Saturday, 31 January 2015

Artists I love: Andy's Dames

Time for another artist who is very much still active. Andy posts and sells his delightful 'cheesecake and bondage art' on his Andy's Dames blog. While he has hundreds (thousands?) of artworks featuring all kinds of deliciously sexy scenarios, I thought I'd gather together what I have of his that includes spanking.

One of the things I love about Andy's work is that he can draw absolutely filthy sex and hardcore BDSM activities in such a playful, appealing way. If your girlfriend was curious about being tied up and spanked, and you had to send her a picture showing what you wanted to do with her, you would definitely want to send one of Andy's:




Another thing I love about Andy is that his girls are absolutely gorgeous. His harem of 'dames' who all have their own characters and backstories is pretty unique, and I do like a bit of story to go with my sex scenes! He has featured most of the classic fantasies and outfits over the years and he does them brilliantly, particularly the smartly dressed office girl/secretary getting into absolutely shocking situations!

As Andy's dame's are so well fleshed out, I can't help but have my favorites. Disgraced stockbroker Tina and her seriously cute sex slave Anya are extremely good value in terms of sexy spanking action. Andy certainly knows how to draw a well spanked bottom and it's always a highlight when one appears in his art!



Faune the elf certainly gets into a lot of naughty scrapes, and it was she who first introduced me to Andy's work through spankingblog:

Though they don't often seem to get spanked, I have a soft spot for Dee (who reminds me a lot of a certain special someone in my life) and (not-so) prim and proper librarian Millie:


Redheaded English rose Sophie is certainly one of my favorites...

Her strict American master keeps her extremely well disciplined - especially when he finds dents in his Aston Martin!



Plus her backstory means she appears in lots of sexy outfits:


But my favorite of Andy's Dames has to be the curvaceous Maisey. She has tits to die for and an ass that glows like a beacon whenever she gets spanked...


Plus she isn't afraid to dish it out herself!


Rather excitingly for someone of my proclivities, Andy will soon start producing Femdom art through the Lustomic site, so look out for that. Who knows, perhaps we'll get to see Maisey using her big black paddle on some cute male behinds as well! 

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