Sunday, 17 January 2016

Switch Day: Spanked by Sir...

I had a very busy day recently where my ability to switch was sorely tested (pun very much intended!).
I turned up at Sir's house on time for once, meaning he couldn't punish me for lateness. But he soon found plenty else! For a start, when I entered his study in my school uniform I was wearing shorts instead of his preferred trousers. Then he got out my punishment book and gave me a good scolding for my numerous faults. Then it was off to the Punishment Room!

We did this session in the day rather than the evening, and all the curtains were very much open! I got an extra thrill wondering if the neighbours would catch a glimpse of me waiting outside the punishment room with my hands on my head.
Sir is very keen for me to recruit another submissive for me to play with, and for every guy I approach who I fail to convince, I get six of the best. I had missed out on two that week, so I was bent over a chair and given twelve strokes of the cane.

Even though it was across my shorts, it still seemed to sting more than when I'd had the cane in the past. Maybe it was the lack of a warm up.

After that I was stripped of my shorts and underpants - getting my usual extra scolding for being erect - and got a dozen with the junior paddle (for wearing shorts like a naughty junior boy). After this I got a good slippering for bad language, and then it was back over Sir's knee for a nice long hand spanking.

As we had a bit more time, we had a break and then set about recreating a classic Jonathan drawing. We picked his brilliant burglary one, as Sir could wear a balaclava and wouldn't have to show his face in the photo:

I was gagged with my school tie and trussed up with my hands cuffed behind my back and a belt holding my thighs together (thanks for the tip Ms Julie!). Then I was maneuvered across Sir's knee for the photo. It came out great!
Sir took the opportunity to bend me over the corner of the bed - still trussed up - and give me a good belting.

This was so much fun. I love the belt, and being all tied up and helpless made it extra enjoyable. I also got a few nice welts that will remind me of our session for days when I sit down!

Then it was time to get dressed and have a chat, and then I had to go home to prepare for a date with Cheekylass, who I'd met on the British Spanking forum...

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