more involved than they were previously. Perhaps they got sick of the prisoners flaunting their sexual escapades in front of them and decided to start reminding them who really holds the power in the prison, by birching and fucking new inmates in front of the cell bars, and popping the young cons' tight little cherries before the experienced inmates even have a chance!

What with the red-hot cocksucking show going on inside his cell, and the brutal birch and bugger-athon going on outside, it's no wonder that the big bad skinhead shot his load while watching it all! So while the blonde boy kisses his big black Prison Daddy goodbye, his other (even bigger) cellmate is getting himself hard again to roll out the welcome committee (or should that be well-CUM committee...) for his replacement...

And with all this hot shit going on, he soon has his erection hard and ready again to welcome his new cellmate as the poor lad is booted into the cell (and will Black Prison Daddy's dick take one last opportunity to slip up that tight blonde butthole as he gives his bitch a lingering kiss goodbye?)
The blonde inmate seemed like he could have been a criminal (though surely five years getting spanked and buggered wasn't proportional punishment for his crime?) But the black-haired boy (let's call him Billy) is a lot younger, maybe only just 18 and college-bound, convicted of some minor offence (of which he is probably innocent) – just the kind of hapless kid I normally like to see in these gay prison fantasies! Perhaps he was the victim in the home invasion we witnessed recently, or perhaps his fate was even crueller...

Billy found a policeman's gun in the street and did the right thing and handed it in to the police station. To save face, the officer claimed he never lost his gun and that Billy must have stolen it. Charged immediately with the theft of a police officer's firearm, Billy is going down for a long time!
His parents said he wouldn't need a lawyer as it would just make him look guilty (and cost a lot of money). So he was probably rather unpleasantly surprised when the judge sentenced him to spend the best years of his life in prison... needless to say the guards and cons feel like they can do anything they want with him!
And his older brother who gave him a ride to the station gets roped in as well, and convicted of aiding and abetting! With the older kid getting his own taste of birching and buggering as Billy is booted in to his doom, it looks like that three-man cell is about to become a four-man cell...

Prison overcrowding must be becoming a real problem - which isn't really a surprise with all these poor innocent whiteboys being sentenced to be stretched inside... sorry, should that be 'a stretch' inside ;)
Having been freshly birched and buggered by the guards, the second submissive cellmate is booted in to join his brother. I suppose he could still be an older, although utterly un-streetwise, white-collar criminal who just happens to have been housed with Billy. But I kinda like the naughty little idea that the two unfortunate young inmates are brothers banged up together!

You have to wonder what is going through these boys' heads at the moment. After the agony of bare-bottomed birching and cherry-popping buttfucking, sucking on a nice hard cock while a fatherly hand firmly smacks your scorched buttocks could be almost pleasant (relatively speaking of course). One imagines the noises Billy is making aren't entirely ones of pain...

Then, as the new boy gets introduced to his cellmates' spanking fetish and Billy gets his first taste of black cock (though not, of course, his first taste of cock), the sadistic guards are at it once again...

Although technically a free man, the blonde prisoner must suffer one more humiliation at the hands of a black guard, who must have just started his shift and is annoyed at having missed the fun with the new prisoner... And then the blonde con is free! Out in the big wide world once again, leaving the desparing howls of the two unfortunate brothers behind him! One can only imagine the enormous sense of relief... accompanied perhaps by an unexpected feeling of longing in his mouth and butthole... but I'm sure the guys at the halfway house will soon see to that!

Not every young man in the prison is so lucky... once the new boys' bottoms have been suitably warmed (or rather re-heated) the years of hot and hard prison sex action can really commence! The young inmates' smooth skin will be utterly irresistible to their rough tough cellmates – modern boys' penchant for shaving themselves all over is certainly something that will come back to bite them in prison!

Let's just consider the sensations that have gone through these boys bottoms... the agonising birching, the long hard buggering, the booting... you know I have a thing for being booted in my freshly-spanked arse (preferably to my doom) and this would just reignite all the pain and fire of the boys treatment, reminding them of their place as they fall straight into their new cellmates' laps!

