Thursday, 20 March 2014

Artists I love: Paula Meadows

For me, if Endart is the king of spanking, Paula Meadows is the queen.
Long ago, when I first discovered the pleasures of jerking my little willy, I found the best place for spanking art was in the back of dirty magazines that I could occasionally lay my hands on. In the advertisements sections there were adverts for spanking chatlines (Naughty girl Jane Needs Six of the Cane, call 555-XXX-XXX, that sort of thing). They were often illustrated with some quite stunning black and white drawings. I can even remember two of them:


Years later I came across these drawings again and learnt they were the work of Paula Meadows. Paula is the master (or should that be mistress?) of realistic, simmering spanking art. Her gorgeous, curvy women are something to drool over, and that’s even without the scorching spankings that she depicts so brilliantly:

Much of Paula’s work was used to illustrate the classic British spanking magazines like Janus and Februs, as well as several autobiographical accounts. In fact, having seen photos of her in her autobiographies, I think it’s quite sweet that a lot of the women in her art look just like her!


Paula’s work was used to illustrate the classic British spanking magazines like Janus and Februs, and so exists in a glorious fantasy world where well-bred British ladies get their knickers taken down and their bottoms smacked long after they've left their expensive finishing schools. Whether it's naughty housewives needing a good spanking when their husband gets home from work:

Or having experienced old hands give them what their headmasters used to on a weekly basis:


Or suffering a demonstration from their strict parents of how they're still nothing but naughty girls who need their bottoms smacked, and in front of their new husbands too!


Of course Paula also covers the classic spanking fantasies like saucy secretaries, well-strapped schoolgirls and errant maids...

...takes a peek into the past where 'wicked' ladies were whipped even harder than they are today...


...and shows that in almost any scenario there's a matriarch or patriarch willing to punish pert round bottoms, whether in public or not!


Everyone knows that a well-warmed bottom gets a lady all hot and bothered, and Paula isn’t averse to showing things getting steamy afterwards...


...especially in her sizzling comics strips, where scorching spanking and steamy sex come together in red hot harmony. Particular favorites are Mitzi, Sabina, Sophisticated Ladies and Summer Vacation:



Sadly Paula isn't drawing anymore, but her extensive archive is available at - it's well worth a download!

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