Sunday, 17 January 2016

Switch Day: ...Thrashing a Cheeky Lass

I had been chatting with Cheekylass since I first joined the British Spanking forum at Underling's recommendation (thanks Undy!). She certainly lived up to her name and was running rings around me with her bratty messages, until I told her I was just going to start adding a spanking for each time she annoyed me. After two days she was up to 15, so we just had to meet up.
After spending a while getting to know each other, we got down to spanking. I put her across my knee and spanked her gorgeous bottom for 27 minutes (as she is 27 years old). She can take a lot of punishment and wasn't fazed by this at all - which is when I told her this was only her first spanking of 15 for the evening.

Then I got to fulfil a fantasy as I took off my belt and took it to her (the same belt I'd been spanked with earlier!).

I didn't belt her for 27 minutes, just 27 times. So I got to do a classic line from a Stanton drawing about how will she cope when she's 47 not 27!

After this she got 27 with a satisfyingly noisy leather paddle that left some lovely shapes on her shapely butt.

I was rummaging around in her big box of spanking toys and found a wicked little butter paddle that produced an extremely satisfying spank when I got the wrist action right. Satisfying for me that is :)

Then it was time for 27 whacks with the half-metre ruler. She didn't want the cane, so this was the closest I could get. I made her count out the last ten and say 'thank you Sir' for each one. And as she is Welsh, I made her do it in Welsh ('un diolch i chi syr' etc.) In true naughty schoolgirl form, she forgot to count out the last three and so got extra.

The Ruler

By now the spankings were certainly having an effect. Her bottom had been glowing nicely ever since the hand spanking, but now some more vicious marks were appearing, and she was wriggling and moaning a lot more, and putting her hands in the way too often for my liking, so I made her hold onto the banisters by the side of the bed. We had decided on a safety phrase before we started - I added further insult to injury by making it 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'.
She was soon wriggling even more as I applied a wooden spoon to her rear.

Then came what was the highlight of the session - the bath brush. 27 with its big round wooden head produced absolutely fantastic writhing and pleading from her.

She also couldn't stop herself putting her hands back, so I made her strip naked and cuffed her before giving her 27 with a long, slim paddle.

This took her to her limit and she used the safety phrase when I'd done. Her bottom had reddened up nicely and there were some good bruises that were fun to tease when I was caressing her afterwards.

Cheeky is a switch too, and so a bit later I had to give her another belt whipping when she got a bit too bitey.

Then I found out just how quickly the tables can turn when you're a switch. I was about to leave when we decided she could spank me before I left. Within thirty seconds I was stripped naked, getting my still-sore rear spanked with a wooden spoon, my nipples and cock pinched and whacked, and being made to suck on her strapon dildo!

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