Hopefully this conveys the idea of prison as a conveyor belt of tight white flesh for sadistic guards and predatory prisoners who are in for a long time for truly terrible offences (murder, armed robbery, home invasion...) and so need something to keep them placated.

The title 'I Think They Like It' can be applied to all the characters in several different ways:
The guards or cons could also be saying it about the young prisoners after they are ‘thrown to the wolves’. Perhaps the noises they are making while their bottoms are swatted with a sandal are a little more orgasmic than when they were birched? Having your bottom spanked with a hand or lighter implement after a good thrashing can certainly be pleasurable, as Eric Stanton well knew…


Rather more cruelly, the guards could say 'I Think They Like It' while they’re birching and buggering the poor young prisoners. Perhaps the intense anal stimulation has produced involuntary erections in the unfortunate young men (I know it would for me!) ‘I Think They Like It!’ the guards snigger as they pull apart the boys' blazing red cheeks and press their twitching cock-heads against their quivering sphincters… Erection or not, it certainly isn’t something you’d enjoy hearing as a previously straight boy while you get your first taste of cock!
The cons could also be saying it about their blonde cellmate, suggesting he has finally learned to enjoy submitting to his cellmates after all these years in the joint!
The guards or cons (or both) could also be commenting on the innocent young inmates as they sit on their new Prison Daddies' laps, with their erections suggesting to all present that they are very much looking forward to the forthcoming gay sex (a point which is very much up for debate!)
Once again we are back to ‘I Think They Like It!’ being said by the mocking guards and cons as a way of shattering the young prisoners’ masculinity as they are spanked and fucked. Even though there might be a ring of truth to it… I am rather pleased with the almost romantic way the youngest prisoner rides on his Prison Daddy’s lap in the final pics and perhaps by now he is broken in and starting to allow himself to at least try to enjoy the sensations of a big black dick in his tight little ass and a strong black paw manhandling his hard little cock as he is buggered!


  1. Quite possibly your best work! The manips are all great.

    In Ohio, the governor just released a bunch of criminals due to covid 19. This leaves the prisons with only the hardened dangerous types. Any newbie will be fresh bait, a little innocent fish in an angry and frustrated sea! Poor newbies won't be sitting very much, if at all!

    Imagine 6 months of getting soundly spanked and buggered in jail, only to be released and find that your previous cellmate is now your wife's bull. He now has a perfect set of arses to both spank and bugger!

    Worse, your still pissed-off at you wife has a bull to punish you whenever she wants as well. Darnell, please spank him and put him in his place. My pleasure! Poor white ex-con, and do all the neighbors get to watch him soundly spanked? Probably!

    In your scenario above, the two brothers will eventually get released and their young girlfriends or wives will surely meet real men while visiting their imprisoned loved ones. They are very young and horny. They have needs. The two brothers will come home to find that they have been replaced by ex-cons as bulls, bulls that bugger and spank hapless white boyfriends and husbands!

    To make matters worse, the two brothers share a portly white parole officer that visits each, once a month. Sadly for them, the officer takes them across his knee, with their arses bared, and soundly hand-spanks them to tears like naughty little boys, with their wife or girlfriend watching, to ensure they stay on the straight and narrow! No need to elaborate on how he makes them thank him afterwards, again with the women watching! This will go on, once a month, for the next five years!

    How humiliating it would be when their women pinch their sore fannies or swat their bottoms and mock sympathy at their sufferings saying, "Oh poor baby, should we kiss it and make it all better?" I will tell Tyrone to go extra hard on you tonight before bed! I get so hot making love to him listening to your tears from the guest-room down the hall!

    Well, just some wicked thoughts while I'm locked down in quarantine like the rest of us! Hope you are getting and giving all the spankings you deserve, and then some! Perhaps a strong black man should be brought in to punish you for spanking your mistress? May the force be with you!

