Friday, 16 July 2021

Headmaster for Housewives 17: You May Punish the Bride! (erotic ebook)

Red-hot bottoms will glow beneath the white of a wedding dress, in this filthy follow-up to Headmaster for Housewives 7!

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If you have read the preceding ebook, you'll know that it tells the story of a naughty schoolgirl who discovers that her mother is having a torrid affair with her Headmaster, and she decides that she wants in on the action. Well in this book the schoolgirl is all grown up, and the ladies of the Harris family still can't resist their cravings for the Headmaster's firm rod, be they married, single or betrothed!

The venerable Mrs Abigail Harris is still getting thrashed and fucked by the Headmaster on a regular basis, given that he can satisfy her in ways that husband hasn't managed in all their years of marriage! After one such session, she lets slip that her daughter Cassie is engaged to be married, and persuades him to provide her with some adult company during her daughter's hen night.

And you know how raunchy those bachelorette parties can get!

Cassie's friends are extremely taken with the handsome older Headmaster, particularly the curvaceous maid of honour, another former pupil of his. She is already married, but extremely bored with her husband already. It doesn't take too many cocktails for her to invite the Headmaster back to her hotel room to re-enact the bottom-sizzling excitement of her schooldays...

And of course afterwards, the naughty minx is exceedingly grateful...

Cassie too is eager to reacquaint herself with the Headmaster before her big day, and the Headmaster is all-too happy to pay her a visit... on the morning of her wedding!

Claiming tradition, he spanks her across his knee and with all the implements that brought her such torment during her younger days: the tawse and the cane and the good old slipper!

After all this, the bride needs something stiff to calm her wedding day nerves, and the Headmaster expects to be able to have his way with her as well. But Cassie can't quite countenance such a betrayal of her new husband before they're even married. Though she does consent to suck his cock...

With the bride packed off to church, the Headmaster is left alone with the mother of the bride, and is free to take his frustrations out on her...

And that should be the end of it, with a happily married couple and a pair of very satisfied adulterous ladies.

But like most grooms, Cassie's new husband has a little too much to drink at the reception, and is unable to do his husbandly duty.

So just what is a girl to do when her groom is passed out on the bed in the honeymoon suite, unable to consummate their union?

Fortunately, her experienced older lover is close at hand...

I hear it's quite a common occurrence on these occasions ;)

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