Friday, 29 July 2022

Bulls Spank Cuckolds in 3D… while wives enjoy the show!

Married middle-class ladies demand to be entertained, and their husbands better make damn sure they put on a show that is to their liking. It's not enough for these well-to-do wives that they are free to fuck as many other men as it takes to satisfy them, while their mild-mannered husbands stand meekly by awaiting fluffing or cleanup duties. If these spoilt suburban ladies want to see their husbands spanked and humiliated by their lovers for their own amusement, then that’s what’s going to happen!

As ever, if you prefer your own interpretations to the stories behind these manips, please peruse the blank versions and add them to the comments below.

The first piece is particularly titillating for me, no doubt because in Lokijanus’s original artwork one of the ladies watching was intended to be my wife. But also because of the nakedness of both spankees and spankers, and the inevitable proximity of their erect, semi-erect or flaccid cocks (there’ll be plenty of rubbing together no matter what state they’re in) – and that fact is no doubt only adding to the amusement of the watching ladies!

In recent times I have become obsessed with the idea of being spanked in this position, ever since I read Strict Julie’s interview with Mr Daniels, in which he outlined in vivid detail how he spanked cuckold husbands across his lap in the wheelbarrow position, as their wives looked on. In Julie's words:

You're made to strip and get over Mr. Daniels' lap in the wheelbarrow position. He reaches down and pulls you up by your testicles. Ahhhhh! You cry out. Maintaining a firm grip on you throughout, he hand spanks you to tears in what amounts to the very least manly display your wife has ever seen from you, and that's saying something. You try to scurry away, but a firm yank on your balls has you right back over his lap where he wants you. You clearly can't be trusted with any slack, and there'll be no more until Mr. Daniels decides your atitude has been corrected and your spanking can be over. While you're still there, he tells you what's expected of you. Oh my God, the ball pain! You feel like your cock and balls are going to pull right off! You agree to it all!!!

And what exactly is it that us supposedly-straight beta subby cuckolds will be agreeing to while our balls are (almost literally) in a vice? Let's let Mr Daniels describe that:

When it came to men, I was all Dom Top with a sadistic streak. I really enjoyed private scenes with forced bi. Nothing is more deeply humiliating to a straight subby male than to be man-handled in front of his wife or girlfriend.

When playing with a certain woman and her sub hub, I would really get off on being able to blister his ass OTK, then demand a 'Thank You' BJ, which prepared me to plow his tight little bottom hole while his wife looked on to shit talk a very humbled and bright red, face and butt, sissy hubby. She always had him shaved bare and in black thigh highs.


It's really raw and animal-like to go Alpha-dog a beta in front of his wife. I cautioned them both that cuckold scenes can really stir shit up. There is just something about seeing your husband getting spanked and paddled hard by a man, to the point of tears and begging submission, to then be forced to give me a BJ, then take it up the ass bareback leaving a nice cream pile for him to deal with, that can really mind fuck a guy, you know?

Needless to say, there's few things I crave more than being dominated and cuckolded in this manner. And the intimacy of the wheelbarrow position inspired another fantasy on top of it.

Having never been spanked by a naked man, it had somehow never occurred to me that if both spankee and spanker in an M/M coupling were naked, then their dicks would inevitably rub together. This idea of my stiff little cock cock rubbing relentlessly against another man’s much bigger member as I am spanked harder and harder across his lap, both of us buck naked, has been driving me utterly crazy these last few months – almost as much as it would have been had I actually been spanked in this position, whether in front of my wife or not!

'Ooooo Daddy... your thing is rubbing right on my...UNGH!'

It’s always interesting to ponder how a wife might have convinced her cuckold to let him be spanked by another man in front of her, but in the next two manips at least there’s certainly a suggestion that the husbands would be getting spanked whether they agree to it or not!

The husband’s bullying friends in this second pic are clearly capable of overpowering him and making him do all kinds of kinky shit beyond just guy-on-guy spanking. I only really used to fantasise about performing the classic gay acts (sucking cock, taking it in the butt, drinking cum and eating ass), but ever since reading the story 'Using My Straight Neighbour' by Sebastian I want to be subjected to other kinds of ‘romance’ as well.

The fact that I am outwardly straight and not sure I really want to is part of the appeal. I get a horribly intense feeling in my stomach when I imagine a bigger man pinning me down and forcibly kissing me on the lips. It arouses me imagining the look of disgust on my face as I am made to lick a sweaty armpit. I long to hear my own strangled gargles as dominant men direct jets of hot piss into my wide-open mouth. I get so hard imagining myself being made to suck another man’s toes or kiss his feet, all while maintaining eye contact.

Given the friends’ lust for sadism in the second pic, one has to wonder just how far they will go – and I’m sure the naughty young wife is very much looking forward to finding out!

There are of course many reasons for a husband to be wary of a personal trainer, and his ability to overpower you for a spanking - or anything else for that matter - is certainly one of them!

I explored this fantasy in my recent book Lovers Punish Cuckolds 2: She Loves to Watch, in which a young wife finally convinces her husband to let her watch him get spanked by another man, and recruits her personal trainer to do the deed (the three of them inspired by the characters in my third 3D Bulls Spank Cuckolds manip)...

But the personal trainer is a depraved bisexual of the highest order, and he isn’t satisfied until he’s had his way with both husband and wife!

In this fourth pic, we can dwell on the different roles of the male, and how these are reflected in their dress.
Boxer shorts and sports watches are found on dominant males, the kind who fuck the wives of other, weaker men. Tighty-whiteys are surely a mark of the submissive cuckold male, along with ornate leather-strapped wristwatches, sweatervests with shirt and tie, smart trousers, shiny shoes, sock garters, glasses etc.

I know that when I am dressed in such attire is when I feel at my most submissive...

Except perhaps when I’m in school uniform...

Or fishnets and heels!


  1. That picture of the bearded man, obviously older spanking the cuck is exactly the dynamic the wife and I are going for. The idea of a much older man dominating me turns us on like no other scenario. Great content

    1. I agree, love the idea of a big strong Daddy-type spanking me and giving me a taste of his belt (and maybe a taste of something else) before having his way with my wife!

  2. All great pics, as always, loved the captions as well. The AnkaSP pic is right up my alley for cuck humiliation and the wife getting her just deserts as well! Always loved that one.

    As for the bearded older man, I'm partial to the man's father being that older man. That humiliation would be horrendous, moreso if he gets the young wife pregnant so the child would be the young man's half-brother!

    Thanks for another great installment to your blog!

    1. Anka's work is great, especially when she sneaks in a little cuckolding reference now and then... and they often feature things like wives giving blowjobs to their in-laws after being spanked, so I assume that's right up your street too :D
      Definitely share your enjoyment of dominant dads spanking their married sons and knocking up their daughters-in-law. My last series of manips on the subject seemed to produce a rather mixed reaction, but I love the fantasy so I definitely have another one in the pipeline!

    2. It was great as usual LEGEND!!!! But who is anka & where does his/her work can be found????

    3. She goes by AnkaSP on Deviantart (and in her label on this blog but her works are signed SP Anka which makes a lot more sense :)
      Most of her work is on Deviantart and other bits are scattered around the web.

  3. Interesting twist and theme on BDSM and cuckoldry.

    1. Thanks :)
      Would love to see (or be) a husband under one of your queening chairs but with his ass exposed, so he's serving his wife while being spanked by her lover!