Friday, 21 March 2014

Artists I love: Endart

And now to an artist who is (to me) the king of spanking art.
Endart was the artist that really set off my love of spanking art. Well-drawn, with cheeky captions, every fantasy scenario you could ever think of and sooo erotic, joing his site was the first time I ever paid for porn and it was definitely worth it!

Backstage Antics
Belt from Big Sis

Endart’s website was divided into categories, and I can still remember them off by heart. There were naughty students and disobedient brats

Backtalk Penalty

Still Naughty at Nineteen

Errant wives and leathered lovers…

Afternoon Delight
Brushing the Blonde Bitch

Mischievous maids and stroppy secretaries

Slippering the Help
Noon Caning

Solo spankees and tanned TV personalities...

Unable to Sit
Beach Fanny Tanning

Not to mention blushing brides, denim-clad damsels and practically any other spanking scenario you could think of…

Ben Sets the Rules Early
Smokin Cutoffs

New Assistant Training
The Saloon

And that’s without getting into his outstanding range of spanking comics...


Or his excellent FM art. His saucy, smartly dressed ladies are just as sexy when they're dishing out punishment as when they're receiving it...

Richard Awaits
Problem Solved

Endart really shows the two sides of spanking - on the one hand you have corporal punishment resulting in blistered bottoms and agonized facial expressions, and on the other you have sensual spankings designed to warm between the legs as much as on the bottom:

Linda Feels the Palm
Up in the Air

Another thing I liked was that each piece of art had a proper title that really added to what you were looking at. Seems like a little thing but it’s something I always appreciated.

One Spoiled Student

Much to my shock, closed down in late 2009. For a while there was holding page suggesting he would one day return, but now that is no longer there either. My favorite artist has gone for good :(
I have thought about doing manips of Endart's work, similar to how I have with Jonathan's, so stay tuned!


  1. I liked Endart's drawing too. I especially enjoyed his depictions of young ladies getting it or about to get it while wearing jeans. I especially liked the focus he gave to women's butts in jeans just before they get it where they're standing stiffly with their backs to the viewer and the girl's but is fitted tightly into jeans. And you know she's going to feel it.

    1. Endart definitely seems to have a jeans/denim fetish. His site was the only one I've ever seen with an entire gallery devoted to the subject.

  2. really enjoying looking at your posts of endart and other artists
    bottoms up