Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sardax cuckolding special

It's not your fault sissy. Of course your wife just loves blistering your hiney, pounding your sore little butthole with her big strapon dick and having you wait on her hand and foot. But no matter how many orgasms you give her with your tongue, or she gives herself with her expert dildo technique, sometimes what a girl needs is a real man's big thick cock rattling around inside her, hitting all sorts of pleasure buttons. And she couldn't possibly ask you to provide this. You're far to busy being a good little beta-husband and doing all the cooking, cleaning and earning to keep her in the style to which she's accustomed.
What she needs is someone to manhandle her heaving breasts, take her roughly and satisfy her like no beta male ever could. Fortunately, there are alpha males in Sardax's world, and they're all too willing to give your usually-dominant housewife a good seeing to. How much notice you get of this depends on how much your lady feels like sharing. She might even feel like doing it on your wedding night!

Perhaps you'll both be invited to a party by your boss, where you'll discover that your wife doesn't mind being spanked when it's by arrogant alpha males (and I have no idea how I missed this artwork when compiling my favorite drawings of women being naughty while wearing wristwatches!)...

Or perhaps that 'Help Wanted' ad she placed on Gumtree will turn out to be for someone to help out with your husbandly duties, so you don't get distracted from your housework...


If you're 'lucky', your wife might allow you to help her get ready for her special evening, or even watch as she and him flirt their way to a good hard fucking...


But in reality the first you'll probably learn about your imminent cuckolding is when she leaves you in bondage while she answers the door...

Or when you walk in on her putting the moves on your older brother...

Whatever happens, when she returns with a pussy full of another man's cum, you'd better be prepared to lick her as tenderly as you ever did before...



Get used to the taste, because you might even be called upon to attend to your wife's lover as well. But be honest, after all those hours sucking on your wife's strapon you always wondered how a real cock would feelin your mouth, didn't you?

As always, everyone will seem all too keen to get involved in your femdom situation and make it as public as possible. If you're lucky, it might just be your wife's friends or family...

Or perhaps a few of the hunkier guy's from your wife's old high school...

But knowing your luck you'll end up outside in your finest sissy lingerie, washing your wife's lover's car while he's inside fucking her with the windows open, while your neighbors look on!

The time when your wife will be most keen to let someone else take charge will be on vacation. Whether you're with her or not, there's something about the combination of sun, skin and studly locals that makes a woman want to lose control...

When she makes a return trip in a few decades time, the local men will still remember her...


  1. Living with my wife her sister and stepsister and my mother-in-law for 15 years in a 35 room mansion in which I had to lick pussy and assholes, fucking all women, give a blowjob and been penetrated by a transgender plus all the other humiliation by stripping in front of guests and perform a handjob in front of everyone. Now I miss all this because I’m too fucking old.
    Once in a while I make love with a tranny living in my building or getting whipped by a hooker but it’s not the same thing
    Qbuzz congratulations on your blog I love it

    1. Thanks Blondie, I'm glad you enjoy my blog.
      Did you used to live at Dungeon Manor or the English Mansion by any chance? It sounds AMAZING. I think I'd happily be penetrated by a few transsexuals if it meant I got to fuck and serve all those women as well!

  2. The mansion is located in the northeast of USA, in New England. When I got married with my wife I was 20 years old and my wife 35. When she took me to her mother mansion I thought I was set for life meanwhile there was a plan to enslave me, so I was there as a prisoner. Than my wife found love with another woman so she “sold” me to her mother. So I had a very quick divorce and merry her mother with a prenup agreement. She was 58 and I was 22 we made love every night but of course her mind ran with a lot fantasy. I had to lick her pussy , her asshole, her feet and boots meanwhile she whipped me. A New Year’s Eve she tight me on a swivel rack and made her nephew Fify, who was a transgender fucked me. 12 years later my wife and I were making love and she had a heart attack. I was at her bedside when she died, no one else was there. I did love my wife. With my surprise she left me $5 million and an apartment in Luxembourg. Now in my old age nothing is like before I only enjoy your blog and others make me reminisce my past.
    Keep spanking

    1. I'm glad I can bring back some happy memories for you. I have some ideas for posts involving dominant older women in the future so I hope you will enjoy them. It sounds so hot being spanked and dominated by two older women, I bet you have a lot of fun licking those fragrant mature pussies and putting on a show with their tranny nephew.
      Surely with all your inheritance you could afford a few dominatrixes/slaves to re-enact your past glories...

  3. Hi Qbuzz it’s me again. I recently find out browsing on Amazon an almost the same chastity cage I had installed 30 years ago. My late wife install it to me 10 years before. She opened only for her usage. The cage had a lock attached directly so no padlock is needed

    1. That must have brought back a lot of (un)pleasant memories for you Blondie :)