Monday, 28 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Black Tie Balling

So once males have finally finished with school and all its inherent beating, bullying and buggery, where do they go next? Why college of course!
College is a great place to meet new people, try new things, and most of all…get your cute teen butt well and truly roasted (and more!) by a group of muscular, sadistic, bullying jocks, who know you have to do everything they say if you want to stay in the fraternity and get all the best jobs and connections.

I wanted to do a spanking orgy type scene and it seemed to fit with the college/frat/hazing scenario. I like the idea of frats being just perverted clubs that provide their older members with a lifetime supply of 19-20 year old tail for their frequent black tie balls. And the best part is that they get a fresh intake each October!
Of course, everyone in the frat would have been one of those 19-20 year olds when they first joined. Well you know what they say – submissives go on to make the best dominants!

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