    1. Thank you very much Father :D
      Likewise I think this might be your most arousing comment!
      I am especially taken with the dominant cellmate spanking and fucking husband and wife side by side...
      So many good ideas here. I would love to do some manips on your thoughts, especially the bulls that bugger and spank hapless white boyfriends and husbands. And the paternal parole officer that spanks his young charges in front of their wives and makes them thank him with their mouths afterwards... Followed by the fun with Tyrone after of course!
      And the idea of a strong black man been brought into my household for the duration of crisis certainly has my knees a-trembling (and my butthole a-twitching...)

  2. I remember seeing a short gif of a black man reaching around a well-dressed white man's waist and unbuckling his belt, he spins the white man and then pulls down his pants. That was it, but what a powerful image. The black man was big, well muscled. The white man looked like any white collar worker. The image, however spoke volumes. The very act of manhandling him and taking down his pants, like a child for gawd knows what reason, well it was amazing. I would hope the well muscled black man that arrives to put you in your place in front of your wife, well, in my imagination, I hope that scene takes place in your imagination as well and you can experience that powerful humiliating moment. Then,the real fun begins. BTW, this particular black man is well hung, his "beak" is like a Toucan on steroids. I think much more than twitching will be required!

    1. That is such a hot image! I love the idea of a supposedly-straight guy like myself in a smart suit being stripped and used by a dominant black guy, and the unbuckling of the belt and the pulling down of the trousers/pants is definitely the most erotic moment. I'm sure a painful, humiliating spanking and a rough blowjob would follow, though the order in which they happen would be up to the black guy ;)

  3. There is a ring at your doorbell! Curious during these times. You peek out your nearest window and spy a large well dressed black man at your door. He rings again, showing a bit of anger at his wait. For some reason, you instinctively shiver at the sign of his anger.

    From the kitchen you hear, honey? Who's that at the door! You know I'm not decent for accepting guests, You reply, I don't know, probably some solicitor or such, I'll get rid of him.

    The bell rings for the third time. Again, for some unknown reason you feel a chill run up and down your spine and your butt cheeks clench of their own accord. You rush to answer.


    Mr. QBuzz?

    Yes, how can I help you?

    Without answering, he reaches his massive hand out and takes you by the scruff of your neck and guides you back inside. As he does so, he adds, It is I who will help you! To begin with, a sound spanking for making me wait three rings of the bell, we will proceed from there!

    From the kitchen your wife pipes in, honey? Who was it?

    You try to squeak out some sort of response as a warning, but nothing comes forth and, and just as she steps into the room, clad in a pink babydoll nightdress and matching pink knickers, you are spun around, and the huge man reaches around you and undoes your belt and pants, your wife finally manages, "Bloody hell?"

    The black man smiles and replies, "Perhaps, maam, it may come to blood, it really depends on how long it takes to teach him a lesson about how he pictures black men in his posts!"

    With a yank, down goes your pants and drawers. Another, and you are across his knees of his now seated form.

    Your wife protests, " You think I'm just going to stand here and watch you spank my husband like some naughty child?"

    Yes, that's exactly what I expect you to do, and, unless you want a guarantee that you will get the very same next, I want you to kneel down, now, and close your mouth and do nothing until I tell you to!

    You anger at his words towards your wife and let him know it, even in your ridiculous position, pants down, across his knee, you still retain your manhood, at least for the moment. Time, and a tremendously muscled upper body, and the flat of a hand, the size of a ham, of the black man will tell for just how long!

    Sadly, your wife drops to her knees, acknowledging who now calls the shots in your home and who she will obey.

    Thus begins an afternoon? A day? A weekend? of learning "Be careful what you wish for" in the most humiliating and most painful of ways for our beloved writer and blogger, not to mention his beautiful and wonderful wife.

    Will they become "Black Owned" or , at the very least, "Black Guided"?

    Ah, the beauty of fantasy and fiction!! The beauty of dreams! You can wake up now!

    1. Nice idea... I like how it's me in the story rather than it being about a generic whiteboy. Makes it more uncomfortable and more arousing!
      Seems like I'm going to be another unfortunate cuckold forced to isolate with his wife and her bull! After my spanking they will have plenty of time to get round to all the things they never had time for before the lockdown: gay sex, domestic slavery, sissification...