Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jonathan art manip: Bi Birthday Fantasy

Here's what should happen to every middle-class whiteboy on his 18th birthday...

Obviously we're all at least a little bit gay, but most of us are too shy to try, and unless we have a wicked uncle or perverted college professor we're unlikely to start learning the pleasures of having our tight asses ploughs and our soft mouths filled with cock until we're well into our twenties.
So every hunky gay man should take it upon himself to give every 18-year-old he knows a good hard birthday spanking - and probably more!
This pic covers so many of my fantasies. I'd love to be stripped naked and spanked in public, I'd love to be dominated by multiple guys at once, and I love to be used and abused by an older, wicked-uncle type. And as all my gay experiences so far have been with older guys, I can say it's definitely not just a fantasy!
There seems to be quite an age difference in the couple in the manip. No doubt the moustachioed hunk is the 'daddy', and his younger but still-hunky partner is no doubt enjoying the opportunity to play the dominant role for a change. No doubt their young friend will be invited (or ordered) over often in future for lots more spanking and fucking fun on their porch and elsewhere!


  1. I DO love your site! I'm an Italian 30something y.o. and i really love what you do! I discovered your blog almost a year ago, but I was not brave enough to compliment you... until today! :-) Thank you for your fantasies!
    By the way, I especially love when they include family members. I've never had sex with any of my relatives, but I do like fantasies in witch a "superior" member of the family enjoys watching a son or a younger bro being dominated and abused! Obviously they're only fantasies, but you should realize more manipulations of that kind! :-))
    Thank you for your site ;-)

  2. I guess there are a lot of us on here like Anonymous who love your work but don't like to get too involved - your manipulations of Jonathan's art are brilliant, especially the school and family settings.

  3. Thanks guys. It's always nice to get comments. I'm always thinking up 'Family' and school uniform settings so I'm sure I'll have some to post again soon

  4. Thank you for your site! ;-)

  5. Soon only women will be able to vote and hold office. And these birthday proceedings will start at 18 and continue until a woman claims the man. All birthday activities will be videod and made part of the males resume to be viewed by anyone interested in a potential male. It would be common for males approaching their birthdays to exhibit nervousness and frequent requests for additional pictures from guys volunteering to assist with the proceedings. Newspapers and sites list with a couple of pictures guys with upcoming birthdays. They won't know until their birthdays how many guys will participate, increasing their nervousness. Men can only attend if they participate, women are encouraged to come and watch.

    1. Oooo I love this, the idea of hordes of wicked older men lining up all those poor young 18-year-olds for god knows how many years of compulsory cocksucking and buttfucking!