Friday, 5 September 2014

Jonathan art manips: Wii Whack

Now for some manips of good old fashioned dad-son discipline:

Although it's not that old fashioned as it contains a Wii games console. Last month I played a friend's Wii Golf game and thought how good it would be as a spanking simulator. Sadly I can't see a games maker being willing to make such a game (there was an adult themed Wii game that contained spanking, but by all accounts it's no good. Underling does have a nice Olympic-themed Flash game though:
I suppose I haven't focused much on dad-son spanking considering how popular a fantasy it is. I guess that's because I like to include a sexual element to my manips of Jonathan's work, which is obviously a no-no for this scenario. However I certainly love the sight of a big strong daddy delivering a butt blistering to his male offspring. 'Dad's belt', 'you wait till your father gets home' and naughty sons bending over in a line for paddling are all classic spanking sayings and scenarios, especially when used on college-age sons who think they should be able to do what they want but still find themselves subject to dad's rules and punishment.
And of course the dads enjoy dishing out these thrashings to their boys' bare asses. Just think of it as payback for all the trouble they caused when growing up!
Anyway I've got to go now, I'm typing this late at night and I think my dad is coming with his belt to give me a spanking ;)

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